Next Berserk April 11th

  » Posted March 11th, 2014 by DrPepperPro

Next Berserk April 11th.

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  1. toitoimoikoikoi Says:

    Q2 it is.

  2. kuro_ Says:

    >OMG WTF 2015?!? (62%)
    Maybe next time

  3. Pedro Ramires Says:


  4. Lars Says:

    Sweet, that’s my birthday!

  5. TheSH Says:

    Fantastic πŸ˜›

  6. Q5 21XX Says:

    but then again a new idolmaster game comes out 15 may…..

  7. Cesar Chaves Says:

    Will you scan the Gigantomakhia “bonus dialogue”?

  8. bigsassy Says:

    The question now is, how many chapters will get released before the next break?

  9. ^^ Says:

    ^ my guess: 1

  10. Casey M. Says:


  11. stargood Says:

    Oh, hallelujah!! Could this really be true???!!

  12. geroprog Says:

    OH Thank GOD!

  13. @6 Says:

    ROFL πŸ™‚

  14. Mystyc Vegeta Says:


  15. choco Says:

    The proof is in the pudding!

  16. Phireo Says:

    Next Berserk Episode, April 11. 2015

  17. horse Says:

    Plot twist: the chapter is 1000 pages long.

  18. Should I be happy? Says:

    I can’t wait to see mermaids and pirates again. Yahoo.

  19. krazyivan Says:

    I actually forgot the current point in the plot. For a manga with sutch fast action this is a real buzzkill

  20. Hithertho Says:

    When should we expect the last Gigantomakhia?

  21. joaofuckinaurelio Says:

    I had lost most of my faith, now this!! Don’t know if i’m prepared in case the chapter really comes. And if i can wait some other awful months more a follow-up, and not just 15 pages…please!! I’ll pray and live in agony for a month
    thanks evil genius

  22. fpcreator2000 Says:

    I think this will be the 70 page release that closes the ark and ends with a giant twist! LOL I’ll probably have grandchildren by the time Guts and the gang reach Elfheim.

  23. Dalai Says:

  24. Donk Says:

    I think Kentaro Miura and George RR Martin are secret best friends

  25. Nothere Says:

    Sigh, ten bucks it’s going to be more filler BS about Griffith’s kingdom and not about Guts n Co

  26. Karis Fra Mauro Says:

    It’s been so long… All I remember is a character named Farnese who is a nod to the other historical Farnese, Spanish governor of the Dutch provinces who was supposed to be in charge of Britain after the victory of the armada.

  27. Israfael Says:

    I’m afraid of the Golden Week…

  28. @27 Says:

    More appropriate while waiting:

  29. Dario Says:

    Berserk? What is that? Oh that manga that has one chapter every, never.. kill me now..

  30. hashimoto Says:

    miura has so many wings , he flies with them . strategy ,art,imagination,mythology,irony,….
    he was too soon for his era.
    there is no wonder little flies make fun of a Eagle.

  31. BLOB Says:

    You play game of berseks or you die

  32. oussamax Says:

    FINALLY !!!!!!!!

  33. IronBerserk Says:

    Those who do appreciate his genius and are willing to wait for his chapter releases, are very aware of his brilliance. I’m glad to be living in Miura’s era, following him on his journey and masterpiece. He’s the only man in the world I would love to meet only just to say thank you, thank you for your influence.

  34. krazyivan Says:

    @IronBerserk: Actually I would prefer to live about 20 years later, probly I would be a 90lb emo kid with no clue and not 250lb it bofh spending all his free time at the gym (yeah today kids make me weep) but I would still have the COMPLETE BERSERK story to read…

  35. IronBerserk Says:

    but…isn’t the wait so exciting and exhilarating πŸ˜› LOL! Every time we get a new chapter, it’s like Christmas all over again! πŸ˜€ We can’t ALWAYS have Christmas. That’s just being greedy. lmao!

  36. EdermaskPT Says:

    @IronBerserk I do feel like Christmas doesnt beat this, there are other few things from artists that also release an album after a decade and so on..Bersek is like Top 5 of my favorite things. I think those who don’t buy the tankobon releases souldn’t have that much saying, well i don’t buy nothing online and they don’t print in Portugal anymore..they once did, when i had no clue what manga was!! But even considering i and many here don’t contribute for the author’s financial support, it’s art after all, it’s not like you buy art anyways. In the end he does have an obligation with the fans, it’s also a little unfair to some other mangaka that also get sick and injure their hands. I mean, it’s a monkey business, just hope Miura’s ok now

  37. Jaakko Says:

    My pants are wet, honestly.
    Want to believe this time the next huge break will be not soon.

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