Gigantomakhia #5

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  1. Sandwich Says:

    Gigantomakhi is reminding me a bit of some of Ganishka from Volume 34 of Berserk. I wonder if Miura just likes drawing really big monsters and felt the need to deviate from Berserk to explore that idea a bit more. With only one chapter of Gigantomakhia left, the new story is enjoyable for what it is and it’ll end long before it’s overstayed it’s welcome.

    Hopefully we get some news about Berserk returning after the final chapter is released.

  2. Toan Says:

    Just as I was thinking about how much I wanted to read some Berserk! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thanks for your efforts guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Doomroar Says:

    Thanks for the release! it all turned good giant wrestling it reminds me of old Godzilla films, maybe that was his inspiration.

  4. geroprog Says:

    Thank you for your hard work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kuro_ Says:

    Shingeki no Miura-kun~

  6. Rez Says:

    Wonderful, thank you EG.

  7. Gupstaa Says:

    I was seriously pissed that muira was takin another break frm berserk but if this is what he’s doing other than that then I don’t mind at all ! Ok maybe a

  8. homo Says:

    Still don’t like the story too much. It’s not bad, but also not “Berserk”.

    Nevertheless, thank you EG.

  9. Rancid Says:

    Miura or not, story sucks :/

  10. JUPITER Says:

    Thanks again for your effort!

  11. Atlas Says:

    1 left, hope Miura start Berserk when done this 6 weird chap stuff.

  12. Jumpin' Jah' Hoza' Fart Says:

    yeah i agree with other posters…Nice Try Miura..But BERSERK THIS IS NOT!!!! accept your pigeon hole SIR!!

  13. DeSpawn Says:

    This is just great stuff. Everyone deserves a break (even though i’m still waiting on Berserk………………..)

    Able to jump right into this new world is wonderful. I hope it helped him get inspired to continue the good fight

  14. Pedro Ramires Says:

    Thanks EG!

  15. Israfael Says:

    There will be a seventh Chapter on the N.6 of YA (March 14).

  16. Mormegil Says:

    So much for Berserk in February…

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