Berserk 336 and Zetman 202-205

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ヽ(´ー`)ノ   Hi Zetman.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    Hello Berserk, funny seeing you here.

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  1. john Says:

    Thanks guys, you are awesome!!

  2. jasad Says:

    woohoo!! Berserk!! thx alot guys!!
    now in waiting mode for god know how long to the next chapter………………….

  3. Doomroar Says:

    Thanks for the chapters!

  4. Casey M. Says:

    You, my good sir, are truly a gift to mankind.

    Thank you so much for the Berserk and Zetman chapters!

  5. James Says:

    Thanks guys, just a heads up it says Ch 335 on the first page of Ch 336.

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  7. ev0 Says:

    Thank You!

  8. Sandwich Says:

    Thanks, EG. Quality work as always. Another chapter next month is almost hard to believe.

  9. Secret Admirer Says:

    Has Goku arrived in Namek yet?

  10. Jashinslayer Says:

    I knew this would happen a long time ago, we could all see it coming.

    The world loves and worships Griffith as their King, their savior, their God. Even though he is a corrupt evil bastard who sacrificed his friends, his humanity to obtain it.

    Guts will be the villain when he comes to topple Griffith and the God Hand from their thrones of corpses. Even though he’s the only one doing what is right.

    Miura sure is writing a tragedy through and through.

  11. mees Says:

    Thank You!

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  13. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much for both of the mangas… :)
    We will have to wait only till september..

  14. Thana Says:

    Thanks as usual.

  15. smokeesid Says:

    Chapter that blows all the pains of waiting away

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Moogle Says:

    The one thing people fail to realize is, what happens once griffith has his kingdom and becomes king ?

    His goal has always been to reach that point. But what kind of king will he be once he is there ?

    This is the scary part about Griffith, because it’s not known what type of ruler he wants to be.

  18. Kain Says:

    In the end, the world created by Griffith seems quite normal. It’s just that he is the absolute center of everything, mankind can’t live without him. Honestly if that’s the end of the god hand’s plan, that’s slightly disappointing.

    Anyway, thanks for this Berserk treat, as always!

  19. Mystyc_Vegeta Says:

    Whoa, that was actually a really cool chapter, worth the wait, we finally have a glimpse of how the kingdom looks through the back door.

    Thanks a lot EG !

  20. ZetmanFan Says:

    Thank you very much for the chapters!

  21. Dave Says:

    Woo. Thank you.

  22. Anon Says:

    Great work, guys. Thank you so much.

  23. Happy Says:

    Holy shit on a stick

  24. choco Says:

    you evil bastards love twisting our ball ha?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, guys, for your hard work! And mad props to Jinbei for stepping up as a translator of Zetman!

  26. Okami Says:

    Thanks guys! Appreciate all of your hard work!

  27. mike Says:

    Thank you so much for the work that you do with each and every release.

  28. mike Says:

    And have a beautiful day.

  29. Gyo Says:

    Gracias !!!

  30. magolodont Says:

    awesome and cool!!
    thanks team!!

  31. Phil Sheldon Says:

    Really good job, Berserk was good and better yet, more to come soon :). Zetman left such a cliff hanger… and at last we’re getting to the opening pages, always wandered how they got to it.

  32. Valja Says:

    Wooooaaahh thank you guys for the many Zetman releases!! <3 I'm also happy for the Berserk readers :)

  33. minusonetwelfth Says:

    Awesome chapter! Also, really really good translation! Keep up the great work 😀

  34. Dalai Says:

    Thank you very much! Here a happy Berserk reader.

  35. oussamax ® Says:

    FINALLY!!! and thanks for the work

  36. bora bosna Says:

    more Griffith bullshit… hopefully we will see some Guts co. soon

  37. Tannie Says:

    Ah!! Finally, a chapter that moves us forward. It’s getting juicy again… Truthfully, I’m glad the recent releases lately on Falconia has been rather slow, but I’m glad there aren’t any cliffhangers because he’s been releasing even more sparingly this year.

  38. IOIO Says:

    Thank you!

    Does anybody else recognise the monster that dies in the arena? I know I’ve seen it before, but don’t know where.

  39. GhostUnit Says:

    It’s kinda disgusting how Miura whitewashes evil characters when it’s convenient. For example, the old sorcerer is shown as a grumpy but kind old foggie, but Miura must be getting senile because this is the dude who as Ganishka’s right-hand man oversaw among other things:

    1) The demon factory in which pregnant women had their fetuses corrupted and turned into demons which ripped them apart from the inside

    2) Feeding naked girls to crocodiles

    3) Redecorating Wyndham with body parts instead of statues

    But yeah, he’s just an old foggie now. Goes to show you whitewashing comes naturally to the Japanese, what with all their denial and supremacist bullshit justifications of the sick shit they did when they invaded other countries. Google “Unit 731” to see what I mean.

  40. bbboi90 Says:

    @GhostUnit …….what the flying fuck is wrong with you?

  41. TheParagon Says:

    the whole falconia part seems to be a way to put doubts into the readers and characters of what evil is and that things are not black or white. Given a certain place in society and a purpose, bad people (or monsters in these cases) might be able to do good things. i dont see how the old geezer is more out of place than griffith acting a saint and the monsters acting protectors.

  42. Joe H Says:

    That’s the whole point of this arc. It’s SUPPOSE to make you feel uneasy that all these different factions have united in this Bizarro-world of a Utopia after and being shepherded by Griffith’s presumed godliness.

    I mean we are essentially seeing a Utopia in the making…but beneath the piousness and the idyllic society lurks an air of sinister intent. We, the reader, know how Griffith got there and who/what caused him to become what he is. The God Hand aren’t exactly benevolent forces.

    This whole business with Rickert, who knows what happened during the Eclipse, is pretty much putting this whole artificial world into question.

    Daiba (the old geezer) pacification is hardly unexpected given that he witnessed Griffith’s “miracle” in Vritannis. Griffith currently has the ability to coerce apostles to his will, and there’s some indication Griffith has the power to (indirectly) bend the wills of mortal men and women. As long as Griffith has forgiven Daiba’s past transgressions, no one can consciously object to in.

    Remember, Griffith is and agent of God to these people. The will of Griffith is law, and thus determines what is right and wrong.

    I’ll ignore the thinly veiled racism on your part, if only to keep things civil.

  43. Mormegil Says:

    Whitewashing lol.

    Thanks for the chapter, EG.

  44. re Says:

    zetman craves intensified. thanks

  45. RedSamurai Says:

    As ridiculous as the release cycle has come to be, these last chapters clearly show why people have stuck by the series for such a long time. Pure quality, that is! I seriously can’t wait to see what’s in Miura’s mind.

    @GhostUnit: If you really hate Miura’s “whitewashing” that much, then I fail to see why you are still around. Do something better with your life, like get into yoga or… I don’t know… read comics. That’ll help you get over these weird japs /s

  46. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I honestly don’t have that much of a problem with Griffith given how wretched the world he lives in is, and what his options were after being mutilated beyond recognition. Anybody bothered by moral ambiguity can always watch disney or something after all. Not sure what ghost’s deal is, commenting on the manga is one thing but extrapolating to all of Japanese culture?

  47. Team Guts Says:

    @Karis Fra Mauro
    I have an extreme problem with Griffith. It doesn’t matter how wretched the world is. He could have denied the sacrifice during the eclipse. This was the Griffith that layed with a disgusting pedophile in order to spare the lives of his men, and then he willingly gives up the band of the hawk later. When it came to fighting Guts the last time, he relied on his magic, force-field, or whatever you want to call it. I long for the day Miura lets us see Griffith truly die by Guts’ dragonslayer, after his petty powers are stripped away. I hope this is also when Caska’s mind returns to sanity. Through tears, she should cheer on that rapist’s brutal death. Try to find all that in a Disney movie.

  48. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Hmm, even if I’m not super bothered by Griffith I’m definitely not a fan of his either in light of what he put Caska through. Now that I think of it Guts hasn’t exactly had an easy life but he managed to uphold something of a moral code. Maybe I should withold judgement until I see what the deal is with this (quite possibly misleading) “paradise” Griffith has created.

  49. Mystyc_Vegeta Says:

    @Team Guts, I thnik Griffith slept with the old pedofile mostly because it was a faster way to gain money and he preferred this instead of lots of battles risky both for himself and his men (which he uses to achieve his goal). I would say he also had a glimpse of humanity at the time and also cared about his men to some small extend, but he would never had done it for that sake alone.

    Ona a happier note, anyone has news about the expected September release ? :)

  50. Bleachigo Says:

    Griffith slept with the old paedophile just to achieve his own dream faster, nothing more…

  51. introgauge Says:

    @Team Guts
    that idea of yours came straight out of a disney movie,
    what’re you talkin’ about?

  52. Eldir Says:


  53. Strider Says:

    That’s the point. Exposing what kind of morons humanity is.
    Given proper motivation people can believe anything, because they want it to be true, and most importantly because they are stupid. For example, worshiping a monster.
    Guts is the example of a man refusing to share the dominant view. Because he does not gives a fuck about anyone (just for some), and just wanted to simply destroy Him. Even though, revenge has taken back seat… For now.. for now..

  54. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    Thanks for the update Eldir! May I add that one of the things I like about Evil Genius is that they don’t rely on stupid direct download links that keep getting taken down, or using Nyaa for its torrents when they’re being ddos’ed out of existence.

  55. voivode Says:

    Wait, there are people who actually didn’t see through this cheap trick on it’s most trivial level?

    He’s not “whitewashing” anyone, he’s actually trying to set up the scene for confrontation between Griffith, who took a role of the savior of humanity, and Guts, whom people of Falconia more than likely will take for the personification of evil which poses a threat to Griffith and his little utopia.

    Miura wants to pull off another “dark messiah” vs. “anti-hero” story.

  56. smokeesid Says:

    There is a strong resemblance in between eunuch and Griffith. I got the chance to meet one recently and I couldn’t help but witness the uncanny resemblance in their demeanor

  57. Team Gutts Says:

    @introgauge That was just a reference to part of a discussion with someone else. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Griffith’s surprised face as he’s cut in half by Gutts in the middle of serenading us with “A whole new world”.

  58. bora bosna Says:

    I don’t mind Griffith is evil… just that the Griffith chapters are so boring and predictable, everything is perfect, etc etc

  59. Henrique Bach Says:

    When will be released the next berserk and zetman chapters?

  60. Rancid Says:

    Somewhat agreed, frankly i don’t believe anyone gives a shit about Falconia at this point

  61. Sati Says:

    Dear Guts!
    thanks for the translation guys!
    Great job!

  62. Daemonnico Says:

    Didn’t they mention September? Well, they better hurry ><

  63. gets Says:

    It’s been 3 days already, is everything okay?

  64. Israfael Says:

    > Didn’t they mention September? Well, they better hurry ><

    It's out already.

  65. Rendarg Says:

    The chapter came out last friday, 26th. You can already find pictures of it online. My guess is, evil genius don’t have a clean scan of the whole chapter yet.

  66. Jg100 Says:

    Considering that every chapter takes about half a year one would think that waiting a couple of days wouldn’t be that bad.

  67. Daemonnico Says:

    lol, so it’s out but takes a week to be translated, I see :( nowhere else where I could see the raws at least? ^^

  68. ev0 Says:

    Here you go:,yPXnmkJ,sejzTLB,SfCPUA3,mNuNWxj,xT5uxWJ,Rzc4veD,wXR0YGM,K7VwInC,FnGDdtN,LXyg9rV,9rde3Yv,5LAx8vw,GZubddD,zHrRmzJ,vd1DTYW,uNajBrI

  69. DrPepperPro Says:

    Yes we are waiting for a better scan.

  70. Nannar Says:

    Evil Genius,
    Find a better scan and TAKE YOUR TIME!
    We appreciate all the hard work and effort done by you 😀
    Thank you

  71. theoeaguy Says:

    About time Griffith got a bitchslap… LOL.

  72. Tim Says:

    …Or you know both ,
    because I really need my fix ! 😀

  73. waofy Says:

    I have been trying to learn Japanese for years, finally mastered hiragana this year and understand basic sentences, vocab and grammar. Still, this is all I can grasp from the raw scans:

    “kono KANJI KANJI desu”
    “tsui KANJI kute”
    “kore wa…KANJI KANJI KANJI”

    Guess I will have to keep relying on Evil Genius for now…

  74. Israfael Says:

    If you guys still need a RAW, the digital edition of this issue of Young Animal is out:

  75. annarek Says:

    lol waofy same here… i can remember all katakana and hiragana but it seems that kanji are too damn difficult to remember even a basic number of them. and trying to use a japan dictionary with kanji just doesnt work…

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