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Zetman Triple Release

  » Posted November 20th, 2005 by Laik

Hmm, I guess things are coming together. I’ll get to the point this time though. As you can see in the title, it is a triple release of Zetman. Here you go:

Chapter 31 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c031

Chapter 32 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c032

Chapter 33 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c033

Big up to Eldo, OldMystic, and Nazgul for putting in work to roll the stuff out.

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NHK 16

  » Posted November 16th, 2005 by Laik

Hmm, I’m back with a chapter of NHK. AbsoluteZero usually edits it but I wanted to gone ahead and get it out so I hope he or anyone else don’t mind. Here’s the chapter:

Torrent: [Evil_Genius]NHK 16

Also, I know some out there are disappointed about the lack of weekly Zetman but releases will come eventually even if they’re aren’t weekly. Don’t worry about it though, just take it easy and I’ll get it out every now and then. I’ll put my best effort into editing it either way.

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Zetman 30

  » Posted November 1st, 2005 by Laik

This is my first time doing this but it’s all good since I’m here with good news. We’re trying our best and I’m trying to put my laziness aside to at least get a chapter out a week but most of the thanks goes to Eldo who translates Zetman. Still, I’ll like to thank the entire staff.

Enough of my talking though, here’s what you are probably here for:


Hmm, now if I could only get a bit more consistent.

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