Berserk 354

  » Posted February 25th, 2018 by DrPepperPro

Made a v2 release for updated cleaning on some pages.


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18 Responses to “Berserk 354”

  1. Emevoli Says:

    I just had the strangest moment.
    Guess we are all have our reasons for struggling alongside Guts for all those years. Over the last decade I have no Idea how often I opened this site. Always with glooming eyes and with the hope for an update. And no matter how often I got disappointed, my motivation and my love to this story never declined in the slightest. But until now I never realised just what importance that story has in my life – besides me opening this site hundreds of time a year – No it’s way bigger than that. Miura’s work touched my soul. When I just considered Casca’s eyes… tears of joy overcame me and I didn’t had the urge to fight against it. I never had that b4 – even when my wife said yes(mb I actually don’t love her? lol)

    Reason for that might be that the whole setting is a fantasy one but alongside the lines it’s portrait of what is “the life of a man” is as close as it possibly could be.
    Thanks EG and thanks Miura you are all wonderful perverts!

  2. Ziomnoxe Says:

    The amount of stupid useless shit we have had to read to reach this point (fucking mermaids and sea god and a pirate ship going up the hill)… FINALLY !!!

    Great chapter, thank you EG, praise Miura

  3. Thiago Says:

    Emevoli, instead of opening the site randomly throughout the year, just go to Blogtrottr, register Evil Genius there and you’ll receive an email every time there’s a new post.

    Thanks for the new chapter, guys!

  4. anonymouse Says:

    Thanks for the release…
    …but goddammit Miuraaaaaaa, reading these short bits now is worse torture than years spent at sea.

  5. Abobastico Says:

    Finally. Just finally.

  6. 1pq Says:

    Good work guys! and fast! Thank you

  7. Lukas America Says:

    OH YES!

  8. ArgenCR Says:

    It’s been so long, and to think that it may finally be here, it’s between reach! Please, if there’s a god in heaven don’t kill me just yet,I need to know what happens next!

  9. Strange Says:

    Thank you!

  10. james Says:


  11. strangermoon Says:

    am reading dreams.dont you guys dont know the womens. she will run the ruler guy like skelotonknigt says. womens will go to devil this not just berserk story. poor guts strong physcally.

  12. Cerile Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Luca Says:

    There are no seeds for the torrent…

  14. deusvult Says:

    Thanks for the superb work EG!

    I have to say, as happy as I am at seeing this plotline fulfilled, I feel the way it happened does not bode well. I fear for our party of demon-slayers and their hosts.

  15. Larry Says:

    So long. I hope her desire for revenge is as great as Guts’. Or will she still be broken? Might be some tears in the next chapter.

  16. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Thanks as always for the great work! I doubt Casca’s fixed, she’s been through hell.

  17. Nimo Says:

    I can’t open the torent file at all. “ refused to connect.” <– That's all I get, both in Chrome and Waterfox.

  18. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks EG!
    Damn, I’ll miss Berserk when it’s finished…

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