Berserk 286 Preview 船上にて

  » Posted June 18th, 2007 by psi29a

Wow, I’m honestly impressed that the preview this time is in fricken color. Could this be the reason why he is taking as long as he has been?

船上にて – “All Aboard”

Berserk 286 Preview

Status report – 24rd, of June 2007: Raw is now in our hands and being worked on.

Status report – 26rd, of June 2007: Evil_Genius has been the target of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. Our current ISP is unwilling to put any more effort in keeping us as clients, so we have moved on. I’ve secured EG refuge in Texas, hopefully they will have a stiffer backbone when dealing with these guys. Yes it has been stressful, and yes it does effect our release date schedule. We where slammed by two IPs, both coming in around 70~80mbit per second. I can only speculate as to why, perhaps Femto made a forum member cry?!

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  1. Lost_echos Says:

    man Ishidoro isnt spoused to be a younger guts only waht guts could’ve been if he wasnt born from a dead body

  2. Nojuego Says:

    The fetus or “Griffith” still has the blood of both Caska and Guts. It was their child after all. It would be interesting if that connection manifested itself either through hatred for Guts abandoning it or through love for Caska being its mother. It would just add another dimension to Griffith that way.

  3. Saul Says:

    Any of you remeber the little kid that they found on the beach the night of the invasion? I always thought he was Guts and Caskas son seing how much he seemed to like them.

    also on another topic damn you bastard to whoever it was that did this to EG!!!

  4. Alb Says:

    I was mad when i couldn’t get the site to work yesterday. I thought E_G quit all-of-a-sudden.


  5. Orthanos Says:


    I would have to agree. That child may have been the spirit of the fetus and at the time it was seeing its parents consent for its existence……..Guts seemed to be okay with him and Guts already had an idea of who the child was. Both Guts and Caska treated the child like their own and maybe that child was seeking acceptance of its existence.

  6. the dude Says:

    well, consider the meta-physical side of this

    when caska gave birth to the demon child, it had its own mind, and personality, right? (rhetorical question, the answer is “yes”)

    but when griffith was reborn in the childs body, HIS personality was thrust inside (as it was already prominent, rather than a childs, which is always learning) , and unless you think that 2 souls can inhabit one body, then the childs soul was expelled from the body, and griffith took over.

    personally, i think that the child on the beach was guts and caskas son without the evil body (if the baby accepted femto’s evil when caska was raped, then it makes sense for the part closest to griffith [the evil] to reamin within the body)

    only thing i havn’t figured out in my theory is how the childs soul manifested itself on the beach to meet guts and caska

  7. Nojuego Says:

    They are both branded so they exist on the edge of the real world and the spirit world. They are able to see the child’s spirit even though it has no physical body. I do believe that the child will return and play a big role. If he doesn’t, then there was no point to put the child in there in the first place. There would just be no meaning other than to say Griffith cast out the child’s soul which is kinda lame.

  8. Krazyivan Says:

    please note that the rest of the group could see the child as well. I also think that he may be an important character later in the story. For some reason I consider he may be the one capable of defeating griffith as he actually is a (step)brother to the current griffith – but i think this should go to the stupid theories thread 😉

  9. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    I think that child on the beach is truly Guts and Caska’s son, and the proof is just how he looks similiar to his parents…but is not so strange he has not evil body anymore, maybe he had a metamorphosys just like the new Griffith or is just the good-side of that child…
    I think we’ll see it again just at the very end, because maybe he’s the dearest thing Guts could sacrifice in order to become a God Hand one…
    But is that necessary? I mean the use of behelit and the metamorphosys? We always thought Guts needed to become super-human, but now is Griffith again “human” we can say…even though he’s something absolute…
    Something important to understand the ending of berserk i think it’ll be the story of the Skeleton King.
    He’s a precursor of guts and, in order to fight God Hand he, as King Gaisselick, sacrificed his own subjects but before that he used the berserk armour…without any results but to lose any sense…So he won’t let Guts use the behelit for sure…

  10. craziii Says:

    omfg, why would anyone do this to a group of people bringing us fans awesome berserk? a public lynching is in order! I just can’t thank you guys(EG) enough for doing this.

  11. DeepSeaDriver Says:

    What if the ordeal with the child on the beach is actually an attribute of the existence of multiple realities in this story, or the multiple layers of existence? To clarify, is it not true that Femto did not exist in the principal reality of the story until Griffith relinquished his life in the principal reality? As existence in one reality, or one plane of reality, means nonexistence in another reality, what if birth and death, the ebb and flow of life in the Berserk universe is a transcendence of realities? That being said, the child seen on the beach could very well be the child of Guts and Caska, yet only a temporary manifestation of the child that traded its physical existence with Femto. Thus, as Femto exists in the “physical realm”, the child now may exist mainly within the interstice, one of the astral worlds, or perhaps even live within the abyss. Something interesting to note is that the ethereal beings seem to need the presence of an existence within the “physical realm” in order to transcend their worldly boundaries. What about the Skull Knight? SK made his first substantial appearances after Guts and Caska had their romance. Could his existence perhaps be closely linked to the child’s? Could he be the child? Might Don King ever get a hair cut?

    Frankly, I don’t care. That’s what Miura Sensei is providing for us, a grand story pieced together with his unique imagination. Instead of speculating wildly out of our sphincters, we should devote this space solely to praising Miura Kentarou for his masterful storytelling, praising Evil Genius and their scan-commandos, writing our sentiments as they are, then bowing out, reading the chapters, and getting on with our lives. Props to those involved with getting luscious Berserk goodness to us, and props to us acolytes that still buy the books when they come out in the states. Continue the wild speculation in the stupid theories section please; I’m tired of brick wall posts like this one taking up the space where important news should be, like the Denial of Service attack.

  12. GiLgAmEsH Says:

    Just a simple THANKS from me to the people that gives us a scanlated Berserk and to the author Kentaro Miura. And death to those that mess with EG :p keep on the good fight or something like that.

    Greets! GiLgAmEsH!!!

  13. Reinhart Angel Gainsborough Says:

    What about this: when the Band of the hawk’s member( i mean judeau, caska, guts, pipin toghether with princess charlotte and anna) went down the gaol to rescue griffith… the princess told the legend of the rebirth tower, and of the old midgar that’s under the same tower.
    Judeau says that five angels saved the world and let the tower fall…But caska corrects him and says that the angel were four. The picture of miura shows actually five angels, so we can suppose that one of them left God Hand…
    Gaisselick probably became a God Hand one to defeat this fifth angel, and we know that Skeleton King cares of Guts because he is the same he was once…So The Skeleton King had a rival, like guts has griffith and becoming a God hand one will ensure Griffith’s defeat…

  14. Krazyivan Says:

    we only need 22 posts to have 286 posts on chapter 286

  15. theblacksword Says:


  16. Joel Says:

    well im not a fan of bersek i haven’t seen it to be sencere …i’m waiting to NHK fansubing…hurry guys i waannnaaaa know da truth ending……

  17. Nojuego Says:

    Joel, I suggest you stay away unless you want to sit at your computer foaming at the mouth in wait of a new chapter… Berserk is seriously THE best epic tale ever and as much as I want to see the ending, I hope it keeps going till the day I die. when I have children, I will force them to read Berserk in its entirety in both english and japanese.

  18. Olivier Says:

    Je parle français et j’habite à Montréal. J’attend avec impatience le nouveau chapitre. Bon Travail Evil_Genius. Une chance que vous êtes là! Merci

  19. Bleach Says:

    “Joel, I suggest you stay away unless you want to sit at your computer foaming at the mouth in wait of a new chapter… Berserk is seriously THE best epic tale ever and as much as I want to see the ending, I hope it keeps going till the day I die. when I have children, I will force them to read Berserk in its entirety in both english and japanese.”

    Same here (though i won’t force my kids to read in japanese, or force them to read it at all).
    My fear is that he dies before the tale is done.

  20. Junni Says:

    what about his ” dragonslayer ” ?
    that witch ( shrieke ? ) forgot her name…
    mentioned something about his sword.. maybe that is the GODHAND slayer ? 😛

  21. theblacksword Says:

    guess what … die

  22. Dagda Says:

    Man, I’m dying here. Thanks for your efforts, guys; you’re making alot of people very happy, whether or not that’s a priority for you.

  23. The Herald Says:

    You don’t have to be so harsh on Ishidro. What I meant before was that Ishidro reminds Guts of himself, not that Ishidro is a young Guts. Anyways, Miura hasn’t let anything on about Ishidro’s past, he may be really messed up too. Truth be told, no one could be messed up as much as Guts, but everyone had to have a screwy childhood to be in Guts’ group. And hey, Ishidro being a theif is cool, he’s kinda like Judeau in that respect. I do think that Ishidro is more like Judeau than Guts, but he looks more like Guts in appearance. To Guts, his own life wasn’t one of over excessive strength and hardship, but of clever survival of a young boy. That’s what he sees in Ishidro, even if in a dorkier package.

    Anywho, who do you think is going to let it slip that Serpico is Farnesse’s brother? Guts or Serpico? I bet you Guts’ll be bored on the ship and accidentally tell Roderick.

    Even though this isn’t the deep Behelit multiple reality stuff you guys are talking about, what I’m mentioning is also proof of Miura’s genius. If you take away all of the magic and the supernatural stuff and the demons and the fighting it is still a grand character driving story. The fact that it has the rest is what has made it a living legend.

    P.S. EG you have no idea how your work is contributing to the development of western literature and fanfare. Berserk is even discussed in my University English classes. Of course the profs don’t know what it is, but that’s fine. Because of you we can keep the west up to date with Berserk, instead of waiting for years in murky waters with most Japanese mangas or animes. Of course, there aren’t many other than Berserk that deserve constant English translations.

  24. Orthanos Says:

    I started anime and reading scanlations thanks to berserk. cus of Berserk, i now have over 167 anime series and have read 27 full manga series and more…..O yeah my kids will be fed berserk for bedtime stories.

    I owe my addictions and hobbies to berserk. I have been corrupted.

  25. Mutato Says:

    Can’t wait XD Gutts again and Caska being fixed. You guys do awesome work scanlating

  26. Harkan Says:

    Othanos, poor kids. Use the horror part as scary stories and the normal ones as bed time stories. WHo knows, we might get a litle picture of one of your kid dressed up as GUts for Halloween thanks to you…..heheh, mini Guts

  27. joker Says:

    When I’m a father, I would start my kids with comic book and manga b4 some stupid ass picture book for kids with some lameass plot.

  28. Orthanos Says:

    3 cheers for Berserks Future…Here here.

  29. Ranteil Says:

    Just a random post to try to get the total to 286 for chap. 286, and once again say EG rules.

  30. theblacksword Says:

    lol I so call 286 post

  31. SAMfh Says:

    I think this is a noble aim to celebrate the new chapter…

  32. 282 Says:

    COME ON, RELEASE!!!!!!

    hehe, kidding. Take your time. Thank you.

    doing my part to push towards 286

  33. joker Says:

    but what is the point if the post gets to 286 and no new Bersker is out yet?

  34. Killua Says:

    Number 284. Just doing my part.

  35. ZiggyZangetsu Says:

    zzzzzzzzzz and on and on and ariston

  36. theblacksword Says:

    no realy

  37. Saul Says:

    well I got an idea even if it wont be cool for some. Chapter 286 could be temporarily placed on some of those websites that let you upload files so people can dowload them until the problem is fixed.

    anyway can someone that has the raw or a translator from the EG team tell us when to expect the cahpter 287? Sometime near August or September?

    You know, for a manga that takes roughly a month for each new chapter to come out, it only has around 20 pages. I think they should increse it a little just for making the fans wait so much for it, considering how sometimes 3 or 4 or more of the pages are just a characters face in a surprised expresion or screaming NO!!!!

    any of you agree.(Im also very secretly speaking about the lame way Bleach is presented, 17 pages and 10 pages can be only faces in a surprised way!)

  38. theblacksword Says:

    o snap I mispelled that 😀

    WHOO@ 286!! new berersk! I’m officaly tired of GH2

    and my xbox360

  39. theblacksword Says:

    oo I hate you saul

  40. theblacksword Says:

    july 14 I think

  41. Saul Says:

    whats GH2?

    and yay me for accidentally being 286!

  42. theblacksword Says:

    gitar hero 2

  43. psi29a Says:

    Tonight, we dine in hell.

  44. [ss]3L33T@ Says:

    On the way!

  45. Orthanos Says:


    “Tonight, we dine in hell.”

    WHOAAAA HOOOO… that good or bad?

    Well as long as i can read berserk there, and if there is enough food for us. I will follow.

  46. DeepSeaDriver Says:

    Just a quick bit of trivia; who else besides me noticed that Griffith is the middle finger of the God-Hand? I wonder if Miura was too busy working on the manga to notice the humor in that, or if he did that just to put in a bit of subtle humor.

    Either way, how appropriate that it’s Femto!

  47. Reginald Funkenstein Says:

    For some reason, Guts levels up by means of otherwise horribly disfiguring or fatal injuries.

    Just how old are Guts and Caska supposed to be, they’re in their mid to late twenties, right? With all of the hell that they are going through, I wouldn’t be surprised if they spontaneously age 60 years.

  48. Reginald Funkenstein Says:

    Wow… Kentucky Fried Guts… like the new look, but he rather looks like my Fable character when I wouldn’t block melee and arrow hits. Every chapter, he looks more and more like Till Lindemann

  49. Addictions Says:



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