Berserk 332 and Zetman 182-183

  » Posted November 6th, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Sorry for delay, not related to any hurricanes. Here’s the torrents:

Berserk, new chapters 'til next time.

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    Thanks for Berserk.

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    As always, thank you, EG, for the new chapter.

    As always, thank you, Miura, for your stunning artwork.

    Hold on a sec. Till next time!? Well, at least it’s comforting to know that my children’s children will be able to enjoy Guts quest for Elf Island long after I’ve passed.

  6. xeR Says:

    Thank you so much EG, it is much appreciated!
    I also enjoyed the little animation, made me chuckle.

  7. NoName Says:

    Thanks a bunch EG !!

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    thanks Evil-genius team! ^____________________^

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    YAY! berserk + zetman :) shit got real thanks EG! 😀

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    thanks for the best combo since peanut butter and jelly

  11. IRNINJ4 Says:

    woot woot! new chapter was epic! Though not to blame EG by anymeans but what happened to “a new chapter every tuesday”? Miura needs to stop trolling us goddamnit! how could you bring Rickert to see the Band of the Hawk, Irvine kicking ass against a cockatrice and then just stop!? T_T /dies

  12. thomas Says:

    Yay! Obama re-elected AND new Berserk. Great day.

  13. Silent Bob Says:

    Lol a direct response to my comment, nice XD
    Thanks alls!!

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  15. Stainfree Says:

    Amazing, thank you for this. I feel like the Zetman art style changed a bit.

  16. ant Says:

    Zetman+Berserk, nice combi.
    thanks ^_^

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    Thanks for the hard work!

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    Thank you for the chapers!

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    ‘Til Next Time’ … TROLL!!! =P

    Thanks for the chapter

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  22. Brek kapitány Says:

    Yeah, I will be saving this gif, it might come in handy ‘next time’.

  23. Fan Says:

    great gif :)

  24. Cold Steel Says:


    Thanks for the new chapter. Irvine is quickle becoming one of my favorite characters. I can see him and the foresight girl join Gutts’ cause. Even though it might hinder Gutts’ story, I would like to see how he became an apostle.

  25. Pedro Says:

    Please, someone inform oxford dictionary that now the word “Miuara” and “lazy” are synonyms…

    By the way, Thanks EG for the translation…it was really good!

  26. Thana Says:

    Thanks as usual.

    ‘Till next time 😀

  27. rancid Says:

    Thanks as usual.
    ”‘Till next time” – as usual

    awsome gif !!!

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    Yet another double whammy!! Thanks for the Berserk and double Zetman. You guys are awesome. Please keep up the great work. Haha, nice gif.

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    Thanks for the releases + lmao at the gif 😀

  31. pantaril Says:

    Thanks for the chapter EG!

    Maybe it’s time to update poll, same question, but answers shifted by year?:)

  32. orons Says:

    That big chicken monster in Berserk 332 would be more correctly called a basilisk rather than a cockatrice.

  33. TheParagon Says:

    thanks for the scans. great chapters, especially berserk

  34. Butts Says:

    Thanks for your work and don’t mind the haters!

  35. Russian_bro Says:

    Thank you guys!!

  36. MysticalMonkeyBanana Says:

    Thanks.. Berserk, hell yes. LMAO *2 at the Gif

  37. WolffBrosef2 Says:

    @Pedro – he’s not lazy; it just takes a long time because he works so carefully on the artwork. Here he talks about his work:

    Loved the ‘deal with it’ gif. Thanks for the release.

  38. Hikarub Says:

    I hope there’s some Angel Heart scheduled for release sometime soon!!

  39. xeR Says:

    @WolffBrosef2: Thank you so much for sharing that link, I had never seen that Q&A before, I didn’t even know he answered questions from fans. I was also surprised at question #8, where he describes his average day. I had no idea he worked that much :O
    And here I thought he was just inconsistent and liked moving at his own pace, but the man has a hell of a work ethic! I’m glad he enjoys it though, I’d hate for him to be doing something this much without actually getting pleasure from it.
    I’m sure we’ll see how all of Griffith’s army became apostles at some point (at least, the main captains), but I’m still yearning to see the history between the SK, Zodd, and Void. Zodd knows the SK, and the SK knows Void, I always wondered if Zodd knows Void (personally), as I don’t think we’ve seen him interact with any of the God Hands other than Griffith/Femto. I’m also interested in the relationship between the SK and Void/the SK and Zodd. They all seem to know something, like a secret joke I’m not in on >.>
    That and it seems to me that Zodd is from after the birth of Void and the SK, which I gather was around the same time.
    Still so many unanswered questions, sorry for rambling. And thanks again for the great quality release EG! No worries about the delay, do it at your own pace.

  40. DragonSlayer Says:

    Thanks for the episode EG. Now, according to the words of Miura from his phone interview before the release of the first Berserk movie, in the next episodes we should know something about the origin of the God Hand, maybe before to see the end of the journey of Guts & co.

  41. ekiow Says:

    Hurricane… so glad that my home is far away from any kind of weather/tectonic/vulcanic catastrophy area.
    As long as the water level doesn’t rise for at least 2 meters due to global warming, my home is safe.
    And good work like always I guess.

  42. Sweet Says:

    Sweet. Thanks :)

  43. mantza Says:

    well, that interview was before 2006 when he was still releasing chapters twice a month. I’d like to see an interview of Miura about his daily “work” routine today. That will be fan.
    But anyway thanks for another glorious chapter EG, may we see another one soon.

  44. Zodd'sClimbingInYouWindowsSnatchingYoBedsUp Says:

    Dat gif. I chuckled.

  45. Atena Says:

    OMG, PLZ, OH PLZ tell me that Miura isnt havein one of his LONGGGGGGGGGG BREAKS :(

  46. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much, for Berserk, and Zetman!

  47. Gangnum Says:

    You are all pussies! >:3

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    Thanks guys for the release!!!

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    As always, thank you sooo much for the Zetman release!! ^^

  50. Invisible Man Says:

    thanks for the translation!
    too bad he started taking breaks after every 2 chapters release =\

  51. revanchist90 Says:

    Friggin sweet gif :D:D.

  52. Ryu Says:

    merci beaucoup pour le partage !! vraiment appréciable et ô combien apprécié :)

  53. Sandwich Says:

    Another break? What happened to “every tuesday”? That was short lived…

  54. anonMKII Says:

    Thanks for the release!

    Well I guess I’ll see you all in 2013!

    Also, Elfhelm in 2014 . . . maybe.

  55. rancid Says:

    Is there any chance for this Opinion Poll to be updated. I think option ”never” should be added

  56. Required_Name Says:

    Berserk weekly was too good to be true.

    What a cock-tease!

  57. Justinnnnnn Says:

    Just found out the website of the people who started translating Zetman again. Thank you for your time guys, rock on :-)

  58. Kain Says:

    Nooooooooooooooo, not a sidestory once again, what the hell is wrong with Miura? It’s called chapter of Elf Island, not collection of short novels set in the world of Berserk!

  59. DragonSlayer Says:

    @mantza: The interview that I was talking about is of the beginning of this year (and not the old one from the Miuwa was interviewed in Japan for the release of the first movie of the Berserk trilogy, and in that occasion he talked about the next developments of the manga. The next year perhaps we could learn more about the origin of the God’s hand.

  60. AllFatherStarr Says:

    I often wonder where Hakusensha stand in the matter of these frequent breaks. Surely Berserk is one of the biggest draws of the magazine, and in all probability, every time theres an “until next time”, the next time’s sales plummet(not aware of any other big series YA carries. Could it be they are happy just with the Volume sales Berserk brings in(30 odd million is a high figure for a seinen series), to be bothered by the impact of Miura’s irregularity on the bi-weekly front?(assuming his breaks are not health related, like Togashi or Takehiko Inoue)

  61. Silent Bob Says:

    He says he draws a page a day, so there should be a new chapter every month..

  62. dame_ningen Says:

    dont care about what he sais or whats written in some paper about what hes saying.
    as long as i dont SEE his workprocess for myself – i cant believe a word of it.
    he is probably playing idol master all day, he might even be very ill and CANT work often/well for all we know.
    mangaka is not a very healthy job and mangakas are known to fall ill or die rather early. (and not all mangakas publicy tell that they are actually ill)

  63. Silent Bob Says:

    Lets just hope that’s not the case…

  64. Hope Says:

    lets hope that he is fine till he finished the story

  65. StartingNotToCare Says: <—– Zetman chapter 184 and 185, since Berserk was a no go at every Tuesday, maybe we can have Zetman updated a little more often (with translations)?

  66. StartingNotToCare Says:

    AND Ch. 186 for the hell of it

  67. Fiend Says:

    @ 62 .

    If I can’t see his workprocess then I don’t believe any of that shit. Miura is not producing adequate results. That’s enough proof for me to have little to no faith in Berserk.
    I’ve already come up with my own ending and all of you should do the same and forget about this manga. Move on to something else. Guts would have done the same thing. He moved on from Griffith, now move on from Berserk.

  68. Faulknen Says:

    @67 – That may work for you, but yeah, not gonna happen, my friend. Not as long as he’s breathing. Among the few small things that occupy my constant loyalty Berserk sits very high. Even if, for the sake of argument, Miura himself doesn’t see it necessary to push forward with his lifetime project, that goes on his tab. I for one am hellbound to see it through, to whatever end.

  69. IRNINJ4 Says:

    @68. I agree 100% with you I will follow Miura to the grave to continue reading the story. Sure I have ideas of how I would like to see it end but those ideas just occupy the time in breaks between chapters. No matter the case I will follow Berserk until it is finished end of story.

  70. dahaka Says:

    you can follow it as long as you want but it wont be finished

  71. Henrik Says:

    I used to be a pretty hardcore Berserk fan 10 years ago. Eventually the story changed so much that the Berserk I knew and loved was unrecognizeable. I caught up with the manga long ago (probably 7 or 8 years) and every year since, I care less especially when I see the story still going nowhere. You can “follow Miura to hell” or whatever you want but I say get a grip, it’s just a story. I find myself forced to agree with Fiend.. time to move on.

  72. Mistyman Says:

    Yeah, basically there are two Berserks for old-time hardcore fans. The one that was the best manga ever, and a mildly amusing fairy-tale that we get to read from time to time with little-to-no expectations.

  73. AllFatherStarr Says:

    Was anyone able to track down a decent rip for the second movie? I believe the BluRay/DVD release was on the 5th

  74. Faulknen Says:

    And still we wait…

  75. Mal Says:

    Still waiting. =)

  76. JohnnyBlack Says:

    Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey dvd rip?Anyone??

  77. Faulknen Says:

    Well, I’ve added a link from Nyaa-Torrents, but obviously I wasn’t allowed to post it. But you can find it easily, I can just tell you that it’s not perfect (censorship) but if you don’t want to wait…

  78. CarpeDiem Says:

    Ya i found that too and they have the same rip streaming on goodanime, not perfect quality either but better than nothing right?

  79. farq Says:

    Berserk 333 comes out December 28th. :)

  80. Faulknen Says:

    Oooh, I must say I’m surprised, didn’t expect anything to come out this year anymore.

  81. Bleachigo Says:

    It wont 😀 When they translate it, that gonna be in deep January…

  82. Trimutius Says:

    So this 333 is last chance or it will be “OMG WTF 2013”

    But who knows maybe 2013 is too optimistic…

  83. Pedro Says:

    Is it a “sure thing”? I mean, is it really came out a chapter today? (in Japan, of course..)

    Frankly I am still on the “OMG 2013” side…But I surely hope to be wrong ’bout that… 😉

  84. Valja Says:

    *sigh* There’s a lonely and cute girl here who’s desperately waiting for Zet… Last chapter’s cliffhanger is killing me :(

  85. Vicis Says:

    I’m not lonely and hardly cute, nor am I a girl, but I’d love to see some weekly zet releases =(

  86. Valja Says:

    @Vicis: LOL 😀 my loneliness is due to the temporary lack of Zet in my life (ok I’d better stop fangirling now)

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