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Status Update

  » Posted March 22nd, 2007 by psi29a

What’s to say, every post here is time taken away from doing other stuff. 😛

The script for nhk 35 is being wrapped up now, typesetting is finished for 33 and started on 34 and then 35. Scripts of biomega and zetman, and nhk 36 are underway.

If you guys are extra patient (you kind of have to), we also have a special treat coming soon as well. Also, once phpBB3 comes out of beta testing, I plan on rolling that out live with the new forum layout I’ve designed which from our beta testers have to say (I’m looking at you Silverado of MU, happy birthday man!), looks hella nice, clean, to the point, and rather swank.

Also, if any of you have some Japanese written language skills, by all means let us know. We have plenty of material to work with.

Also, news for you B! Reaction fans out there. We have a forum member and a EG member going to Japan and both are on the lookout for chapters 10-14 which would complete our collection of raws and we can official finish that series! Wish our valiant travels well!

Additional update: Ack, forgot to mention to you all that we are switched over to the new server. Thanks for all who donated and for people still donating, I’m just ~$100 USD shy of breaking even on the investment. Which is great, you guys rock. I even have pictures! Note that I have put more ram inside, which bumps us to 2gigs, but we have two slots left just in case. Each slot can span from 512meg to 4gig. So as more fans show up, there will plenty of room to expand. =)

outside shot of rift

inside shot of rift

Thanks again, and we hope to make one hell of a release when Berserk arrives, plus goodies indicated above. 😛

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