RIP Kentaro Muira

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Re: RIP Kentaro Muira

Post by The_Paya »

RIP. Still can't believe it.
-.wherever you go, there you are.-
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Re: RIP Kentaro Muira

Post by BaNaN »

I can't believe what I'm reading, this is so sad.
I watched Berserk anime around 2002 and then the manga a year later or so when I realised there was more after the eclipse :)
Berserk was the first manga I ever read, before that it was all anime shows. Almost 20 years ago.. oh boy..

Wishes to Miuras family and fans all around the world
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Re: RIP Kentaro Muira

Post by jistanidiot »

I sincerely hope Muira knew how much he was appreciated. I feel bad I just heard of his passing when I decided to check if there were any new releases.

According to my join date, I joined this site in 2006. That's 15 years. Admittedly the last several years I only popped in once or twice a year and I haven't made a post since 2011. However with all the distractions of life, most sites I don't even remember to pop in even that often.

And several years ago I donated most of my physical books. I kept only one bookcase with 3 shelves. One entire shelf is dedicated to Berserk. That should tell you something.

Everyone behind EG the last 15 years, thank you!
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Re: RIP Kentaro Muira

Post by psi29a »

A tribute to Miura and Berserk, remix retrowave style:
*Much love to sensei Susumu Hirasawa
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Re: RIP Kentaro Muira

Post by Sandman »

I have not come to terms with it just quite yet. Berserk was the best story ever told and I will pass it down to all who will listen.

My oldest son is now 18 and a lover of all things Japanese (in his seventh year of Japanese classes). He will now get the privilege of learning why his father loved this series so much. He actually bought me the New York Times with the announcement of the last volume, which was beautiful.

Without Berserk I would have to say we would all be different people, and might have never had the pleasure of each other’s company for these years.

My thanks to all of you for being around when question need answered and when theories needed to be put in the right space :twisted: and for the scantalation I would have been lost without you.

Kentaro Miura’s work will forever be celebrated for what he has given us. ( You should see all the people on Reddit who are just now picking up the series… they will never know the patients necessary to be a berserk fan I pitty them and jealous of them at the same time)

Hope for the best for his family, I plan to continue buying berserk stuff till the day I die. ( I have a new answer for the question “If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would it be?”)

Very nice remix of the song by the way!
Thank you sir, may I have another :twisted: :whip:
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