Is it too late...

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Is it too late...

Post by casio »

Is it too late to say that after watching so many documentaries, reading and the fact that I believed this to be the truth since the moment it happened, the US government pretty much destroyed the twin towers themselves, by setting up explosives inside the buildings, and used their own combat airplanes to make it believe it was the work of terrorist, to create a war that would benefit them and god knows who else.

Would it be so wrong to say what I believe to be the truth.

I watched so many Documentaries a few being:

9/11 Press for truth
Taxi to the Dark Side
No End In Sight
A story of an Economic Hitman
Rethink Afghanistan
Iraq's secret war files
And 9/11: In Plane Sight . I've come to realize that all this documentaries are connected. The most meaningful for me being 9/11: In Plane Sight. After watching this I came to the shocking realization that the US massacred its own people in order to create a war. Why? Because war creates money, because General Electrics being one of the six corporations that owns the US media, exist to create war, and can manipulate information anyway it wants.

When watching 9/11: In Plane Sight I felt sick to my stomach, and confirmed what I believed to be the truth, and I just felt this pit in my stomach, and this numbness. The numbness I felt when that woman in the video shouted that's not an American Airline, and how the airplane had no windows, and how it looked like this.

And how when you add sound to the destruction of the towers, it sounds exactly how the fireman described it in the video.

I know that right away most of you will say this is nothing but a conspiracy, but I suggest you watch all these videos for yourselves from beginning to end and then judge for yourselves.

And also cuz I am tired of this bias attitude of the people in the US. Also cuz I am tired that every time we get a new candidate that might change our country for the better it gets assassinated by the US. Be it an economic hitman, or a jackal, the US always has to intervene in foreign affairs. And all this free trade bullcrap, it's just that bullcrap.

I am annoyed that people talk about world peace, and change and all that but, how can you have change when you have the same old cats sitting behind their desk in congress?

And above all, I am tired of the US media, it's ridiculous really. But I forget it's controlled by General Electrics and Disney, so I am reminded that there's no point complaining about all of the nonsense they spill out everyday. Damn lobbyist.

Well I just wanted to get all of this out. I don't hate people of the US, but I can't say that I believe the lies that their governments tells. I think that people from the US are so dumbfounded by their media, that they cannot see what people of other countries think, and know about their country, and please don't say I don't care, cuz that would just prove my point.

Come on, don't be like the Romans, and be content with enough bread, and Colosseum entertainment. Don't expect change if you don't do anything about it. And I do wish to bring change to my country but that will never happen if The US never stops interfering with other countries.

I don't know if I feel better after getting all these out my chest. Anyways I just wanted to give my two cents.
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Re: Is it too late...

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Hi just wondering if you're a spam bot?
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Re: Is it too late...

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Re: Is it too late...

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Hm. Seems a bit elaborate for a troll?
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