Kusharn language in 374

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Kusharn language in 374

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I was wondering if the characters were changed at all in the scanlation. This is because it uses Hindi/sanskrit characters but some of the words end with a half ग which looks like that character without the line which doesn't happen in hindi or Sanskrit. The half consonants get attached to another consonant to change the sound. ग is "ga," व is "va/wa (regional dependent)," and ग्व would be gva, like the city Gwalior ग्वालियर.

Some words are also joined together like इधर and उधर (here and there).

If the words were broken up I'd like to take a gander to see what they translate to. This is very esoteric and out of personal curiosity. It's pretty neat to see sanskrit based characters pop up unexpectedly in media.
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