Berserk 263 and Zetman 28

  » Posted October 16th, 2005 by Eldo

Well, Berserk chapter 263 and Zetman Chapter 28 has been released. You can get them on our BT tracker, heh.

Berserk Chapter 263

Zetman Chapter 28

Within a day or two, the Berserk prototype will be completed. It was wishful thinking to expect it to be done at the same time as the Berserk release, but fear not, you shall get your precious release soon.

6 Responses to “Berserk 263 and Zetman 28”

  1. Winny Says:

    thank You!

  2. jq Says:

    thnx guys
    263 berserk pwn3d !!!

  3. a Says:

    Dude i love berserk, keep in F-Ing coming

  4. 27thArsonist Says:

    Shouldn’t be Chapter 265?

  5. 27thArsonist Says:

    Shouldn’t it*

  6. 27thArsonist Says:

    ok nvm

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