Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

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Abortion... one hot topic. Your stance?

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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by Albator »

I don't know, it's the paperback version, so the preface is different at least.
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by The Herald »

Buzkashi wrote:Better to be born in hell then never born at all.
But if you were never born at all then you wouldn't exist. This is getting really convoluted, I'm going to stand by the fact that women should be allowed a choice, but also must be thoroughly educated on the choice that they're making.
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by Ita_you »

To me in comes down to a simply fact "when do you believe something is alive?"
how can it be considered murder if its not alive.
but if a unborn baby is alive then what right do we have to take that life away?
i agree that everyone has a choice and to me that includes a life that has not left the womb.
But does that mean i am nothing but a murderer my self when i support the move to make abortion illegal when said abortion could save a woman's life?
But then does that also make the choice all the more wrong when it is made for a less grave reasons?

Nothing is black and White in this world no matter is this can never be truer than for something like Abortion.

In my view everyone and everything has the right to live.
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by The Herald »

Doctors and biologists agree that a baby is considered alive only like two weeks in. But then again, microorganisms and single-celled creatures are alive, are they not? And they're way smaller than a human even after a few days after conception.
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by papasith »

I think one of the biggest factor in the thing is how the baby was conceived. if it was consenual sex with someone (whom you are presumbaly in a relationship) you made a bad choice here are the difficulties. but i see no reason to not allow a women who was raped to have to carry the child of some sicko.

as a side note: (not that i particularly believe all of this but i do want other opinions) one factor i hardly ever have seen brought up is over population. can we as a species liveing on a planet that we are slowly overpopulating afford to bring in a life that cannot be taken care or have a good quality of life?

If someone is so under privledge how do you think they would grow up to be like? what would there kids be like?

people complain about "stupid people all the time" (i use this instead of any racial stereotype because every race has stupid people with their own derogitory names, ie; crackers, ect.)
but if people are going around screwing like rabbit and not careing for their kids (it happens already, and abortion IS an option, imagine how much more often it would happen) then not only will the percentage of stupid people most likely go up, BUT it would contribute to what isee as a already growing problem of overpopulation.
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

Post by Dominion »

it would be best if we could just clone ourselves so that we don't have to rely on a separate sex to propagate our 'selfish-genes'.. at least that's the vibe i got from reading some of the comments in this thread. sure there will be a long, bloody battle after each sex is deemed completely unnecessary to the other in an attempt to secure what will be regarded as 'a waste of resources' but it's not like the world (of human's) doesn't want this. it is the only future i can foresee emerging from such a scientific discovery.

the topic of child bearing in the west has now, or seems to be now, shifted entirely onto the jurisdiction of 'female beings' so much so that men are now afraid to even have a say in the matter and just side-step the issue all together, blame people of lower socioeconomic standing, or join the masses and side with the side they find 'most logical'. quite possibly all of the above and, impossibly, none of the above.

frankly this shouldn't even be an issue but it seems some groups would rather force their views on others simply because they don't have the options the other group do.

you ask me, the west(ernized civilizations) is suffering from a type of syndrome that i've coined into the phrase of 'Paradise Sydrome'.

also i should point out that, in the past, child bearing actually had a purpose in the sense it was a necessity to have children (help out with the household work, farm hands, etc). the rest of the world still hold's true to this idea but it is a much more harsher reality in these places because if the child is not useful in the least, it WILL NOT be given a chance to live out his/her life like those in westernized countries (see example of India begging children). children just aren't necessary anymore in the west.

child bearing is now viewed as a(n) (major) inconvenience to the point where only foreigners are the ones having children in the west. the last thing you want to do (in the west(ernized countries)) is bear a child in the hopes he/she will become some cultural or scientific revolutionary.

funny enough, Battle Angel Alita's author put it best: If humanity can achieve immortality then children are merely dangerous X factors that need to be completely done away with.

on a completely SEPARATE note... i wonder what china is going to do with all those men.

to add to the topic of overpopulation: all the third world countries who do not share western views on abortion seem to be doing fine on the over population issue. maybe abortion is just some conspiracy to prevent people from having children because the current mode of government (or maybe even ANY government) can't support large populations. /theory
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Re: Can I tell you how stupid… (about Abortion)

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