Berserk 361

  » Posted July 23rd, 2020 by DrPepperPro

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20 Responses to “Berserk 361”

  1. Geroprog Says:

    Thank you for the hard and Quick work. 🙂

  2. aR-Kei Says:

    YASSSS!!! Thanks for the great work!!

  3. Hullu Says:

    Tnx guys, Great work as always.

  4. jmedinazo Says:

    Thank you

  5. punpun Says:

    superb quality, thanks for the work


    ty guys love you ^:)

  7. Gustav Larsson Says:

    Ho! Thanks! Wasn´t expecting that

  8. Derik Says:

    Glad they are moving things forward. Hopefully we’ll get another chapter sooner rather than later. Be interested to see if SK gives Guts information about his former life, especially given they are dealing with the armor now.

  9. Willy Says:

    !Thank you!

  10. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Amazing, thanks a lot EG. Things are getting increasingly interesting.

  11. Ziomnioxe Says:

    The dwarf needs to fix skull knight’s armor too, are we gonna see what he looks like without it? Great chapter, hopefully we get another one till the end of 2020.

  12. User Says:

    Many Thanks!

  13. Vokar Says:

    I think the SK is a ELF, like Legolas, The first Cursed, King of Elves and faires. The first curse start in island, false gods wanted become the god hand, then triked some in the family. Lets hope we can see he without armor.

  14. phillipRT Says:

    tyvm EG!!!! 😉

  15. phillipRT Says:

    tyvm EG!!!!;)

  16. Jerry Says:

    amazing! getting a chapter is like receiving a gift on christmas

  17. Borosaith Says:

    Seems possible we could get another chapter by the end of September.

  18. KarisFraMauro Says:

    By Miura standards this has been an incredibly productive year. Another chapter this September?! Seems like the plague scared him away from playing idolmaster…

  19. emevoli Says:

    @Jerry Yeah everytime I see a new Berserk chap I drop everything I am doing and just read it. Kinda funny that there is nothing else I’d go to such lenghs.

  20. Charlie Says:

    Im thinking of making a new berserk game

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