Berserk 363

  » Posted January 21st, 2021 by DrPepperPro

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You all have left many beautiful comments about Miura’s passing. It means a lot to be able to read what everyone else is thinking during this time, so thank you. Navigating to the earlier pages of comments is broken right now, so here are links to see them:

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There is also a thread on the forum.

74 Responses to “Berserk 363”

  1. Rad Says:

    Thanks EG! Always appreciate your hard work!

  2. Duskwanker Says:

    Finally! damn you Miura!

  3. Guts Id Says:

    Great work as always, even Isidro stuff. Deeper meaning to everything just like layers in the astral realm.

  4. Geroprog Says:

    Thank you guys for the hard work.

  5. hgcgatts Says:

    Much speed, depth of quality, very impress! Thanks again for guiding our way through the void!

  6. Ithildil Says:

    You guys rule, thank you so much for all the work you’ve put through the years.

  7. aR-Kei Says:

    Sooo gooood!! Thanks a lot!!

  8. Bokar Says:

    After all these years, you’re still here,
    Still stranslating Berserk.

  9. Kreuger Says:

    Thanks for the work, greatly appriciated 🙂

  10. anonymouse Says:

    Great dedication as always lads, just don’t go so overboard with the fonts next time. 2 or 3 fonts are enough. Preferably ones that are easy to read.

  11. AIR Says:

    wow, it’s only january! 2021 really is a better year!

  12. Darks Says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  13. vikos Says:

    thank you very much, I survived the covid, I can’t die without seeing the end of this manga.

  14. Jin21 Says:

    Thanks for the translation, glad we finally got another chapter. Hopefully it picks up this year!!

  15. Derik Says:

    Seems like these releases are starting to follow a pattern of every 3 months. Hopefully this consistency continues.

  16. Stele Says:

    Great chapter, excellent job scanlating, as always. Any idea what Miura was talking about in his note? What was delayed…?

  17. ryuhadoken Says:

    many thanks for the job and the share.
    To infinity and beyond

  18. Introgauge Says:

    Hmm, it actually looks like the swirling hell that drags you in.

  19. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks EG ! First chapter in Jan ? huh, see you in December then 🙂

  20. phillipRT Says:

    Im so late for this chapter!!!!

    TY EG 😉

  21. hullu Says:

    cant believe that we are still here…………..about 5years ago i said something similar…..plz dont pass away Kentaro Miura

  22. jerry Says:

    I’m late af, but here. Noticed MangaDex was breached though, how crazy.

  23. Cuvius Says:

    Thank you so much bro!!

  24. Ananas Says:

    Hi, I am Ananas, translator in the Wishtrad french scanlation team.
    I know it might not be the right place, but I didn’t find a better place to contact you. At Wishtrad, we’ve been wanting to release a french scanlation of the ‘Wicked Eyes” series, since we’re already working on Souboutei Kowasubeshi, another series from Kazuhiro Fujita. Alas, we’re currently lacking cleaners. So I was wondering if it was possible to borrow your own cleans to translate the series.

    Sorry again for posting in the wrong place.
    You can contact us on Twitter (@wishtrad).
    Thank you for your hard work.

  25. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Boobs desu.

  26. ExSavior Says:

    R.I.P. Kentaro Miura.

  27. Manag-Lover Says:

    SHIT! Miura Kentaro died age 54.
    We will never see Berserk coming to an end … so much left unsolved.

  28. RandomReaderGuy Says:

    After following this site for decades to read berserk and check the site almost everyday to check for new Berserk episodes.

    I would like to say thank you to what you guys have done here. You guys mean a lot to my life.

    Maura sensei passed away today. I’m really sad. It feels like I loss a part of my life with it. It’s sad to realize that I can not read his story, see his art style any longer.

    Anyway, thanks for staying here for decades. You guys are the best.

  29. jack Says:

    RIP Kentaro Miura.

  30. Hullu Says: and the end is here. T_T

  31. geroprog Says:

    Sadly Miura passed away…. 🙁

  32. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Crap. Even though the manga has been going on forever I always visualized Miura as being fairly young.

  33. Ziomnioxe Says:

    He was, 54 is not that old.

    Damn shame

  34. Denis Says:


  35. Bronthor Says:

    Another reminder to always enjoy things while they last… i will miss your writing.

    rip Kentaro

  36. Kep Says:

    Rip Miura😔

  37. Squal Says:

    Evil Genius has been a loyal friend since the beginning. Consistent with their timely releases, quality and community support.
    Berserk was what drew me to them initially. In a way to us the readers and to them the releasers it was a common friend of sorts. A friend who would disappear for a while but was always welcome.
    We will miss you Berserk, we will miss you Miura. Your untold story will leave a void in us but it would always remind us of all the good times as well.
    Thank you and rest in peace.

    As for Evil Genius, like the soldiers that we know them to be the will simply get up, dust themselves off, square their shoulders and look to the task ahead.

  38. Tr00pa Says:

    RIP Miura.
    And thanks for all your hard work, Evil Genius, you made it possbile for millions to enjoy some of the best piece of art out there. As long as it lasted. Good times. Really appreciated.

  39. Harry Edy Says:

    Rest in peace, Kentaro Miura sensei

    Thanks Evil Genius for the translation & scanlation work

  40. Gustav Larsson Says:

    Death ruins everything

  41. Thomas Perrodin Says:

    Thank you for your hard work all thoses years, now we need to create doujinshis to end the story


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you will be remembered Miura, RIP and ill miss berserk so much, the only manga that i love.

  43. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I missed that he was just 54, that’s nuts. Losing too many too young, same with Origa and Satoshi Kon. I hope Miura’s family is okay.

  44. Martin Fabian Says:

    Berserk might be left unfinished. As I expected when I first saw the anime and it ended in total despair; it showed me that anything is possible in the world of Miura. It was amazing to discover that it wasn’t the end; it kept going on time lent.
    At least Casca regained her sanity (partly?). In a sense, this ending is satisfying because it’s like the open “and then the world moves on” sort of thing. Griffith and Guts had a rematch inside Casca’s mind. But the ending is also more unfulfilling than the last one since it ends on this downkey note, the hero party is somewhat bereft of a clear direction.
    Griffith has been cleansing the world of evil ever since his rebirth; is this genuinely good? If so, will that be enough to atone his past crimes? If he will go rouge; in what manner will that manifest itself?
    The climactic boss battles has always been a major source of tension for Berserk. I believe we’re all waiting for a grand finale showdown of some sort.

    But MAAYBE there’s still some notes left for other talented people to complete it with??

    Anyways, this truly epic tale belongs among top 10 greatest piece of art someone has ever done.

    Bless you, Kentaro Miura.

  45. Zoroch Says:

    Rest in peace Miura Kentaro-sensei. My condolences to your family and loved ones. Finally thank you immensely for the joy you brought me through your work.

    Thank you as well Evil Genius for your work in bringing Berserk to us consistently and with high quality. This is a sad day for all but I will not forget all the good things you have brought us. Good health and good luck to you all in the future.

  46. Aaron Kapis Says:

    RIP Miura Thank you for everything!!

    This is truly a sad day

  47. Wolfoso Says:

    Crawling the walls. Too soon, too young, too damn talented. RIP Miura Sensei, we’ll never recover, you’ll never be replaced.

  48. Alex J Says:

    Thank you for everything, Kentaro. You made everything better for us while shouldering the burdens.

    EG, thank you for all this time. Should you continue, I’ll keep an eye out.

    This is simply too depressing

  49. TheParagon Says:

    I never thought he would have time to finnish it, but 54 is just too young. I’ve followed Berserk for 20 years and read it here I believe for almost as long. It’s a sad moment, an era has ended. At least we got to see Casca restored – would have felt worse if they never got to leave the boat.

  50. Roli Says:

    Dang this hurts, this hurts bad. Miura-san, your work impacted and influenced me in untold ways as few things ever did. I pray strongly that someone close to him will be able to finish Berserk the way he envisioned if possible. Thanks to all the staff and the community here at EG. R.I.P Miura-san, you were the best.

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