Berserk 284 Preview

  » Posted April 10th, 2007 by psi29a

You all have waited patiently with us and it is about to pay off…

第284話  ミッドランド正規軍

Berserk 284 Preview

It’s almost here. 😀

EDIT BY ELDO: It’s really almost there. Seriously. Check this space.

EDIT BY psi29a: Status Update 09:35 EST – The raw is in, Eldo has finished cleaning it, we just await the translation which apparently has lots of olde Japanese dialog. Nothing we can’t handle because Mystic f-ing rocks, but alas it arrived at 3am on a Saturday morning EST and everyone is exhausted. So, in summation we will all be ready to rock the Berserk BT shortly once the Eldo type-sets and we QC.

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  1. Alonso Molina Says:

    I dont think anyone ever complained abour the translators. I think everyone is very grateful with them. But the guy that wrote about Miura not making a good progress in the story is right. I love his drawing style and I think its the best manga I`ve read so far, but I loved even more the story and the thrill of watching Gutz making his way throgh a mountain of mounsters to get to griffith or how he fought a hundret soldiers to protect Casca. The manga is taking forever to come to a conclusion, I think everyone wants to know if Casca will reover her memory or if Gutz is really strong or crazy to really fullfil his vengance against Griffith. The manga is losing a little of its crazyness since Gutz made more companions.

  2. Joyrock Says:

    I think for every person complaining there is many, many more that can wait. and those that complain are justupset because they like beserk so much it bothers them, much like folkd addicted to crack, they get grumpy with no fix.

    The Naruto thing…. Well you can’t compare naruto to berserk in story or art, I have seen a naruto manga it mostly just white paper with a few black lines to make the outline of a character with probly a few artist working on it.

    It story is just build up power, get between by foe “I will over come” unlock more powers that seems every ninja knew but for some reason are hero who has always been a ninja has never haerd of it.after he has adavanced so far it, it becomes learn super secret arts. If there so secret how come he keeps collecting them?

    When naruto gets his arm ripped off and the one he loves is raped by demons,thus making him avery angry person…Then I might find naruto worth reading

    Untill then don’t compare that rinse wash repeat manga to berserk.

  3. Kame Says:

    I’m going to leave out the name of a certain “shonen” title, I’m getting tired of seeing it. Whether you like something or not is your personal opinion, but those coming to Kishimoto’s defense and stating things like “YOU HAVE TO ADMIT, BERSERK WASN’T REALLY WELL DRAWN WHEN MIURA STARTED” show just how much they know about art or manga in general, the same brown secretion you find in a toilet, gunk and all.

    The art style of the 80s, including Miura, is part of the Go-Nagai era, Toriyama was still penning Dragonball at this time and Kishimoto was still tracing Dr. Slump while Miura was already working on his Berserk prototype. What stuns me is that the same people who proclaim his work as the second coming of Christ lampooned the Dragonball series. Really now, grow up kids and realize that it has nothing to do with being a “shonen” title or the fact it releases 4 chapters a month. QUANTITY =| Quality.

    EG, keep up the good releases.

  4. White_Rose Says:

    with all this focus on the Neo-Band, the reader starts building up an admiration of Griffith again… an excellent tactic of Miura for 2 reasons; 1: If and when Guts faces Griffith, there might be some iota of support for Griffith, and 2: If Griffith is spared a brutal death by Guts, he could possibly be raised to peerage status again; this should be Caska’s decision, as he must atone for what he has done to her, through his demise or through other means…

  5. the dude Says:

    sweet, an IP address of a moron!

    i think that what got me most wasnt the u as a shorthand for you, but the way he PUNCTUATED it for u’r…which is quite possibly the dumbest thing ive ever seen, why use the effort? just go for ure; which, whilst technically lacking the apostrophe, is the grammatically correct term for “you are” in an SMS format, as his way way rather a shorthand for “your”, thereby making his garbled nonsense even HARDER to digest.

    also, what were all… of the…dots doing… in the middle…of sentences…when a comma…does the same thing…except without making it look like…you are talking in a manner of… William Shatner… ?

    then the 3 things which have forced my undying hatred upon you
    1) “mirua”, i saw that and thought ‘oh well, he is most likely typing quick and such’ then you do it ABOUT 3 CONSEQUENT TIMES; jesus christ, learn the name of the maker if you are gonna read his work
    2) you bring up south park out of nowhere, as if we should all know what the hell you are talking about, and then try to use it in your own anecdote about you “pooping” your pants. ok, fine censorship and civility stopped you from saying shit, but why use such an innocent word in the opening when your argument is inevitably going to drone into a list of swear words which were most likely plucked from an instant swear randomniser, and this must be the case, cos i can see no other reason why anyone could have thought “u’r retarded stupid cock fucking sucker” is a plausable insult
    3) once again i am going to quote you (from the same paragraph interestingly enough), this time it will be short and sweet

    “u don’t have to offend other people because u’r retarded stupid cock fucking sucker”

    ah sweet irony, how it never fails to prey upon the weak of mind
    (i realize that i have not punctuated capital letters or arents and other such abreviations, i deem it unnecessary as it does neither increase or decrease the quality of my spelling or grammar if spoken aloud)

  6. pope)(on)(a)(rope Says:

    Maybe Griffith needs to take a trip through time and space and nab a few Eroge; that way, he could take out his carnal aggression and lust out on his hand instead of his loyal friends…
    Just him and the god-hand… Oh, well; who better to represent the middle finger of God…

  7. White_Rose Says:

    My goodness, there seems to be quite the firefight in progress here; a scene reminiscent of “Saving Private Ryan”, what with all of the bullet riddled corpses floating aimlessly in the surf of the ether and piled high in the sands of the silicon realm. The time has come to edge around the bodies of the fallen, receive my nourishment from Sensei Miura, and phase quietly into the void!

  8. KrazyIvan Says:

    naruto and berserk are just two different mangas and there is no sense in comparing them.
    is there any sense in comparing a gameboy and a palmtop ?
    they look a little similar from a distance , they are both battery powered have lcd’s and propably have other similarities. But still they’re totally different and there’s simply no point in comparing them – you want to play a game use a gameboy , you want to use the mobile office, write an email or do sth you can do on a palm – you use the palm
    but newer ewer i have encountered gameboy users bitching about palmotops or getting jumpy at someone becouse he compared a palmtop to a gameboy.

    please stop it – it leads nowhere so where the point ?

    the perception of art (and i consider manga a genre of art) is subjective and there is no point in hurting other peoples feelings by calling mangas they read shit
    p.s. i have not tried naruto yet and personally – judging by what i’ve heard abouth the plot and the pictures ‘ve seen will not do it- BUT i am sure that many people will want to read it i are /will become it’s fans. I just want to point out that there is no sense in dividing to “hardcore” berserk fans who read only mangas with at least 3 liters of blood in it and “posers” who compare berserk with other stuff and don’t want to eat a skinned kitten everyday for breakfast 🙂

    my point is : dont take anything personally – just enjoy the wonderfull art provided by mister Miur and it’s translation by the EG team – that’s what we’re all here for and let’s not spoil the fun 😉

  9. Sanguinnaire Says:

    It has been said that Artists and Scientists of extraordinary acclaim enlist the help of a demon to aid in the completion of their works (through possession). As a student of science and a budding manga artist, I believe that I need a reference from Miura… perhaps his demon has a sister?

  10. Joyrock Says:

    Eh, I can wait. and EG let us know if you need more money for anything to help you guys able to speed through translating and such be it new software, hardware, etc. You guys do great work, and I am glad you no longer have to pay as much out of pocket.

    It true folks who steal don’t have a right to bitch. I own all the current berserk by DH, and it is really thanks to you guys they get my money.

  11. pope)(on)(a)(rope Says:

    This release is considerably special to me, as Master Miura is the figurehead of my Character Design Holy Quartet:

    1.Kentarou Miura
    2.Tomofumi Ogasawara
    3. Hisashi Hirai
    4. Saeki Hokuto

    To know the skill of these artists is to know Nirvana; Once again, we are allowed to gaze upon the glorious face of Miura’s world, and any chance to do so is well worth any wait…

  12. illya_ Says:

    I love you all and your hard work, but please next time dont say “soon” when its more then 6 hours left for the release 😀 (says the half dead zombie who should have went to bed 5 hours ago ^^)

  13. Phireo Says:

    Guys! Please, this is not a forum (No offense intended).


    You really know how to make people feel bad, don’t you?! (meant as a compliment)
    And by the way; is not a static IP, so it will change every time s/he connects. Nice things in the e-mail though.


  14. psi29a Says:

    Phireom, it will change if they force a DHCP renewal, however this person’s posts all originate from the same IP over a very long period of time so it is safe to say he will missing out for awhile.


    btw, by soon I mean… just a few more minutes. 😛

  15. Chad Says:

    Yay! It’s out!

  16. Ryan1986 Says:

    Can someone clarify something for me. What is with the Berserk the anime series being broadcasted on 4/26 [Stated on page 2 of scanlation]? Is it the original Berserk anime or is there a new coming out?

  17. radwimp Says:

    this thread is lol

  18. Chad Says:

    I haven’t heard of Animax, which sounds an aweful lot like it’s a subchannel of Cinemax, nor have I heard of a japanese station of the same name. From my experience I can only conclude that some channel that shows anime is just showing the old anime on their channel. Believe me, if there was a new Berserk anime, the fanboys and normal fans would make it known! =P

  19. uvonky Says:

    I really hate that @Ae-Onrefni-Maeth guy.

  20. jean jameson Says:

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