Berserk 335

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Enjoy folks.

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  3. ev0 Says:

    Thank you!

  4. Arash Says:

    I love you guys. Thank you.

  5. Rez Says:

    Excellent, thank you EG!

  6. Doomroar Says:

    Man this feels surreal to get new chapters this soon.
    Thanks a lot for this!

  7. KaitoKief Says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. Tynar Says:

    ‘Til next time’.

  9. joao Says:

    I was going to wait a bit and just read it with next chap scheduled but…didnt happen. The episode blew me away, that city is great and i hate those lips so much, and of course the dreamy hair. The bitch is back

  10. Dumber Says:

    continued this summer…..give us a date you bastard, sigh

  11. Kain Says:

    But it’s not my birthday?! Thanks anyway!

  12. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter!

  13. anonymous Says:

    When did it go from Band of the Hawk to Band of the Falcon?

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    Thanks for the new Berserk chapter!

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    ’til next time!

  16. flipflop Says:

    Thank you everyone

  17. Sandwich Says:

    Anon: It’s technically always been “Falcon”. In Japanese, “Falcon” and “Hawk” are the same word. So when Berserk was first being translated to English, the translators had to make a choice on the interpretation. They chose Hawk for whatever reason. Then in an interview with Miura much later, he mentioned that the translation should be “Falcon” as in “Millenium Falcon” from Star Wars. He’s apparently a Star Wars fan and Band of the Falcon was a tribute to that. With the Millenium Falcon arc, EG decided to change their translation to better fit the original intent of Miura. Dark Horse still says Hawk instead and the Millenium Falcon arc is titled “Hawk of the Millenium Empire” instead.

    In regards to today’s chapter, I’m pretty disappointed that we’re going to have another wait with no definite date. “Summer” is long and ambiguous. We waited over a year for a chapter, and we only get two before another break. Here’s to hoping the next chapter actually shows Griffith talking to Rickert so we can finally see what’s going to develop out of all this.

  18. Gyo Says:

    Gracias !!!

  19. canterville Says:

    OMG. What a coincidence. thank you guys. It was meant to be.

  20. smokeesid Says:

    why it is postponed till next time? what sort of preparation Muira needed for the quality of the current chapters that he invested more than year for these two?

  21. smokeesid Says:

    I completed the chapter in 5 minutes after its average waiting time for 5 months. This logic doesn’t seem to add up. A fantastic manga marred by its creator’s lethargy

  22. Hubbahubba Says:

    The band of the Hawk is dead, Long live the Falcon empire!

    Thank you for the work on this series, can’t imagine how you manage to keep a team together to actually work on the chapters with these waiting periods.

  23. Fendo Says:

    the end is near.

  24. Casey M. Says:

    You sir are a hero to all mankind.

  25. Mystyc_Vegeta Says:

    Thanks a lot EG, on with the waiting :)

  26. Nothere Says:

    Just another chapter of Miura going full autism and drawing the city. Nothing to see here. Maybe in in the next 20 chapters something will actually happen.

  27. Ziomnioxe Says:

    I agree with the previous poster. So far i am sure we’ll never see elfhelm, but this is painful to read/look.

  28. Mistyman Says:

    You peeps just haven’t truly let go of expectation yet. If you expect nothing you can’t be disappointed by numerous detailed depictions of bird-shaped walls. Treat it like a random diversion, since that’s what it is at this point. Berserk teaches you zen, if nothing else 😀

  29. Johnny_MT Says:

    I’m with 53 years and I’m scary to die before see the end of Berserk.

  30. Migitas Says:

    I cried reading this chapter guys.

    Not gonna lie

  31. annarek Says:

    well i am 28 and i am afraid i wont see the end of berserk….

  32. max Says:

    Well, Miura is older than both of you, so..

  33. FETUS Says:

    ….I was just prematurely born, and even i’m not haughty enough to say that “I’m” going to die before berserk finishes………PROBLEM IS, i know that dipsh!t Miura is definitely gonna be dead in the ground before guts even meets up with griffith ever again.

  34. Mistyman Says:

    This is actually interesting, are there precedents of mangas being continued/finished by others after death of the original author?

  35. disgruntled cactus Says:

    honestly i think he just hates berserk at this point and doesnt want to continue it for some reason save for that ocasional paycheck to stay afloat and comfortable.

    look how fast he shat out that gigantomachia manga. a whole volume in less than a year!! and berserk gets a measly two chapters.

    its a bad joke

  36. voivode Says:

    I wonder if he is the type of person to sell the rights to his manga to someone else. This could be a problem for variety of reasons though, it’s his life’s work and it’s really hard to say what would happen to this title without Miura’s art direction.

  37. dahaka Says:

    someone else could finish it happened to a few manga already and i could see it happen with this one too not like he is the only one who can draw this much detail twice a year

  38. smokeesid Says:

    Wouldn’t matter, Artwork couldn’t hold me to read the chapter longer, and it was only for five minutes only. Artwork never did that. Its an exemplification of self-indulgence because it is nothing more than ornamentation which is way more than sufficient

  39. smokeesid Says:

    Today I have seen a similar spread like in berserk in Hunter x hunter

  40. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I was 28 when I started reading berzerk. Now I’m, much older… Meanwhile Hunter x Hunter has not only got more chapters than Berzerk but stuff is actually happening in it.

  41. NOTO Says:

    ^ What he said. Started reading this about 8 years ago. Although Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for more than 2 years (and another year before that!!!) I have to admit that most of the chapters from HxH actually bring something new to the table while Berserk.. it started going from bad to worse a couple of years ago and that doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of chapters released.

  42. JG Says:

    I dont feel the berserk main story has progressed in any meaningful fashion in the past five years really… hope is the only reason I keep reading!

  43. murad Says:

    berserk’s too big to judge

  44. Litti Says:

    I have a slight problem with the poll options:
    The heat death scenario doesn’t seem so likely according to current knowledge, instead there is the ‘big freeze’

    I think the best chance for getting those Elfhelm chapters is to open up a connection to a parallel universe where Miura has finished Berserk.

  45. DrPepperPro Says:


    “Heat death” and the “big freeze” are the same thing.

  46. doomed Says:

    this guy miura should write a 200pg novel on berserk…let us know the whole story in brief and then walk us through the manga in detail……..i know these japanese people live long but who knows

  47. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    I think Litti is confusing the universe expanding forever with the big crunch? Anyway given that both those scenarios are googleplex’s of eons in the future, I’m sure Berzerk will have been finished several months prior to the end of the universe whatever form it takes. Meanwhile I just started reading “I Am A Hero”. Yes!

  48. sm4rt4ss Says:

    from the wiki link…

    Big Freeze: “The universe will cool as it expands, eventually becoming too cold to sustain life.”

    Heat Death: “If the universe reaches a state in which the temperature approaches a uniform value, no further work will be possible.”

    So Big freeze = end of all life, Heat death = end of all energy. That means big freeze happens BEFORE heat death.
    Just saying… :)

  49. Aizen2468 Says:

    I stopped reading Berserk for about 2 years (After remaining faithful for like TEN or so years), because I became increasingly frustrated by the constant breaks. But I came back because someone who cursed me for losing hope in it, told me that Muira recently picked it back up now that he finished his other manga……2 years, and I’ve missed about 4 chapters it seems. Seems legit XD

    That being said, my prediction about how he’s now shifted to a Griffith POV arc came true sadly, but my other prediction about Guts reaching the Elf land in 2014 (Which seemed like an EXTREMELY pessimistic guess at the time, cause everyone was hoping for a 2013 elfhelm back then) was horribly wrong lol! But what really sucks is that in the 2 years I’ve been gone……nothing has happened, not even in the 4 chapters he has released. So if he IS doing an entire Griffith POV arc, it could take him as long to finish that as it did to finish Guts’ Sea Monster Arc……maybe even longer considering it seems he’s increasingly slowing down as time progresses.

    Ya know, people may defend Miura to their dying breath, saying that he’s working himself to death on it or this level of quality work requires all these hiatuses, but I’m just gonna come out and say he’s lazy and has lost his muse for Berserk. Most other manga out there would have fans SCREAMING if the author took like…..a month off from updating, but Berserk fans? 6-8 month hiatuses are commonplace really. They may not have the same quality, but its INSANE to think that other authors can release nearly a hundred chapters in a year, and Miura can barely give us 2. And honestly, Berserk was extremely high quality back in the day when he was releasing like 1-2 volumes a year, so NO, this level of quality does NOT require this many hiatuses. The reason for these hiatuses are that he’s grown lazy, and he doesn’t really care about his story anymore. Honestly, I totally understand why considering how long he’s been writing it. Try writing the same story for 20 years, and see if inspiration sticks the entire way.

    However, I still feel he owes it to those few fans he has left to finish it (Cause let’s be honest, a great many Berserk fans have moved on over the years and accepted he’s not gonna finish it or even come close to updating at an acceptable rate again). Just because I feel he owes it to them though doesn’t mean I think he’s going to finish it……Someone said the story has maybe 200 chapters left. If that’s true then at the rate were going that could be about 30-40 years if he FORCES himself to write them at the pace he has currently set. But seriously…..when has the last time the story actually…..advanced? 200 chapters seems kinda short to me to finish his story. Despite how INSANELY long it would take him to do 200 chapters, yes I do feel that 200 chapters is just not enough. Hell, the last like 40 or so chapters haven’t done anything to advance the story.

    Sorry, had to get that outta my system……was just, a little frustrated cause the person I was talking to got me all re-hyped for Berserk, only for it drizzle out when I came back from ‘MY’ 2 year hiatus from it…..and caught back up in like 10 minutes lmao! And for that 10 minutes of reading to leave me extremely disappointed, scratching my head saying “I haven’t missed a single thing in 2 years really.” And if I swore off Berserk for another 2 years, I highly doubt I’d miss anything then either….Cause when I come back, the 1 or 2 chapters he’ll have released probably won’t have done anything for the plot either.

  50. hikarub Says:

    Angel Heart pllleeeeeaaassseee

  51. Mistyman Says:

    #49 You won’t find many Miura apologists here, mostly people just stick around because why not. As for me, I’ve came to dislike the current direction of Berserk long ago, and don’t think that a logical and satisfying conclusion is possible. Although, there’s always an off chance of a surprise, and art is still pretty good, so there’s that.

  52. Aizen2468 Says:

    Thanks Mistyman, again I’m sorry bout the long rant, but I just feel that this could be easily fixed. I mean, if he would just break down and hire some friken artists to do the grunt work for him while he supervises, we could see a chapter or 2 a month! But instead, he is dominated by both stubbornness and LAZINESS. He adamantly refuses to let anyone help him with his art, but at the same time he really just doesn’t give enough of a crap to update at a decent schedule.

    I used to admire how he drew his own story, and how beautiful the art was, but now I feel its this series’ biggest downfall. Him refusing to let anyone help him on this daunting project will likely be what ensures it never has a conclusion, and what drives his fans away. At this point in time, I wonder if Berserk fans were asked “Which would you prefer? 1-2 chapters a year of Berserk with beautiful art? Or 50 chapters a year with slightly lower quality art?” I wonder if they would still pick this painfully slow path of releases the story currently has….

  53. Fan Says:

    I completely agree with Aizen on this issue. Hopefully Miura will change his mind with his senility :)

  54. Mistyman Says:

    I don’t think that lazines is the main problem, he just isn’t as inspired as he used to be. Also, he does have help with the art, maybe you’ve notices how it always says “KM with studio GAGA”.

  55. lork Says:

    Guys, it’s pretty clear Berserk is just not Miura’s full time job anymore. I have no idea what the guy does with his days – for all I know he’s a used car sales man or a carpenter or a farmer or just retired… But at this point I think it’s pretty obvious any Berserk chapter being released is the exception rather then the rule and there is no schedule per say Miura is keeping to.

    So, just take it easy. I’m sure Miura is.

  56. Puck Says:

    Chapter 336 out August 8th.

  57. Gnar Says:

    Miura needs a muse… Or a shot in a knee.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Are you guys having tracker issues? I’ve been trying to download one of your old releases and getting the “No connection can be made because the target machine actively refused it” message for your tracker…

  59. Sandwich Says:

    New episode coming August 8th 2014.

  60. Tracker Says:

    Just to chime in with Anonymous above, I’m having the same problems with the tracker.

  61. mes Says:

    Just what I came here to ask.

  62. LookAtWaffles Says:

    I recently went back to the very beginning and reread the entire manga all the way through the latest issue “Divine Right.” I remembered why I love Berserk and why I’ve checked this site regularly for an update. I hated this current arc as it came out, but reading back through it makes more sense, even if it doesn’t seem necessary.

    The sitcom-esque reappearances of characters like the hooker with the heart of gold from the inquisitor-asshole arc was lost on me because of the behemoth scope of this story. That said, upon re-evaluation I’m interested again, but I’m still annoyed at how molasses-slow the story is going.

  63. Nothere Says:

    I’ve been following Berserk for years and lost count at around 30~ times when it comes to fully rereading it.
    Imagine how I feel.

  64. Voievode Says:

    This month? I’m not surprised at all.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ve been waiting for Berserk like I used to. I just come in here out of habit I guess. I felt like this manga was heading a bad direction back when Miura introduced the little witch, the kid and the retarded, 4th wall breaking jokes made by goddamn elves. He decided to change the audience, right now it’s the people who prefer classic “muh friendship” action shows, unfitting gags and cringeworthy fanservice/innuendos, usually involving lolis, like in that Gigantomakhia oneshot.

    Any news regardling the translation of next Zetman chapter?

  65. Ghengis_John Says:

    Guys, don’t be in such a rush. You know the sun will supernova the moment Miura draws Gut’s boot touching Elfhelm.

  66. annarek Says:

    Unfortunally that wont happen… cause our sun is too small to go supernova. it will just be a red giant and then fade… BUT i see what you did there… you mean guts boot will never touch Elfhelm

  67. doomed Says:

    What if miura goes supernova?

  68. Eldir Says:

  69. Anon Says:


    Exactly my feelings. I always complain about the current arc, always think it’s being worse than those before, but when I reread the whole thing, it fits right in.
    And the artwork only gets better.
    I hate the morosity of the releases, but I still love Berserk. It is the best manga I’ve ever read and I’ll stick to it ’till the end, for better or for worse.

  70. Aizen2468 Says:

    I think it’s more that everyone is/was so excited for Elfhelm back when it was mentioned back in like……actually, I don’t remember the exact date it was mentioned XD Seems like 5-7 years or something lol! And that excitement combined with the agonizingly slow release dates makes it feel like every arc that stands in the timeline between the mentioning of Elfhelm and ACTUALLY getting to Elfhelm seems kinda like filler sadly. But if you take the idea of Elfhelm out of the equation and forget the horrible horrible release times…….the arcs are actually pretty cool ^^ ……mostly. I personally could not stand the boyhood arc, even though I liked the sea god one.

    So yea, when you reread the story, you don’t have that expectation of “When the **** are we getting to Elfhelm” mindset while reading usually, and also you aren’t experiencing the constant hiatuses. But each time a new chapter comes out……I can almost guarantee people are going through them with the hopes that they somehow progress the story closer to Elfhelm. And sadly, can’t remember the last time it actually friken did. So…..disappointment abound and hopes dashed every time a new chapter comes out

  71. Rendarg Says:


    Well, i probably have to say i was lucky to get into the Berserk manga so late. I just started it in 2012. So basically i was able to read the whole thing up until now in one go. Well, except for the giant 2013 hiatus of course, lol. But i’m far faaaar away from a point where i would say “uh, why is there no progress, where is Elfhelm, blahblahblah”

    For me, this whole manga is basicaly one giant tornado of emotions, willpower, anger, vengeance, even love and friendship, slowly but steadily marching forward, on its way to kill a living god and prove all these f*cking divine beings wrong on their assumptions about humanity and destiny. A mere human is going to shake the pillars of the world. There is no place for disappointment.

    And just to remind you, the last Elfhelm progress we had was in the last chapter of the seagod arc, when the mermaids promised to guide them there, because they know the way.

  72. Joe H Says:


    I can relate. I started reading the manga in 2003. In that time, we’ve only gotten 2 real arcs (Vritanis and the Sea God) and what appears to be the beginning of a third. I used to be a pretty hardcore fan of the series, though I’ve gotten more casual over the years.

    I thought the release rate was slow then, but it’s absolutely pathetic now. My interest in the series has waned to the point where I just forget about it in 6 month spans, then pop into evil_genius in the hope one chapter was released.

    About the “where is Elfhelm” business, any long time readers remember how long the wait was during the Vritanis arc on “when will Guts & Co get to the boat”? That took at least two years.

    I’m not really impatient about getting to Elfhelm persay. More I’m impatient in something to happen that will that will get me more interested in what is going on in the series. Namely Guts himself since the end of the Flora/Enoch Village arc–he just seems to get more bland as the series goes on.

    Have been struggling more to maintain interest since Vritanis, which ended what…way back in 2007? Though this new Griffith arc is somewhat more interesting…still, I’ll probably lay off this site until the end of this year and hopefully be able to enjoy a small batch of upcoming chapters.

  73. Z Says:


  74. Sandwich Says:

    @Z as much as I agree with you, EG provides a free service, which not many other people out there are providing. Be patient, young padawon. We’ll get it soon enough.

  75. DrPepperPro Says:

    Chapter will be released in probably 12-24 hours or so.

  76. DellyC0m Says:

    Thanks to all EG stuff for their effort

  77. DerpDerp Says:

    Hey EG, I just wanted to personally thank you for your ardent crusade in the scanning of these brilliant mangas, especially Berserk, I can’t imagine how the process goes down, and I really appreciate it; I’m sure many others do as well. I got a little curious the other day and tried to find other scanlators online, just to see. So far, EG is the only one working on Berserk, or at least, I couldn’t find any others. Additionally, the scans are typically good to exceptional quality with very, very good translations for a (free) scanlating site.
    So yeah, thanks guys, and I hope you keep it up. When I have a little more money in my pocket I’ll make sure to donate. Berserk (and Zetman I’ve heard) is a great story, and it’s phenomenal that there are people like you all bringing it across the language/cultural/geographical barriers.

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