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  » Posted November 5th, 2006 by psi29a

Yet another week, and no berserk updates in site. Sorry guys. However, in the interim, here is some Angel Heart, NHK, and Zetman!


A heads up on the NHK, we had in the past marked the volumes incorrectly. The volume convention has been fixed, we are up on volume 7 now, same chapters however. Chapters per volume is shorter than most mangas, so many apologies to you all. I’ll fix those in the tracker, however the files/torrents will remain the same.

Also more great news, please welcome Nomimono, EG’s latest translator to join the team. He hails from Munich and loves Berserk. His first trial by fire was Biomega, so look forward to a release of that in the near future as well. What can we say, its Full Speed Ahead! rock on

35 Responses to “Weekend updates”

  1. aleron Says:

    welcome nomimono … may you lead a long and prosperous career ^^

    also thanks everyone @ EG for another release of Zetman and NHK =D

  2. Bob Says:

    Well, cheers for finding another soul to do the ungrateful job of translatorizing.
    Good luck to him and the rest of the team.

    Oh Miura, set free thou cruel intent and let us find repentance and redemption in Berserk once again.

  3. Bob Says:

    Oh woe! And wasseth our sins away!

  4. HappyJaZZ Says:

    Very nice, thanks! Nice to see more releases of Zetman 😉 And thanks for mentioning Berserk, even though there’s still no release…

  5. Eriol Says:

    Zetman and AngelHear is crosslinked.
    Evil-Genius rockz!

  6. psi29a Says:

    Fixed, thanks for keeping an eye out.

  7. Nomimono Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes fellas!

  8. Nsight7 Says:

    Awesome job on the Zetman guys. I enjoyed it verily!

  9. SAMfh Says:

    Oh, Berserk, why have you forsaken me? Write, Kentaro, write!

  10. Ominously Says:

    NEEEDDDD whyyy is kentaro so friggen evil…. *Cries* i needddd, neeeeeddd

  11. Kindred Says:

    Keep up the good work EG !!!!!

    And for the ones who still wait for the new release of Berserk, I found two manga created by Kentaro Miura (Berserk) and Buronson (Fist of the north star). King of Wolves and Japan are two good manga to read to pass the long wait for the next chapter in my opinion.

  12. Reiketsu Says:

    Not only because Nomimono is new, but also because he is the new bearer of the Great resposability of translate Nihei’s work, I wish him good luck and that he can do a good job.

    I’m looking forward to see the results, Nomimono! =)

  13. Dagda Says:

    Welcome, Nomimono! A big thanks to you and the rest of the EG crew for all your hard work.

  14. vincent Says:

    did miura quit on berserk?

  15. Bob Says:

    That he’s japanese does’nt mean he can’t get overworked or get carpal tunnel.

    You try drawing for hours everyday and see how you’re feeling then ^^.

  16. Reiketsu Says:

    I think the correct should say, “Try to draw the same manga for over 10 years and see how you’re feelings then”. X3

  17. Knight Says:

    I bet Berserk is your greatest hit, hmm.. wonder what takes it too much to get released.

  18. psi29a Says:

    No Berserk coming out on the 24th of November.

    No clue where Miura is.

  19. Harkan Says:

    Hey EG. Why dont you guys re add the prototype berserk manga whille waiting for it. I know it might silence some for a while

  20. psi29a Says:

    No, we won’t do that. It it in the DarkHorse volume 14.

    Buy it here:

  21. Eldo Says:

    Anything Berserk related stuff that Dark Horse has released is removed from the BT tracker. Support Dark Horse, they do great stuff.

  22. Daiceman Says:

    Hey, was there any mention of berserk in the 27th issue that came out on the 10th?

  23. MrFelony Says:


  24. Eldo Says:

    Only issue 22 was released on the 10th of November, and there has been no news on that OR the upcoming issue 23 that is to be released on the 24th.

    No Berserk for the rest of this month, I’m afraid.

  25. LordMune Says:

    so when is berzerk coming out

  26. vincent Says:

    oi mina,

    i hope these are not bad news, but when i looked up this page:


    i see berserk on top of september and then not anymore for okt. nov. and dec.

    could it be that they could berserk out of the magazine?

  27. vincent Says:

    oh i meant cut not could

  28. Selm Says:


  29. Eldo Says:

    Vincent, use your head for a moment. Berserk is one of the most popular mangas out there, in fact, people buy Young Animal FOR BERSERK. There is no way that they’re axing Berserk, and YA has been releasing Berserk since chapter 1.

    September was the last release in YA. The YA website does not like to give previews a couple of months in advance for Berserk or for any other manga.

    We can only hope that Miura is on vacation. He’s long overdue for one anyway.

  30. Harkan Says:

    Hey give Miura a break, he is trying hard to come up with a continue to the story. It cant be something boring like saving some and kiling someone right away , its a proces that takes time. As if some can write a masterpiece in 10 year, some need 30 maybe 50 years to make it. Coming up with the story to a manga is not that diferent.

  31. Derekk Says:

    Madafucas!Where?berserk!!!!!!!!!!cap 280!!how much time goes to delay to leave this capitulates of berserk? I am tired to wait! I go to enter in depression!

  32. ZiggyZangetsu Says:

    hmm ive heard of a writers block before but maybe this is a case of an artist block where he cant think of anything to continue the story of berserk…

  33. Dront Says:

    Anyone knows if Miura has some kind of blog? Or, maybe, his own homepage (not the one on YA)? It could enlight many things…

  34. Death&Rebirth Says:

    Hm, artists generally pause their works for continuing planification and writing a slug script of the ideas and moments to work on future chapters…
    I believe that this is what Miura is doing right now.

  35. Rose Says:

    Thanks for uploading Angel Heart, i really enjoy the manga as well as the recent anime series. It’s difficult to find the first three volumes, but luckily I’ve made up what I missed through watching the anime series (it’s actually quite faithful).

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