Berserk 284!

  » Posted April 14th, 2007 by psi29a

At long last, it has arrived! Praise Miura, YA, Eldo and Mystic!


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70 Responses to “Berserk 284!”

  1. Harkan Says:

    If its so psi , its a pitty they dont make an oav like hellsing and that one is i think slower relesed then berserk

  2. Water Says:

    Wow!! Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  3. GalacticaPhantome Says:

    Great work again, I’m amazed how well these scans look, very clean no real evidence of paper bends, easy to read text, just awesome stuff.

  4. EcHoEs Says:


    im really exited :baba:

    thanks evil-genius for all you do..
    are the best group of FANS/SUBS

    😉 thanks …. sorry for my inglish xD im chilean 😛


  5. Mace Says:

    Love you guys so much Berserk is the best manga out there and im so glad that you guys are there translating it for us who cant do it our selves Love you guys… PS, EG you have any idea whats up with that Berserk Anime?

  6. Sparda Says:

    Have my baby EG!!

  7. Desca Says:

    Thanks from Argentina for this excellent work EG!!

  8. anon Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the anime series is getting re-aired according to this chapter? Could this mean they’re trying to get interest in a new series?!!

  9. Mazinger Says:

    Do anyone know what this anime series mean.. when I was animax page there read that is old but I want to be right that thing so anybody know this series?

  10. Kzarnich Says:

    Awww, it makes me sad that we haven’t had any good Guts-angst for a few chapters… Oh well, i guess pretty boy mc-evil pants is kinda important too. Cheers!

  11. kirerux Says:

    Yeah is the old one, animax go japan and America/Latin America….
    But I’m In europe T_T…
    Wish to be back in my born country Argentina T_T..
    Anyway Thanks EG u rock!!!


  12. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Huge thanks to the fans who think about other fans with the alternative of direct download. I myself use a public computer and cannot use the torrent option anymore.

  13. Mike the Mouth Says:

    This has definatly been the highlight of the last two months. Fuck i love thiss shit. its a good thing an infinite amount of berserk isnt provided all at once, otherwise id dropout of college and do nothing but read till i get malnurished and DIE.

  14. fiabundem Says:

    thnx for the release by the way you guys got any luck finding the missing b reaction chapters yet?

  15. Natsume Says:

    Thank you very much evil genius for your great job sincerly.Berserk is so good but i want know the end of the manga before the dead of miura!!!And I want see Guts in the puck-land with an army of the falcon black!It’s a french-boy speech!Thx

  16. Lone Wolf Says:

    I want to know what is hapening whit Gusts and the others.I’m tired of Grifith :(…

  17. Bump Says:

    Thank you. Now I can finally return back to my regular life.

  18. Bilbo Says:

    How can you be tired of Griffith?? He’s a bad guy, but he’s a cool bad guy xDD. However, I want see Gatsu too ^.^

  19. Shinobi Says:

    You know what would be awesome? If they would make a movie out of the Lost Children Arc(the one after Guts past and the second Black Swordsman Arc). Its fairly short compared to the other arcs and with todays resources it shouldn’t be impossible.

  20. Xanmore Says:

    As many others keep saying, you made my day! Can’t wait until the next chapter is out, you’re doing a great work guys, keep it up! 😀

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