Guts the Barbarian Issue #343

  » Posted December 28th, 2015 by DrPepperPro

So did Guts bring the wayward girl to the island of the Flowerstorm King. And having no further concern, he and his companions sought adventure in the West. Many wars and feuds did Guts fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand. And this story shall also be told.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot the credits and note pages. v2 torrent now.

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  1. Incognito Says:


    yeah, I know what you mean. Martin’s style of writing is surely special. In essence he pictures small featurettes starring one or more main- and supporting characters.

    They start in similar fashion and end mostly with mini-cliffhangers. It’s sometimes hard to read. And I know what you mean with a narrative dead end. In the end of A Dance with Dragons there are a lot of question not yet answered which you would’ve suspeceted to be answered. For me, it seems like the build up for The Winds of Winter – the calm before the storm. I personally look forward to its release – whenever that’ll be. I personally doubt that it will come out this year.

    And I have my doubts about his proclaimed seven-books-outline is going to suffice. If you ask me we’re only halfway through the story. His build-up of The Others has been so stretched-out that I can’t see how he’ll finish the story in only two books.

  2. Mistyman Says:

    @Incognito Well, the reason ADWD feel so rushed and incomplete is because it is just that – his so-called editor admitted that they’ve talked him into publishing everything he’d got to make time before first season’s premiere.Also, seven books are far from enough to realise his initial ambitions. In one of the early interviews he outlined the plot structure of then-intended trilogy: the first book was to contain everything that resulted in AGOT, ACOK and ASOS (by which point the trilogy had first became 4 books, then 6, then 7, now there’s talk of eight, see the pattern?), the second was to deal with Dany’s invasion of Westeros, and the third with the confrontation with the Others. So we basically aren’t even halfway into that story, which will obviously never be told as intended. I have many more problems with his style beyond his inability to predict and control the bloat, but those are subjective and to my great amazement not very prevalent. Having suffered through ADWD it blew my mind, how well it was received by mainstream public. Obviously, some of it is PR and enforced echo chambers, like with all popular franchises, but still it was pretty cathartic. By the way it is also why I like this place, where criticisms of both Miura’s work and work ethics have never been stifled by our gracious hosts, which is a rare treat indeed.

  3. Incognito Says:


    believe me, I’m not blind to the fact, that both Martin and Miura share a lot of similarities in their work-ethics. The risk is high that ASOIAF won’t be finished. As we both agree a seven-book-outline could hardly finish the story and deliver a satisfying closure.
    The Others haven’t even invaded yet … How is he going to unravel all the loose ties etc? The last two books would be rushed-through as hell: Dany’s invasion (which has particulary started with her supposed brother and The Golden Company?); the invasion of The Ohters (which is going to start); The extended pain and horror which is going to ensue due to the Long Night; and finally the expected uprising and “triumpf” of our then remaining heroes. As we agree: not even half-way through.

    And don’t worry: I won’t defend ASOIAF all the way through while I bitch about Berserk – that would be hypocritical. I tried it long enough with Berserk but with the recent publications it crossed a critical point for me. The same can happen with ASOIAF. I’ll wait until The Winds of Winter comes out. Rumors indicate that it’ll be published in the near future.
    But Martin has to satisfy me with this book. As the title indicates it’s supposed to contain one major climax of the whole saga. He has to deliver. Otherwise I won’t see much hope for this publication either. How long has he been working on The Winds of Winter? Five years? So, it would be another five years to continue and given the fact that there will most likely be more installments following we can predict “when” all of it will be finished…

  4. emevoli Says:

    you guys must be super bored. shit gets released when it’s done. that shouldn’t be big news since that what you guys do every morning. only weirdos look at the finished product and complain about the content. if you dont wanna see it – don’t watch.. just flush it down and dont forget to waash your hands. geezus guys.. get some common sense

  5. Greyscale Says:

    I’ll flush down the new Berserk anime, that’s for damn sure.

  6. crippling boner Says:

    That was the best comments section I’ve ever read on here. I actually agree with @incognito
    This hasn’t really moved in the last six months of regular releases and the story seems somewhat predictable.
    But I still love it and will hang around!

    Thanks for the awesome work as always EG, you guys are Krillin it

  7. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Narrative dead ends are the norm, you can’t simply undo the story and pull things out of your ass (though there are some “recent” examples who’ve tried and failed).

    I like how you all are so vague, “somewhat” predictable? Based on the story so far yes, like anything else it’ll be “somewhat” predictable. I still don’t see how Incognito’s tantrum is any different, everyone who complained (suddenly felt let down by Berserk) always complains about Berserk’s quality (which has far improved since then, my point). At this point the art can’t really get that much better and the difference would be so minor you’d gotta nitpick it.

    I just hate it when someone states something as a fact, then says it’s their opinion. No, your “perceived quality of the work” is not enough to support your claims (specially after that first comment).

  8. Incognito Says:

    @Phil Sheldon,

    and at what point did I state anything as a fact? Everything I wrote here on this blog is my personal opinion – even the statement that I think Berserk is not going to end at all or that I feel cheated and call this whole behaviour of the artist a farce.

    Look, as with any work of art (books, movies, TV-Shows etc.) you re-evaluate how you feel about it. Do I still like the way it goes? Am I still invested in the story and the people involved? For me it’s not a sudden turn. It’s been a gradual decline in the story-telling that has led me to the point where I probably won’t continue with Berserk.

    Yes, my initial post is extreme and offensive. First of all it’s been a culmination of the the aforementioned factors (little to no progress storywise, too long breaks with a shady communication, a somewhat unnecessary anime (for me) etc.). And then there is the intention of sparking a discussion (that’s what a blog is for in the first place).

    If you think that my perception of the quality disqualifies me, that’s fine. For me, my perception is the corner-stone of my claim because it forms the basis of my opinion. It decides if I like something or not.
    There is no objective measurement of how to think about something like Berserk. You may like it for the very same reasons I’ve lost my interest in it.

    So, you may call my statements vague but it’s not going to change my mind.
    All I stated before is the product of my experience. You can disagree. And that’s the point of such a discussion: to share ones thoughts with others.
    That’s all I have to say about this matter.

    Best regards

  9. Phil Sheldon Says:

    A lot of us have been through the “let down by Miura” fase, defending your point might have sparked an interesting conversation (even if not with me) but what started the argument was you throwing a tantrum (which you were).

    I hate even more the argument of “it’s subjective” but let’s just call it quits (i did).

  10. Sammael Says:

    I pretty much agree with Incognito, it feels like the quality has gone down very much lately. The tone to the story is completly different from what got me into the manga in the first place. The early days of the dark brooding story with a menacing threat behind it just isn’t there anymore. The plot and tone just went to a much happier and bubbily place after Falconia was created.

    Berserk really hasn’t been the same since Guts started travelling with all these kids and weaklings. I wanna see Guts tortured and mad with rage, constanly looking to get back at Griffith the only way he knows how.

    I understand that Miura is using these sidestories to set up character development. And also so that Guts has something to sacrifice in order to go god-wolf-mode and beat the shit out of Griffith. But I mean really.. he’s just chipping away at eveything that made Berserk great in the first place.

    The Eclipse and Griffith becoming Femto is to this day the darkest, most twisted and surprising turn of events in a story i have read in any medium. I wanna get back to that feeling of reading something truly unique and special.

    Sigh.. hopefully Elf Island plot finishes up fast, and we can get to killing off the annoying side characters.

  11. Borosaith Says:

    The chapter we see in Berserk are a reflection of where Miura is at psychologically speaking.

    If Berserk feels happier than it used to, its because Miura is feeling better than he used.

    Just thinking about what sort of life experience was required to inspire Miura to construct early Berserk sends chills down my spine.

    If Miura is happy right now, the least we can do is NOT give him shit for the lack of 10/10 psychotropic endlessly streaming nightmare fuel that Miura produced over the last several decades.

  12. emevoli Says:

    any news?

  13. Johnny Blowjobs Says:

    For real….

  14. madoka Says:

    sad but I suppose it’s over…

  15. Guest Says:

    So I am giving up al hope ever seing this series finished in my lifetime.

    Thankfully, there are better series and more productive mangaka out there. Vonland Saga has become one of my favorites recently.

    Fuck you, Miura!

  16. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Vinland Saga is pretty good though completely dif. from Berserk, it’s not better but it is pretty good, drawings are on par.

    Fuck you too 🙂

  17. Greyscale Says:

    Vagabond is the closest manga I’ve found that’s as epic in scope and story as Berserk. However it drags on a little.

    In Berserk news they’ve released another PV of the 2016 anime with new scenes featuring more characters.

    It will also be streaming on Crunchyroll.

  18. otakuzero Says:

    A possible reason for what has Miura busy until this summer…

  19. Satch Motion Says:

    Give it a few more months. We’ll probably see another chapter around the mid summer, July or August, or maybe later who really knows. Sometimes I think Miura himself doesn’t even know when the next one will come out. He turns 50 this year too, maybe he will be more productive in his 50’s then he was in his 40’s. Never lose hope, the wait continues, til next time.

  20. AmeerAL-Laithy Says:

    Thank u very much guys for ur work ^_^ !!

  21. emevoli Says:

    @greyscale Vagabond also serves with the most important simialarity – the amount of hiatus.

  22. Mistyman Says:

    Vagabond started great, but then it went into such endless unbearable philosophical morass that I gave up on it. Did it ever get better?

  23. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Except Vagabond is based on a book that is based on history. Also the scope is nothing at all like Berserk.
    It is however one of the few mangas on par with Berserk’s overall quality. Vinland Saga’s plot is at a standstill but it does have the potential to be on par. Another one is Dorohedoro, a well done bizarre fantasy seinen about magic (great drawings, great characters and good story though it’s quite short).

    Just remembered one, Eden: It’s an endless world, though it’s also quite short but has such a great plot.

    “Vagabond is a fictional retelling of the life of Miyamoto Musashi, often referred to as the last “Sword Saint”.”
    Idk what it is you were expecting. Though if you see no phylosophy in seinen you aren’t reading good seinens.

  24. Mistyman Says:

    I was expectig that an effort would have been put to make it at least somewhat entertaining, but it seems I wasn’t pretentious enough to make the target audience.

  25. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Phylosophy varies a lot from person to person, so that’s the way you see Vagabond’s. Wanted to recommend Buddha but i guess phylosophy it’s lost on you.

  26. The Black Pothead Man Says:

    Lets do some math!
    Berserk has been goin for 320 months now. With 343 chapters, it gives us a rate of 0.9329446064 per month.
    Now think about the quality of those weekly cheap shonen mangas, compare it with Berserk’s, and remember Berserk despites all the hyatuses, has almost a chapter/month rate.
    And stop bitching around like a bunch of whiners

  27. Johnnythegun Says:

    @Phil Sheldon
    Usually I’m not one to correct others spelling, but it’s philosophy, not psylosophy. You use the word a lot, just a friendly heads up.

  28. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Thx, i barely use it actually, this is one of the few times i’ve written it in english. Guess i touched a nerve.

    Btw i didn’t wrote psylosophy :Ë„)

  29. Small Says:

    It actually bothered me too for some reason, maybe it is because this waiting gets on nerves, and then you read phylosophy… psylosophy on the other hand sounds like weird musical instrument.

    This waiting better realize into damn nice panel of graphics, when the chapter finally comes out.

  30. AP Says:

    @The Black Pothead Man
    Let’s do some more math!
    The current rate for Berserk is at best 6 chapters/year. The way the story is going, taking into account the detailed style of Miura as far as storytelling goes, I would dare to say that we would need to reach at least chapter 500 before it ends. But let’s make a more optimistic guess and say that the end comes with chapter 450. We’re now at 343, so there’s still 107 chapters left. 107/6=17.83.
    Result: By the most optimistic evaluation, if this pace of releases is retained, Berserk will finish in 2034. Miura will be 68 then, if he’s 50 now.

    P.S. This is not me bitching around; I’m just doing math.

  31. Sammael Says:

    Well that math doesn’t really work out, your going by the assumption that Miura releases Chapters as soon as they are done. It’s more likely that he’s still working and has chapters stockpiled ahead of schedule. It’s just that for unknown reasons this schedule is being disrupted.

    I for one don’t really believe that a man as talented as Miura can sit on his ass for months on end without progressing his lifes work.

    When Miura gets done with whatever is withholding Berserk we will see “normal# 1/month releases. Which equals 12/year. Your estimation is very very optimistic though, I would bet on that we won’t see the end of Berserk untill 550-600. Even so, with a schedule of 12 per year it would take Miura 8 years to publish 100 chapters.
    Which means that even if Miura gets the thumb out of his ass tonight and starts printing like crazy we wont see the end of Berserk untill at best 2024 (100/12), and worst 2032 (200/12).

  32. Ugly Scamp Says:

    From The Doctor. “Check it out in 10 years”

    Well, there should be another two or three chapters by then. ;>

  33. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Six months and no sign of another chapter. Ugh.

  34. PedroRamires Says:

    Checking for new chapters every month and NOT find any is becoming one of those routines that make me feel like everything is going just as usual. Just like seeing that the sun is still coming up every morning.
    By the way, do you really think we are going to see the end of Berserk? I honestly doubt that. I would like that, but I don’t see that really coming!

  35. Eldir Says:

    It’s alive!! 😀

  36. Aznable Says:

  37. AlexDemiurg Says:

    Berserk to be back as a monthly series. Hehe, but for how long…

  38. Dumber Says: so the anime continues, sadly the art sucks balls. but finally MORE BERSERK

    Ep 1: 14d 17h 53m

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