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Zetman 34 & 35 and NHK 17

  » Posted November 27th, 2005 by psi29a

Its another tripple release for you all. We have been busy little bees as of late and have managed to find time to recruit another translater. Long live EG! 😀


Big thanks goes to the crew: Laik, Eldo, WM, and Nazgul!

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Zetman Triple Release

  » Posted November 20th, 2005 by Laik

Hmm, I guess things are coming together. I’ll get to the point this time though. As you can see in the title, it is a triple release of Zetman. Here you go:

Chapter 31 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c031

Chapter 32 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c032

Chapter 33 Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Zetman_v03c033

Big up to Eldo, OldMystic, and Nazgul for putting in work to roll the stuff out.

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NHK 16

  » Posted November 16th, 2005 by Laik

Hmm, I’m back with a chapter of NHK. AbsoluteZero usually edits it but I wanted to gone ahead and get it out so I hope he or anyone else don’t mind. Here’s the chapter:

Torrent: [Evil_Genius]NHK 16

Also, I know some out there are disappointed about the lack of weekly Zetman but releases will come eventually even if they’re aren’t weekly. Don’t worry about it though, just take it easy and I’ll get it out every now and then. I’ll put my best effort into editing it either way.

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Berserk Chapter 265

  » Posted November 13th, 2005 by psi29a

It’s a good one! ^_^ Lot’s O- action(tm).

Torrent: Berserk Chapter 265

Editing finished up around 15:00 EST on the 12th, but I personally didn’t get home till 22:00 to be able to seed. I had the folks in to visit the new apartment then we went on a tour of the area, so I was rather late getting home. Many apologies. Good news is that 265 is out and seeded. I will personally read it tomorrow when I have the time. I’ll make sure the rest of the world gets to it before I do, so have fun and enjoy yourselves.

To Miura: On behalf of EG we want to say thank you. You keep making it, and we will keep buying it.

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Berserk 264

  » Posted November 4th, 2005 by psi29a

The long wait is over, Berserk 264 (translated) has arrived. Many thanks should goto Eldo for stepping up as an editor to get the release out the door. We all have lives outside of berserk, and this indeed take a bit of time to do. We hope the wait is worth the effort and time.

So, with out further adieu, Berserk: Chapter 264

Berserk 265 should be out around 11/11 which isn’t that far away.

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