Zetman c153 and Billy Bat v3

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Zetman chapter 153:

Not really a new project, just releasing it under this group now.
Billy Bat volume 3:

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  1. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    You really don’t have to respond to “#¤&%” like that.

    I don’t agree with the Tolkien parallel though. Perhaps with the exception of the work ethic, their styles, themes and stories couldn’t be further apart. Miura isn’t the next Tolkien, he’s the first Miura, and he’s written one the best fantasy stories ever. All he needs to do now, is lead it all up an epic conclusion.

  2. pickitcity Says:

    Haha Miura sucks because (no real reason) and takes a long time so he sucks!

    If you aren’t saying anything shutup.

    Is anyone translating the new berserk?

  3. Thana Says:

    ‘@Thana: don’t even bother responding to this, I can’t stand your comments’ – you may not like it, but this is a response to me 😀
    And as my previous posters also pointed out: You just fail.

    The Tolkien-Miura-Simile: I understand what you’re thinking about, but if you break it down to the most simple points what each story is about you will find huge differences. I could point out several differences, but I’m to lazy right now.
    While Miura may be influenced by LoR (who wouldn’t be, it’s a prototype for any upcoming story in this genre, because it came first and will be taken in comparison) he has definitly his own personal touch. Like said before Miura is unique.

    But I think the conclusion is still the same: Berserk is an awesome manga. The story and the art is absolutely top notch and I have yet to discover a similar opus with qualities on par with Berserk. Patience pays for this much amount of awesomeness.

  4. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    poopy-master’s comments are so funny…. lol

  5. Tynar Says:

    @ darkerthanblackswordsman
    @ thana

    If you read, Phireo did not say LotR and Berserk are similar. He said Tolkien and Miura are similar. Now of course one’s work is a reflection of oneself, but I don’t think he meant to say the stories are similar (I see LotR vagueries in most fantasy/scifi, but imo there is little that Berserk and LotR have in common besides elements so basic they are almost a given).

    As to the authors having similar qualities, I think that it fair to say that the two are certainly fanatical about their work. The hours Miura puts into those panels must be near the time Tolkien put in to weaving the Elvish language. Both seem to desire to create a coherent and epic saga, and both take their time doing it.

    Anyway, my two cents. My last. I am broke. Please send moneys.

  6. Jumping-jaho-za-fart Says:

    i actually own a Dragonslayer sword!!!..i constructed it from a concrete filled steel door frame!.. all i had to do was add a handle and taa daa! i easily kill cats with it.. i simply raise it up..then drop it on them.
    good night everyone

  7. Thana Says:

    Well, I read his post and so I implied he compares the stories, too. I don’t know Tolkien as a person, but if I have to compare them I would say Miura has a darker, more evil story telling ability (which doesn’t mean he is naturally better – just different). How else could I compare each author if I don’t use each most known opus.

    They may be similar, I just object. It’s my opinion, no hard feelings please.

  8. Stele007 Says:

    @98 Really? He has no assistants at all? What is Studio Gaga then?

    Looking forward to the release whenever, Evil_Genius… Take your time.

  9. Phireo Says:

    Tynar is right, I didn’t compare the stories, but the authors. If there’s an active moderator, it wouldn’t hurt to make the comment section “to be approved” before it is actually posted.


  10. Rapixxx Says:

    Whatever the updates are it always ends up to be a berserk discussion! XD

  11. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    “it wouldn’t hurt to make the comment section “to be approved” before it is actually posted.”

  12. Legato Says:

    Why should they be bothered with that extra work?
    Let them do what they do best…

  13. Starnum Says:

    From everything I’ve seen so far, there doesn’t appear to be hardly any information on the new anime. It just says “New anime project starts!!” at the beginning of the chapter. This is at least a clear indication that there is definitely an anime of some sort in the works. Hopefully more information on this will be released soon, but in the meantime we’ll just have to take solace that there really is some kind of anime in production. I’m guessing it will be another TV series, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Honestly I didn’t expect them to ever do another anime, so at this point anything they come out with is a bonus for me. I’m really looking forward to the new anime, as I’m sure you all are as well. As for the new chapter, we’re working on it and we’ll have it out as soon as possible. Sorry it’s taking a little bit. We appreciate your patience. Lots of cleaning to be done, as usual. The raws for this chapter were pretty dirty. Even considering we use our own scans, as we have a guy in Japan who goes out and buys the magazine and scans it for us. Our scans were only a little better than the raws released online. For those of you who want an idea of how much work goes into these chapters, go take a quick look at the raws and compare it to the versions we release. You’ll see a big difference in quality, heh. Anyway, thanks again for your patience guys. At worst I’m sure we’ll have this out before the next chapter is released, but more likely it’ll be sometime in the next few days. We’re doing what we can, thanks. Take care. 🙂

  14. Spartan1590 Says:


    I remember the event with the Idolmaster Stuff, he was not working for months!

    Miura needs to finish this story, can you imagine if he dies? Everyone considers and mentions the possibility, because it haunt us all.

    I read Berserk since 2004 and I’ve learned to wait, but this is close to the breakpoint.

    Also, can’t wait for your work Evil Genius, I use the site since… I don’t even remember, it’s been a long time!


  15. Legato Says:

    Finally a useful comment, thank you Starnum!
    That is what I wanted to know (would have liked some more info though, but that’s not your fault =p).

  16. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    “Anyway, thanks again for your patience guys.”
    1. What patience?
    2. You don’t owe us anything. We owe you!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  17. Phireo Says:

    Studio Gaga scans, groups the pictures together, digitalizes it, eventually, for volume release. Types the text. That’s it. So, he does all the drawing and story. When we speak of an assistant in the world of manga, we mean someone who helps the creator with the story, drawing, colouring, inking or any such thing that you would notice in the manga when released. Many times assistants do nothing at all, but bring coffee, copy things, procure matterials and talk with the editor. A publishing company often assigns or gives the author the option to pay for an assistant, mainly to speed up work, while the author doesn’t like to work with them or just thinks they would slow him down, they let them do things that would delay his work and in return they get (sometimes) paid and recognized as having been assistants for x years under a famous Mangaka. But if we would consider every person who works on a work of art, we would start counting thousands in everything where a major company is involved. Do you usually count the editor as being an assistant to a famous script or book author?! Do you count the ones who actually typed the thing for printing and made the layout (if the author doesn’t care about that)?! I think not and rightly so.

  18. Stele007 Says:

    That is strange… with the sheer amount of details that need to be drawn (especially when he draws a massive amount of people) I would think an assistant would come in handy, but Miura does seem to be a perfectionist. Where did you hear about Studio Gaga doing that, anyway?

    Also, I went back and read some recent chapters (specifically Ganishka and when Guts & co. first get on the boat) and I have to say, he certainly keeps himself busy by designing complex and realistic (but gaudy) buildings/armor/ships. The detail that went into the elephants, their mounted wooden towers, the army formations, the armor for all the apostles, emperor’s moving palace (and Ganishka’s armor), and the ships are just amazing.

  19. Michael Says:

    @Thana why should I get a grip on a world full of Nazi bars? Lol I like staying in my apartment and programming better.

  20. Dequer Says:

    @Jumping-jaho-za-fart… hell yes.

  21. GhostUnit Says:

    @119. Michael

    better programming for the win! gl on your project.

  22. Michael Says:

    @GhostUnit Lol thanks man I am kind of out of my element on this one. I am used to hardware I/O not consumer software applications, so I’m fighting a different beast now.

  23. Thana Says:

    Isn’t it boring to do the same things every day? You should definitly visit a Nazi bar!.. or something else, that is…

  24. Michael Says:

    Lol I guess depending on how you look at it it might seem like the same thing every day. I mostly do hardware design, but I do get pretty bummed when I get stuck staring at gcc all day 🙁

  25. Alb Says:

    Thanks for another Zetman chapter guys.

    About Billy Bat – maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t understand but are you guys releasing it from now on and will it be in chapters or volumes? I’m asking because Arienai is also working on it.

    Thanks =]

  26. DrPepperPro Says:

    The people working on Billy Bat haven’t changed, just the group.

    It’ll only be volumes probably. v4 has already been translated but I’ve been way too lazy and it hasn’t been edited yet.

  27. Alb Says:

    Well, that’s good to know. I’ll be waiting for volume 4 =D

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