Where has all the manga gone?

  » Posted October 22nd, 2007 by psi29a

Obviously some of you are frothing at the mouth for us to finish up Welcome to NHK, all I can say is that the wait is nearly over. We are looking forward to another great release this weekend that covers a lot of non-Berserk related ground. Provided nothing strange happens, we are go!

In the mean time, hbi2k has made some releases that he would like to share with the community:

Episode 16: And the Winner is…

Episode 17, such as it is, is up.

From the man himself:

Sadly, this is where I call it quits. I know it’s kind of anticlimactic, but I threw this together figuring that a lame ending is better than none at all.

Let us all thank hbi2k for sharing with us his work. It has been a treat! πŸ˜€

22 Responses to “Where has all the manga gone?”

  1. Toop3 Says:

    Thank you hbi2k.

    Your berserk-abridged gave some really good laughs for me

  2. vashfanatic Says:

    did they seriously spend that much time on the hawks entering the city in the anime? dang, no wonder they didn’t have time for the Skull Knight! (btw, how did Caska and Guts escpae from the Eclipse if the Skull Kn9ight didn’t rescue them? Always wondered about that….)

  3. joe Says:

    great im waitng sooooo impacient for NHK too its one of the best histories i ever read also im a big big fan

  4. krazyivan Says:

    Great work! I really laughed my ass off through the series.
    I can’t get that one particular scene out of my head
    “Are u a big fan of nick fury?”
    “Sure, he’s a total badass,why?”
    I think I’ll use that quote someday

  5. Fatah Says:

    The abridged series was so g00d :*(

  6. lon3vvolf Says:

    hbi2k thank you. *sigh* It was a fairy tale story, and we all know fairy tales have to come to an end.

    Who knows, maybe in 20+ years you’ll have the technology and man power to remake all your episodes as you envisioned them. And then you can create more pulling from the manga, except they’ll just ride off the hype of the original ones.

    Thanks again.

  7. Joyrock Says:

    I thought they were funny, liked the way you tied it into a demon diet pill plot from ATHF. I laughed my ass off with that being the reasoning behind the demons motives.

  8. IamWINNAR Says:

    The ending, whilst sad, made me laugh so hard i got a stitch. ‘nothing else after this is imporatant’ lol, just lol.

  9. Hikarub Says:

    I hope some Angel Heart makes the next release!!

    Thanks for taking the time to make these great videos, hbi2k.

  10. hbi2k Says:

    Would you believe that you’re the first person (that I know of) to recognize that as an ATHF reference? That gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. (-:

  11. Mittu Says:

    ahahaahah man that abriged series was GREAT…so sad it over *cries*…littlekuriboh wud be proud πŸ˜›

  12. Nightingale Says:

    Completely awesome! Its great to be able to laugh hysterically to thigns that are important to you. This series has floored every berserk fan I know. Thank you again!

  13. Gnat Says:

    Yay, thanks. I agree a lame ending is better than no ending, at least I won’t keep checking for updates wondering when the next ep will be posted!

  14. hfav Says:

    jejeje thanks. i liked

  15. Gele Says:

    “Nothing that comes after this point in the anime or manga is very important.” Hahaha, that was brilliant.

  16. Fendo Says:

    I love the last episode “The Golden Age Arc Ending” after this we wake up of the dream to the reality and later in the eclipse fall in to the nightmare.
    Great work hbi2k and thank you for all!!.

  17. joe Says:

    the wait is nearly to an end i have a great expectation about the ending of the manga from NHK

  18. VF Says:

    It made me nearly die of laughing at some Episodes,
    hope you share some jokes in the future ;(
    Break a Leg! ;D

  19. greydeath Says:

    it ain’t over guys, go check out Hellsing: The Ultimate Abridged Series Episode 01. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  20. Gouki Shinkou Says:

    Wait, does that mean he’ll continue Berserk Abridged? Or is he just going to do Hellsing Abridged.

  21. crazyankan Says:

    After Sopranos, The Simpsons and Twin Peaks, this could be the greatest show ever πŸ˜‰

    Thank you hbi2k

  22. TRONYCA Says:

    did they stop making B reaction or stop translating

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