The end is here for NHK

  » Posted October 27th, 2007 by psi29a

Yes, you read correctly… it is done.


Evil_Genius is proud to present the last two chapters of Welcome to NHK!. This is a huge milestone for us as it concludes our very first series. Next up is B.Reaction! which is also making steady progress as well.

As always, if you think you have what it takes we at EG are always looking for talented editors and translators that enjoy the same manga as us. Just drop us a note either here or in private at the forums.

34 Responses to “The end is here for NHK”

  1. joe Says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this awsome manga its my favorite from all time thanks guys

  2. Sabrepulse Says:


  3. Duel Says:

    First of all I want to say congratulations on this project’s completion! May this be a sign for many more amazing works to come! And of course I would like to give an enormous Thank You to everyone at Evil_Genius for bringing us this epic manga! It wouldn’t be possible if it was not for you all, so thank you so very much =D!

  4. Penquin Says:

    Thank you for finally finishing. What a great series, though it could have done without the last couple pages.

  5. KC Says:

    Much props for your hard work finishing NHK. Congrats on your first completed series.

  6. Belliom Says:

    NHK is awesome, but it really is kinda confusing. Still love it anyways though, so thank u for making it possible for us to read NHK.

  7. miden Says:

    that was great. one of the best manga’s ive read, so much thanks guys~ i had fun reading it ^^

  8. Daiceman Says:

    Thanks for NHK, but no Zetman? Aww…

  9. Lone Wolf Says:

    What about Berserk… T_T…

  10. JD Says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for NHK! 🙂

  11. philly g Says:

    I’m so glad to see NHK to end out. I’m grateful for the release keep up the good work guys!

  12. S-P Says:

    Great job Evil-Genius. Great job indeed.

  13. PLUG Says:

    No Biomega, what a shame. I hope you ´ll release a new chapter soon. It´s such a great manga.

  14. Ratatosk Says:

    Thanks a lot for NHK! This is a spectacularly spectacular achievement! ^_^

  15. gomennasai Says:

    Thank you for the NHK, it was great job 🙂

  16. Penquin Says:

    Lone Wolf: You get Berserk so much more often than we get these other series. Maybe you can complain when it takes 4 and a half months after it’s published to get a chapter of Berserk. NHK ended in the beginning of June. I’m not sure when 39 was published, but it was probably at least a week before 40, so it was more like 5 months for that one.

  17. Lone Wolf Says:

    Well I read only Berserk…so I’m hasty to read the next chapter.

  18. Whey Says:


  19. someone Says:

    Thanks. Great series it was.

  20. Kirby Says:

    Thanks! Great job. Don’t stop what you’re doing.

  21. erik Says:

    thanks, all– great job on translating this series (even if the last few issues make so sense whatsoever).

  22. netoneko Says:

    Thanks, really. It was my first manga.

  23. a Jerk Says:

    Thanks! Great job,
    but how many chapters of nhk will be released ?
    Is this series still ongoing or is it already finished?

  24. Hikarub Says:

    Wow, 2 months and only one chapter of AH?!

    Well, at least you’re getting it out, not like those guys doing “Black Lagoon”…

    Congrats on the end of a series and good job working on it. Will you guys be working on something new or just be concentrating on those series still on your plate (like Angel Heart)?


  25. Deltroy Says:

    Wow…amazing works done by you guys!thank you

  26. Enedok Says:

    Nice, looking forward to read a complete manga in one go. But a teeny weeiny problem. Where is chapter 01-15? The link in the first NHK post is dead. Want to read it kthxbye. <(^-^<)

  27. Anonifag Says:

    I have nothing to say that others haven’t already said. So I’ll just say what’s on my mind.

    Congratulations, for what it’s worth. And above all, thank you.

  28. surveyork Says:

    Thanks a lot. Arigatou gozaimasu. Danke schön. Merci beaucoup. Muchas gracias. Moito obrigado. Grazie mille. Spasiva.

    Is it clear? ^_^

  29. Bean Says:

    Thank you all for your hard work.

  30. anonymous Says:

    cannot connect to tracker nor download torrent from this site requesting a direct download link please.

  31. Gourav Says:

    come on plz? some 1 help i need vol 6 chapter 25+ of Welcome to NHK i clicked download the torrent won’t load D: why come one! man if you cant keep the torrents up? then why not upload them on to rapidshare or megaupload or something =/ come on !!!
    if you be so kind i will check back on this site in a few days 😀

  32. Gourav Says:

    wow ignore me i am retard i =.=” didnt look the side bar… wow… i am such an idiot now i feel sad for stupidness i will look stupid dam!! wow.. i got the download it works D:

  33. tace Says:

    Hy nice torrent, i downloaded thinking it was the anime series
    >_< but was suprised with the manga, better than the anime. Sadly can’t seem to find chapter 25 anywhere don’t know which volume. Thanks and nice work! ;D

  34. tace Says:

    p.s i found a link to a torrent done buy you guys for volume 5 chapter 25 but didn’t work if anyone knows one it would be nice to hear about it:)

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