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Status updates for the New Year

  » Posted January 27th, 2008 by Eldo

I hope you’re all enjoying the new year. Now, there’s a few reasons why we haven’t updated in a while, one being that we’re busy. Second, we have our own lives to run, and can’t be on the Internet all the time. I just want to extend my thank you for the people who continue to support us, despite no releases in the last month. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been activity lately. In fact, by next weekend there will be at least 5 releases of Zetman, Angel Heart and BReaction! We are also starting several new projects which are short manga stories. We are not accepting any project proposals from you guys though, but if we do we will ask the community for help (if it comes to it, please don’t say Gantz or One Piece, the last time the majority suggested it I bashed my head on the keyboard). There will be some guidelines posted if we do choose to ask for suggestions.

It doesn’t seem there has been any dates set for the next Berserk chapter. So please, don’t ask. You’ll get a polite ‘piss off’, or a rude ‘go away’ depending on our moods. Also, if you think that the writer’s strike is affecting Miura’s ability to make a chapter, then you have to stop dreaming (yes, I have been asked that question). First of all, Japan is not in America. According to an atlas, there are countries outside of America. Secondly, I really don’t think that the strike extends and affects globally that writers outside of America are on strike because they want the the peanut sized internet residuals. Although I haven’t seen any TV shows come out from Estonia lately…

Originally I had an omake parody of how the Berserk lateness is affecting the groups of the community and wanted to post that. Things always sound better in your head, but fail in execution. But it turns out it was incredibly horrid, so if I get around to make it better, then I’ll post it next weekend with the releases. Then you can laugh at my ‘comedic genius’ or laugh with it.

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