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This week in fan mail…

  » Posted July 3rd, 2007 by psi29a

So we at EG are starting a new series called ‘This week in fan mail…’ which as you might assume we will take either the worst hate mail or the over the top fan mail and post it for all to read, perhaps with commentary as well.

Today’s mail I’ll lable “I <3 Femto”.

Ahmed wrote:

EG is da bomb yo.
and thank god for once in my life i actually found (i dunno, ppl in charge ?) who talk smack like psi29a and Femto LMAO, y guys are hularious XD

i may have commited suicide if it wasn’t for you scanning Berserk (typical after-effect of the terribly short anime)

I.O.U my freakin life lol !

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Mr. Ahmed,

Fortuitously your magniloquent style is, as you so eloquently put it, “da bomb yo.” We at Evil Genius are certainly and unabashedly gratified that our most obsequious verbal virtuosity meets with your exacting, albeit abbreviated and unconventional, syntactic and stylistic standards.

The regrettable retardation of your own impending self-inflicted morality by our artistic endeavor aside, we graciously accept your debt of servitude and join in your lament of the unforeseen consequences of the aforementioned anime.

Love and kisses, Evil_Genius

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