This week in fan mail…

  » Posted July 3rd, 2007 by psi29a

So we at EG are starting a new series called ‘This week in fan mail…’ which as you might assume we will take either the worst hate mail or the over the top fan mail and post it for all to read, perhaps with commentary as well.

Today’s mail I’ll lable “I <3 Femto”.

Ahmed wrote:

EG is da bomb yo.
and thank god for once in my life i actually found (i dunno, ppl in charge ?) who talk smack like psi29a and Femto LMAO, y guys are hularious XD

i may have commited suicide if it wasn’t for you scanning Berserk (typical after-effect of the terribly short anime)

I.O.U my freakin life lol !

email: [removed] | IP:

Mr. Ahmed,

Fortuitously your magniloquent style is, as you so eloquently put it, “da bomb yo.” We at Evil Genius are certainly and unabashedly gratified that our most obsequious verbal virtuosity meets with your exacting, albeit abbreviated and unconventional, syntactic and stylistic standards.

The regrettable retardation of your own impending self-inflicted morality by our artistic endeavor aside, we graciously accept your debt of servitude and join in your lament of the unforeseen consequences of the aforementioned anime.

Love and kisses, Evil_Genius

43 Responses to “This week in fan mail…”

  1. wicked Says:

    lol ^_^

  2. Jarnroth Says:

    Da bomb yo!

  3. Maelstrom Says:

    Why so much hatred :p

  4. Session #9 Says:


  5. Johnsanscoeur Says:

    Phat mail fo’ real XD

  6. quick brown fox Says:

    Seriously, I’d probably send some funky email if I had known you’d post ’em up the front page. Lol.

  7. Complex Says:

    V for Vendetta much?

  8. cjj Says:

    im not so good in english so.
    is that a hate mail or is it fan mail

  9. krazyivan Says:

    @cjj : i am not positive, but this seems to be some other language …

    i think it is quite cool to let yourself go into a berserker rage – even if it refers to grammar and/or vocabulary 😀

  10. Reiketsu Says:

    I love you too, evil-genius team!

    From the botton of my dark and rotten heart. I kinda worship you’re effort in order to please us with such unbeatable and, sometimes, unbearable (!?) job.

    Long life.

  11. Death&Rebirth Says:

    That was “bombtastic”…

  12. Samwise Says:

    No one seems to realize that the response to the fan letter is really an insult. While I condemn suicide and terrorism, I also have a disdain for your elitist use of the English language to ridicule Mr. Ahmed.

    Oh, and using uncommon (or elite, if you prefer) vocabulary doesn’t add to your eloquence. It is simply a “retardation” of the spirit of literature – that is to convey, with accuracy and lucidity. I am disappointed.

  13. Joyrock Says:

    Evil-genius Saving one life at a time, so it can enslave it to a life time of servitude in it surfdom of berserkdom.


  14. Killfile Says:


    There is some irony in your statement that few seem to get the point of the response when, in my estimation, you fail to grasp it as well. Ahmed’s letter does not read, at least to me, as the halting English of a struggling speaker. Rather, his use of AIM-like abbreviations and over-the-top claims of suicide etc demonstrate a near native grasp of the English language and a profound fascination with the growing idolization of idiocy on the Internet.

    To me the use of “elite” language stands in comic contrast to the use of AIM-speak — both equally ineffectual at communicating a point: one because of arrogance the other because of sloth. Insulting? Perhaps — but an eloquent illustration of a subtle and nuanced point. As they say on the web though, “YMMV.”

  15. FallenTitan Says:


  16. obakasan Says:


    come on, he’s not serious about suicide or something.

    but “Da bomb Yo” is really funny indeed! hihihi….

    and really! that “elite”, as Samwise says, language is very hard to understand by me. what’s the meaning of “Fortuitously” anyway? i even can’t say it. LOL

  17. psi29a Says:

    Here is something for you all to consider.

    If we are to allow the butchering of ANY language into a series of short hands, how would that effect the quality of Berserk?

    Whenever someone laughs in Berserk, we will put in ‘LOL’ or have Guts say ‘omgwtfbbq’ when he is pissed off. Sure, it would be funny the first few times, but after awhile, I guarantee you will be pissed off that we are no longer are translating literally what Miura meant to convey.

    If you want to be taken seriously in any way, you type in complete sentences. You can misspell words, or type/write in a different language, that is cool by us. More respect to you if English isn’t your native language and you try.

    But it is a sad travesty when anyone butchers ANY language for the sake of privileging efficiency over coherence. How can you possibly expect us to understand you?

    Example would be the commercial “IDK, MY BFF JILL”, all of us here at Evil_Genius would love nothing more than to see her mom grow some balls and bitch-slap her.

    Language skills are important, ranging from the quality of Berserk releases to communication between nations where miscommunication can lead to war, suffering, and death.

    The summation is, you will be treated in the same manner as you treat us. It is a privilege to be here, we don’t have to release anything. All we ask is that if you want to continue to read our releases then take the time to type the full words. We don’t skimp on the details, and neither should you.

  18. DarkAngel Says:

    It has been a long time since the last time i used that dictionnary. English been my second language, i have to say that i’m pretty happy that you guys made me discover new words.

  19. Johnsanscoeur Says:

    I don’t get why you relate a fan-made mail written in that way with the quality of Berserk-like releases or the butchering of a language (and more).

    If you get a mail written in a way you dislike, just ignore it or delete it, leave alone things like “miscommunication can lead to war, suffering, and death”. It’s a nonsense..who cares if there’s people a bit ignorant or so lazy to use aim-1337 speak ? There’s plenty of, should we kill’em all or suicide/stop releasing/stop speaking well ? 😀

    You release berserk in a well spoken english, sometimes in a archaic way just to preserve the medieval taste (well, it seems to me atleast). GOOD JOB ! Keep going and don’t “skimp on details” even if people does 🙂

    P.S. i’m from italy..hopefully the grammar in this post is ok.

  20. Reiketsu Says:

    I got the joke. And I agree with Psi. If you’re in a work meeting, you won’t talk as if you were in a Pub with your drunken friends.

    Althought that text were funny as hell and Mr Ahmed surely didn’t mean to insult anybody, we have to admit that grammatical hangover was kinda disturbing. And I’m not even native from a country whose official language is english.

    But still, I love you, Evil-genius’ staff!

  21. krazyivan Says:

    @psi29a : You couldn’t have said it better! After spending 3/4 of my lifetime to learn how to speak proper English I realy am annoyed when that ‘omfgpwnd1337n00blolololrotfl’ style is accepted. One of the reasons I joined the bersek forum is staying in touch with spoken english (becouse if you are reading olny maths or computer manuals your language skills start to decline) and as far as I’m concerned there are many more people from non-english countries.
    (ok I would join the forum and even if my english really sucked and I didnt give a rats ass about my skills becouse i love reading berserk so much. i just would stay passive in order not to bucher english).

    Anyway – keep up the good work and keep it clean

  22. psi29a Says:

    *nods* These are all valid points.

    Mr. Ahmed probably had the best of intentions, however it was irritating for all of us to read.

    If you are going to send us stuff like that, then it is best not to do it it all.

    As for grammatical errors, non-native english, or any language are cool by us. It is sincere.

    ‘EG is the bomb yo’ is simply idiotic.

    So here are the rules, don’t act like a moron and you won’t be treated like one. Abuse will stopped, IP banned if necessary. That includes banishment from our releases as well.

    We just won’t tolerate it.

  23. Samwise Says:

    I apologize for disturbing the shit. My defense of Mr. Ahmed might have been overly zealous. But does one extreme solve another?

  24. Eldo Says:

    My two cents on this issue.

    I can’t be bothered to care. I type in full anyway; even in instant messaging or posting in forums. I have seen AIM speak and the such employed in essays and this disheartens me. I would just completely ignore what the guy posted if he typed it like that. If you have asked me eons ago how I would respond to it, it wouldn’t be all smiles and cake; but now I can’t be bothered to care. Many of you can pull the ‘English is the second language’ card to justify the way you type, but it’s many other people’s second language too, as well as my own. They don’t type like a two year old. It takes more effort for me to read and comprehend sentences that are written in ‘street’ or ‘urban’ tones, so now I just ignore them.

    Our releases contain fully typed sentences and ends with punctuation. Why is that? Because I add them in. I think it looks and reads better, and feels more professional. I try to ensure all our releases are of the highest quality possible before it’s sent out the door, but sometimes errors (grammar, etc) slips through the cracks. But hey, the sentence still ends with a punctuation, which I’m proud of.

    Also, I’m putting off releases this week so you can get more next week, along with Berserk (and to stall for more time to complete other stuff). There will be NHK, Angel Heart, Breaction and Biomega complementing the Berserk release. See you in a week or so. It would be known as the ‘glorious release’ or something less retarded.

  25. Ahmed Says:

    i wouldn’t give 2 shits about any y’all. i wrote what i want because i wanted to. period

  26. Killfile Says:

    Ok, I’m going to be a dick here.

    First, “I” is capitalized in general usage. Your keyboard has two shift keys. There’s just no way that both of them are broken.

    Second, one generally writes out small numbers rather than depicting them as a digit: e.g. “two” instead of “2.”

    Third, “period” does not constitute a sentence.

    Ahmed, I don’t think that anyone would contest why you wrote something. Ok, you wanted to. Good for you. I’m sure there’s nothing personal against you here. Your email just happened to be the one that prompted a generalized rant against IM Shorthand and the Internet Cult of Idiocy.

  27. Shadow Hexagram Says:

    Quick question: how many mails like Mr. Ahmed’s do you receive per week? (per day?)
    Reading posts written in text-message format (or AIM style) has become quite a real pain in the eyes (both in my native language and in English ), be it in forums, messenger, even on billboards and song titles…. So, honestly I’d understand your need to vent it a bit if you were regularly ballasted with messages like that one.

  28. tojju Says:

    Just turn something that’s already silly, to being even more silly.

    I appreciate Evil Genius’ work very much, and respect it a lot.
    But this was unnecessary, although you have the right to do this of course, since this is your website. It’s just a slap to the face to this Ahmed person, and I certainly wouldn’t of liked it if it was me in his position.
    This is what we call a low-blow.

    And maybe you should have asked for Ahmed’s consent, before posting this. I mean that would’ve been the considerate thing to do.

  29. psi29a Says:

    @Hexagram: So far over the past several months we have had over 10,447 SPAM messages to this site. Most of which are people’s responses that tripped Akismet’s filtering. An appreciable chunk is the typical viagra stuff, but the majority are idiotic comments and posts in all languages that just don’t make any sense, even after translation.

    @tojju & @Ahmed: If you feel offended or slighted by us in any way, then you now know how Evil_Genius feels when we get those comments and posts. We read it, shake our heads in disbelief, make jokes about it and otherwise move on.

    This time however, we wanted to drive home the point that what we wrote in response to Ahmed’s was equally unreadable as his original comment. It was snarky and rude. It was a direct response to what we see sent to use by the hundreds every day. You can call it the ‘price of success’, but in all seriousness, it strikes a very sensitive cord with us since we have to be VERY agile with how we treat language given our work here.

    The basic rule of thumb is this: You treat others how you wish to be treated. It was never supposed to get this ‘serious’ and dramatic, which is curious to us because how you can anyone defend something of which is so difficult to read? Majority of the staff at Evil_Genius uses English as a 2nd or 3rd language, so a lot of times we are simply baffled with what is sent us.

    How about this, we won’t type any more trite responses, if you guys promise not to write in AIM/Street/31337/short-hand in your comments. I think we can all agree that this is fair for everyone.

    Apologies for Ahmed, he had the best of intentions, but man did that comment come at the wrong time. 😛

  30. cellar Says:

    tojju’s right. Maybe, many people overreacted in this and this situation has gone far beyond what it really is. But still, psi29a make a point with the fact that you will be treated the same way as you treat others. Still, don’t let us down EG. Most of us really appreciate your hard work and we know that you are doing this for nothing but for your fans. If you really love doing what your doing as much as some of us appreciate what you are doing for us, then don’t let some bad mail like these discourage you.

  31. psi29a Says:

    @cellar: Evil_Genius will keep at Berserk till either Miura or EG are dead. By no means will this prevent us from doing what we love. If the behavior gets worse, we will just shut down comments. *shrugs*

  32. Ahmed Says:

    Best intentions indeed, and i love nothing than to spark contrevoursy hehe

    But i really just wanted to say to you guys how i really appreciate your work ( i didn’t know you were soo sensitive towards that style, jeez !)

    @killfile: uhm, i really feel sorry for someone who actually took “TIME” to correct me in such a way that couldn’t describe his personal and social status any more clear !
    -GET A LIFE!!! (shift button works, yay !)

    @EG: hey, you brought me Berserk. kind of a privilage being the first “victim” of “This Week In Mail”. But please try to understand and consider the harmless intentions of the fans and their total ignorance towards your dislikes.

    All the best,

  33. Reiketsu Says:

    Hey, psi… seriously, as you may know by now it’s impossible to please everybody. We’ll always find people that’ll dislike and start a big drama about something innocent (ok… not really XD) meant to make people laugh and/or get informed about something. It’d be sad if you stop with such initiative you’ve just started. The idea of publish the “creame de la creame” e-mail and the “dirtiest dirty ever that happened to be puked in your inbox” are great! Really!

    If we bring something to the public knowledge it just happen that we’ll get good and bad reactions. That’s fun, don’t you think? 😉

    Keep up, dude! We need it!

  34. psi29a Says:

    In the defense of Killfile, he does that for a living, considering he has a couple of degrees to back it up, he pretty much has our respect and gratitude. When his wife isn’t busting his balls for not having a Masters Degree like her, he helps us out here from time to time to QC/QA scripts.

    Just recently, we had a big problem with the script for biomega 21, took us a few days to get the wording just right because it would have changed dramatically the flow of the plot. Killfile added his two cents, and we moved on happy with the results.

    He also moderates the Current Events & Politics part of the forum, so yes… being anal retentive about the written language is one of his strongiest qualities (or flaws depending on how you view it). However, IRL he helps with Special Love, a non-profit organization helping kids and teens with cancer. I help host their site as well as EG. So don’t be so quick to cut to the personal attacks. It doesn’t help you win an argument.

  35. MrShrooms Says:

    This thread is priceless.

    General overall theme seems to be USE PROPER ENGLISH!
    I blame the overall use of text messaging on cell phones…
    Someone needs to write a cell phone virus that actually functions as a text message decryptor, and sends the message in proper english!

    I know I could use one too 😛

  36. theduz Says:

    ” …The idea of publish the “creame de la creame”… ”
    Hey there is not only english language on earth, also french deserves a little respect^^.

  37. Ahmed Says:

    “Laughing My Ass Off” XD

  38. psi29a Says:

    ouch, you wound me Ahmed. 😛

    to those who think their comments are being deleted, that is not the case. we have a moderation system setup, so that if you have messages that have already been approved, and it passes the spam detection, it goes right in the comment section.

    If you haven’t ever posted before, or it was tagged as spam, we have to moderate it. With the amount of spam we get, your comments can get lost in the noise.

    Since we are not a government entity and this is private property, there is no freedom of speech so we moderate as we see fit.

    Now, on to more delightful news, July 13th… hopefully we will get the raws early this time around. ^_^;;

  39. stevedave Says:

    Christ, the only thing happening here is someone getting made fun of because he made a clear jackass of himself. Lighten up people.

  40. Reiketsu Says:

    I swear on God I can’t belive you’ve posted that. Ok…

    “Crème de la crème”.

    Are you less hurt now? ^_^

  41. psi29a Says:

    The long and short of this discussion can be summed up with this picture:

    Typing like that either confirms that you are too young to be online without adult supervision, or in short, you are complete and utter retard.

    Don’t be a gaiafag. 😛

  42. Rkive Says:

    I understand the aim/l33t-speak vs aristocratic language use, or rather how they are similar but opposite evils. However, there are some situations in which using a “higher vocabulary” is incredibly useful, and it is somewhat…. unpleasant,(?) (disconcerting is the word that I wanted to use 😛 ) when it seems to regularly fly over peoples heads.

    Granted, an overly large quantity of “rarely used, due to it only being known by a select group, vocabulary”, (yes over-abundance, [or plethora] of esoteric words would have been more concise [oh I mean, “would have made the phrase much smaller but still conveyed,{oops “transferred over” when referring to emotions}] the same meaning to the reader/listener) is usually unnecessary, but I find that those “snobbish words” often contain emotional connotations … Which can be used for more accurate descriptions, without making horrid run-on sentences, and fluff filled paragraphs. 😛

    Don’t believe me? Then try transcribing the full scape of the word “defile” using only common layman terms, in under ten words. (3/5 random people do not know the definition for it, hence why I use it as an example.)

    Anyways, I find it amusing later when people complain about “How no-one is able to really understand them” But, when all one can say is “Whats up? Not much” and the like, or when they are trying to say something “deeper”, it’s akin to a game of charades…. Then what do they expect… telepathy?

    My 2 cents

    Rkive – (the deluge of parenthesis were to illustrate a point)

  43. Shaka Zulu Says:

    Hehe, not to necro this all. But calling out this kind of degeneration reminded me of a quote I like:

    “APATHY: A word now fallen into disuse due to a lack of concern for it.”

    Not too apt in this case, because its the total opposite, actually calling out a retard for writing like one, hence showing concern for the language. But still, good to see, hilarious to read too, hehe.

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