Berserk Preview 273

  » Posted April 29th, 2006 by psi29a

Yes indeed, we have our hands on the raw and are now working on it. A preview has not been posted on YA, however I took the time to snap something for you all. Enjoy!

Berserk Chapter 273 Preview

With a little patience and hopefully some jagermeister for the crew, we should have something for you all soon.

15 Responses to “Berserk Preview 273”

  1. FoxWar Says:

    Oh yeah! I cant wait for it w00t!

    PS.1 Firts comment w00t!

  2. DataAnalysis Says:

    yeah, yeah, i agree, cant w8t also for the next chapter out….
    talking about next chpter when will it be released 😉

  3. FrogBoss Says:

    2nd comment, cant wait for this chapter.

  4. Lothirel Says:

    i hope that you got a good raw and taht you will thranslate it soon.

  5. FrogBoss Says:

    /edit *3rd -.-

  6. DataAnalysis Says:

    hehe ^_^

  7. oro Says:

    that was quick 😀 good job guys [lus i cant wait to see all the 3d art wrk goodness 🙂

  8. The nurse Says:

    You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY

  9. Evil Genius' Fan club Says:

    I came to say ” Your work are always the greatest “

  10. Ruins Says:

    Thanks for translating Berserk for all the Miura fans ^____^

  11. Altekterror Says:

    thanx guys 4 the hard work. cant wait 4 the next release. keep up the good work

  12. Pookin Says:

    I can’t wait… I wouldn’t mind some Jager too, but sending it over the site would be hard. ^_^

  13. Osiris Says:

    Well done cant wait for the full realise, always a big fan of your work…:)

  14. C h o X Says:

    It’s perfect.
    If you need any help with digital design (or any similar work) send me an e-mail.
    I can’t translate but I would help in any way possible.

  15. HobRoblin Says:

    I keep getting this error -“rejected by tracker – requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker” What does it mean? Raaaargh! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. pEACE!

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