Berserk 331 and Zetman 181

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Berserk, new chapters every Tuesday.

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    New chapters every thursday.. hope it’s not a sick joke lol :)

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    Oh god, it’s still not sure but the story appears to be moving forward! Thanks you Miura, and thank you Evil Genius for this perfect translation.

    Side note: for Ishiro’s Pun, I would have gone with “Blood runs thicker than water, even under water”, but the cold shoulder was a nice one too.

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    Is it just me or the art got better? … That or it’s just that it’s been so long and there’s not a lot of manga with art that good

  26. Lone_Wanderer Says:

    On page 11, when Puck said “Teleporting” I think it’s a reference to Goku’s Instant Transmission (instead of Cyborg 009), the hair style is more like Goku SSJ mode than C-009. :)

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    Berserk and Zetman, nice chapters of both.
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    The scans for this chapter were much better than the previous three, so it’s probably mostly that.

    Ya it could be Goku, though I didn’t think the hair was sticking straight up enough. It could just be from some obscure series that no one’s heard of. Puck references can be rather hipster sometimes.

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    Thank you for a fine job with the Berserk scans & translations! As far as Puck’s character reference goes, I am going to suggest “Cosmo Police Justy”. This manga and anime from the 80’s had the main character able to teleport vast distances. Justy also has the hair that matches.

    ….so is that obscure enough? Heh.

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    Excellent translation (aside from “as you are know” on p13). I really like the time spent on the fonts/editing for some of the expressions and those little references Miura sneaks in. It looks really professional.

    And holy shit, it’s like something is almost happening with the story. We finally at least get a guess about the black haired boy.

  40. Introgauge Says:

    ugh, some bad conveyance going on here, had to re read the boxes just so I knew what was wrong. On page 10, Farnese on the 2nd and 3rd panels. Farnese says “your presence agitates her” Shouldn’t all that be in the 2nd panel? and just her reaction to her own words on the 3rd? I don’t think when you catch yourself saying something wrong, that you continue to talk and react at the same time.

  41. NotHere Says:

    @Stele007 …Really? A guess about the black haired boy? Are you seriousing me with the whole scout for elfheim or whatever she said? The black haired boy is the little demon fetus Guts kept seeing (a.k.a his and caska’s son corrupted by griffith’s evil) all grown up and reborn or whatnot along griffith’s reincarnation

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    At least the characters are talking about it instead of thinking, “Huh that kid’s weird well whatever.”

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  45. stargood Says:

    @NotHere, I agree completely with your description of who the little black-haired boy is. Schierke’s idea of him maybe being an avatar of the Hanafu-Buku King is a huge stretch. The way he seemed to be up near the Moon and then whooshing towards some wormhole-looking thing was pretty wild. He is definitely Guts’ and Caska’s kid and so much more. I can’t wait to find out exactly what!

  46. Sandwich Says:

    Thanks so much for the scan, EG! I absolutely love your work.

    As for the chapter, it’s starting to feel like things are moving again. I’m really happy that they’re actually talking about the feral child instead of just accepting the fact that it’s hanging out for a while. I have a feeling Schierke’s explanation for him is wrong though. I suspect it’s Griffith keeping an eye on them. It was Griffith (or Femto or whatever)that corrupted the child anyway. Plus he seems to have Griffith’s eyes. There are a lot of panels that seem to focus on them, like Miura is trying to drop us a hint.

  47. Sandwich Says:

    Oh yeah can you confirm a source for Berserk being released every week? I find this news kinda hard to believe…

  48. KnewHimHoratio Says:

    Awesome, thanks! I wonder if Guts will continue toward Elfheim now that he’s realising that Caska won’t be able to handle her memories. It’d be cool if he just decided to go back and confront Griffith. A huge waste of time with the whole voyage to the Elf-realm, but still cool.

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    Love it, thanks a lot. Flower-storm king?? O SNAP. Continues october 26th?? OMGYES IT DOESN’T SAY “SOON”!!

  50. Nothere Says:

    I personally think that his eyes look like a mix of Guts and Casca. Doesn’t look like Griffith’s sharp eyes in my opinion. After rereading the chapter a few times I noticed that Shierke said something about some of them having the power to discern fate and travel great distances over time. Those branch like things that the child moved through are definitely related to elfhiem and the ship getting gradually closer. Guts being able to see them and the child being able to move through them suggests that it has something to do with the other world. Also,@Sandwich It was Griffith that supplied the evil to the child and made him corrupt, but that doesn’t mean he’s related to Griffith. It was just the evil in general that the child accepted, not Griffith’s DNA. He seems aware of who his parents are and despite his evil nature, wants to protect both of them.

  51. Kusda Says:

    Thanks for another great release! I’m glad you chose to translate Hanafukubuou this time.

    “Those branch like things that the child moved through are definitely related to elfhiem and the ship getting gradually closer.”

    Personally, given the imagery in the previous arc, I thought the branches were a part of Ganishka’s world transforming tree thing, and thus an implication that Guts Jr’s spirit is exploiting its power to follow Guts and Casca out to sea.

    Perhaps Guts can see the energy from the ‘tree’ now because of the accumulated spiritual damage from his armour? Just an idea.

  52. Introgauge Says:

    Do you guys have a proof reader for what you’re translating what you do? Or are you gonna complain that it’s free and that I should shutup and take this constant praise you guys get all the time for shoddy translations?

  53. DrPepperPro Says:

    Your post could use some work itself.

    Make some suggestions though so we can see what you’re talking about. Or send an e-mail to if you’d rather.

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    Waaaah thank you for the Zet release!! :)

  55. stargood Says:

    @KnewHimHoratio, I think that Guts confronting Griffith now, however much he may want to, would be pointless. The closest he could get would be another fierce sword fight with Zodd. Remember that the Skull Knight has said that only someone on Griffith’s level could possibly challenge him. Meaning that Guts would need to be the sixth God Hand to fight him, or at least an apostle. Neither scenario is possible or desireable. I think the best he can do is look out for Casca and the others and go from there. Also the Skull Knight didn’t say that she would not want the same as Guts, a reunion of hearts, rather he said she MAY not want the same. Tricky wording there.

  56. Vakmyr Says:

    @Stargood it’s possible that his sword is going to get him to the level he needs. After all if I recall correctly it was said that it basically grows in power the more evil it kills, and considering Gutts just killed a “god”..yeah.

  57. NotHere Says:

    @Stargood Don’t forget his armor. It’s the same armor the skull knight wore and what presumably got him to where he is today. I think with the combination of his giant Dragonslayer of darkness and his berserk armor along with something the elf king will probably give him, he’ll be able to take Griffith.

  58. Sandwich Says:

    Whatever happens throughout this story arc will most likely change Guts and his party’s situation so drastically that whatever encounter he eventually has with Griffith will look nothing like what we expect it to now. Let’s not forget, Guts’ wolf spirit (not actually sure what to call that thing) was rearing it’s ugly head in a panel back there. We might be seeing Guts’ dark side surface yet again in the near future.

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    Let inspiration bubble forth and cement into a deluge of continuous positive energy to fuel stimulating progression of berserk.

    ~So say we?

  61. Caieq Says:

    Really hoping that the wolf in Griffith won’t cause another “eclipse moment” where we lose a bunch of characters that we’ve been building investment in over a long period of time. I don’t get the things people have been saying about the child inheriting Griffith’s evil, obviously monsters recognize him as the son of one of the Godhand but he hasn’t actually done anything evil yet. I’m guessing the “new chapters every Tuesday” is just a joke I didn’t get?

  62. Sandwich Says:

    “New chapters every tuesday” would mean they are being released in Japan weekly, at least for the time being. EG getting scans, translating and cleaning them, and then publishing them on the site, is a completely different story.

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    On the last page it says, “Berserk continues Oct 26th,” so……

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    i guess the 26th applies to when its released in paper format in japan and not when its scanlated

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    Yeah, these dates always are translations of the paper format… However since its the 26th today, can anyone say when the next one will be?

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    No date was given at the end of 332. Looks like another break. :/

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    Another break? Damn.

    Here’s hoping it’s a relatively short one then.

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    i had hoped for at least 3 chapters and hopefully 4, not 2 :/

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    no date to next
    ’till next year’

  71. Anicake Says:

    Not sure where people are getting the ‘next year’ speculations.
    The raw of 332 (at least the version I read) says nothing of when the next chapter is released.
    Also no mention of Elfheim and when that arc will start.
    It simply says “次回につづく!” – “continued next time!”

  72. Mistyman Says:

    In Miura’s dictionary “next time” means at least couple of months in the future.

  73. geroprog Says:

    Well “continued next time” usually means a few months…. sadly…

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    Greetings from Brazil.

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    The cap 332 is out :)

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    Japan version: (scroll down)

    Hello, Band of the Hawk! Goodbye, Elfhelm…

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    Really TicO?
    That’s a good news!
    Now I know for sure that Miura is working again! 😀

  79. Astenan Says:

    I’ve seen people discussing Guts’ chances vs Griffith. I agree that in 1v1 combat, Guts won’t and even shouldnt stand a chance against him. What I can sense in how the story goes, it will never truly be a duel, the story seems to suggest that Guts can’t do everything alone and so will most likely need help from all his friends in the would be final battle. That way, there is a possibilty that even now, he might have enough power, as a team, to defeat Griffith, should they work togather.

  80. Mistyman Says:

    Surely Griffits can’t be defeated by power alone, even the “word of God” implied as much. In fact, after he cheated his way into a kingdom and, effectively, world domination, the logical result should be his own identity crisis, since he doesn’t have anything else to strive for.

  81. TicO Says:

    Spanish version from utopia

  82. Astenan Says:

    As a power I’ve meant a combined effort of the whole group. You’re right that it would be slightly disapointing if they won it with only magic and weapons. Of course, I’m waiting for a sword fight between Guts and Griffith but I wouldn’t want it to be the solution to the problems.

  83. Derpy Says:

    The problem with Guts fighting Griffith with a team seems like it would be too out of character for Guts. He’s the guy that wants to do it on his own, without help.

  84. Bokar Says:

    Although I’m reading through Utopia scanlations , Evil-genius , I’ve been your supporter for a long time , so i’ll be waiting for your upload too

  85. Mistyman Says:

    Actually, what I meant to say is that Griffith (by himself, nevermind the apostle army) now is so ridiculously overpowered that no known “good” forces in the world can reasonably take him on, alone or grouped up. So there would be required a failure on Griffith’s part and/or a new ally of comparable demigod power, e.g. the elf king or some such.

  86. Silent Bob Says:

    Where is it…

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    its been a week since the last berserk came out, come on guys, get it together, usually you are on top of this shit….

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    Really guy?! Who knows what is going on. They have lives I can bet. As much as I want to read these new chapters. I’m used to the prolonged waits by kenturo muira. Eh, whats another week or two. Just chill man.

  89. Derpy Says:

    @Mistyman True, but this manga really is about Guts overcoming the impossible.

  90. Silent Bob Says:

    Well its always like this, when a chapter is randomly announced they drop everything and jump on it and release in a few days, not the fastest group but always good quality and its a lot to ask with these hiatusses.

    BUT when the next chapter is in 2 weeks they’re always slow or busy, lets go with busy.

  91. Phireo Says:

    *Small SPOILER alert*

  92. Introgauge Says:

    @Silent Bob, “always good quality” yea, I’m going to have to take issue with that one.

  93. dame_ningen Says:

    @all the EvilGenius hates:
    what the fuck are you idiots even doing on this site?
    if you have complaints about the time they spend in their free time, on their hobby, to fucking please your stupid ass needs – for free!
    Or even quality complains (yeah i am looking at you twat!)

    then how about you just silently move along, best to wherever you came from.

    thank you

  94. dame_ningen Says:

    *haters – sorry

  95. NotHere Says:

    @All EvilGenius Hats:
    Stop hatsing!

  96. Introgauge Says:

    @dame_ningen Oh, it’s free? so that makes it cool that the translations are sloppy. But we gotta listen everytime they release a new one that it’s “always good quality”.

    Listen carefully to what I’m saying though, I’m not actually hating on Evil Genius translators, my real beef is the fans. Makes me think Evil Genius has always been sloppy, cause I’ve only recently became “a hater” as you say.

  97. jumping Ja-Ho-Za-Fart Says:

    new release every tuesday MY NUT SACK!!! what they meant was “every Tuesday that the moon is blue on the 5th of January by Mayan calender.”

  98. Lorem Ipsum Says:

    @Introgauge – Why not help them with your english skill so they can make better translation / release in the future? i believe i saw DrPepper made a reply to your previous comment (see comment number 53) in case you didn’t notice

  99. Bolia Says:

    @jumping Ja-Ho-Za-Fart:

    you do know that was a joke right?
    considering how long it takes for Miura to make a new chapter.

  100. Faulknen Says:

    @Introgauge – Well strictly speaking, it makes it irrelevant. It’s put online and it’s everybody’s choice to read it or to drop it. And though I haven’t read the chapters in japanese, I don’t see how the translations are sloppy, they’re pretty decent in my book.

    Plus I’ve seen printed, official translations that are ridiculous, where you can clearly see what should be standing there, even without knowing the japanese dialogue. And that’s the difference. I bought the manga, and that would make your moaning there relevant. So like dame_ningen already advised, just walk away if you find it that unbearable, or even better, let us have a taste of your magnificent translation skills.

  101. Ego Says:

    Evil Genius need 100 comments to release 1 chap, ’till next depressed ego’

  102. Is it? Says:

    They did say every Tuesday. Guess what – they lied. xD

    You can’t be so stuck up. If you want releases faster – contribute in some way – learn photoshop, donate or buy me candy and I’ll delegate for you.

    Don’t worry be happy!

    @EG – Gotta love Zetman, more than B-sek, since it’s got such a slow/hectic release schedule.

  103. voxxz Says:

    EG need 100 positive comment to post 1 release.

  104. Introgauge Says:

    @Faulknen haha, you almost tricked me into thinking you’re of sound mind. You could have asked, do you have an example? Instead you blindly make the assumption that the translation is sloppy and then go on to apologetics. I’m not arguing with blowhards ok?

    Here, even though you all don’t deserve it. I thought the way the pirates talked during that ship battle, their vernacular, was great. There ya go faggots, now try and keep your brown nosing to a minimum.

  105. dame_ningen Says:

    food for thought (for haters):

    if i was a good cook and invite starving strangers to my home to cook for them – keep em from starving.
    and they would tell me AFTER they got a full belly, that my cooking sucks, i would at some point stop being so nice.
    stop giving out food to random starving faggots.

    so how about being gratefull to EG for providing you with their generous gifts. or otherwhise get a job and earn the skills and recources to cook your own meals you ungratefull devils

    EG FTW

  106. anon Says:

    I hope EG wasnt on the east coast…

  107. Brax Says:

    Those strangers would still have a right to be annoyed if they were told they would receive the dinner soon but got it days later.

    But fuck it, translation can take a while, they’re doing it on their free time, I don’t mind waiting a little longer to eat.

  108. The_Beard_of_Enlightenment Says:

    This is a free service, hence I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the peeps who use their time to service the needs or wants of others. One thing I would say to them however is this: If you feel obligated rather than motivated to provide these translations then I would ask that you give some thought to whether you should continue in this capacity, as I for one would not want my enjoyment to be to your detriment. That said I hope you do continue as I feel you are performing a sterling job. Many thanks and I look forward to your next release ^_^

  109. Nuc Says:

    @dame because you give something to someone doesn’t mean it has to be shitty, else don’t give anything, or if you realy care for those peoples be better in what you do.

  110. Introgauge Says:

    @dame_ningen According to your analogy, I was invited to come eat here, but it seemed I was tricked into thinking it was 5 star food. cause everybody here seemed spoiled enough to not think otherwise. So then we’re reminded that it’s free just to shut up people who find out that it’s just fucking spam.

  111. Introgauge Says:

    @dame_ningen you might want to ask me why I think it’s not that good and site my concerns, instead of endlessly defending it for no reason. Makes me think you got something to hide, and you’re just trying to cover up something.

    I sited a couple things before some chapters back, then noticed some more things that bugged me, and I’ve gotten responses to them. But every chapter it seems now, I find something that just bugs me. I mean, these berserk issues don’t come out that often, so I wonder what’s the deal? and I constantly see praise heaped up, touting the excellence of EG. and I say, what a crock.

  112. zlinky Says:

    @introgauge your interpretation of dame_ningen’s analogy is terribly abhorrent, you’re like a homeless person who thinks everyone should be giving him money for nothing.

    Why exactly are you so keen on forcing your view of EG being bad onto everyone else?
    Why does it even matter?
    They’re doing a free service, if you’re unsatisfied with their service move on to the next translators or do the job yourself.. you’re not even offering any alternative, you’re just straight up bitching about something that’s free.

    No one is forcing you to read EG’s releases, you’re not wasting money on anything here. I think it’s safe enough to assume you probably don’t even buy the manga when it’s available to you IRL, you’re probably just content on consuming free goods. You don’t really have any footing to say what’s what / complain about a _free service_.

    also, go fuck yourself you pretentious fuckstain.

  113. Sandwich Says:

    I’ve noticed some grammar errors here and there but never anything so bad that I felt the need to come here and bitch about it. As for the slow release, I’m so used to waiting months and months for new chapters that I barely even notice it anymore. I guess it’s just a shame that EG seems to be the only group scanlating in English these days, or else everyone who wants to complain and call EG’s scans “a crock” could go somewhere else.

  114. dame_ningen Says:

    EG has no obligation to do ANYTHING. you obviously lack the understanding of gratefullness.
    they dont have to do all this in their free time just do be called names.
    if you really cant live with such a “crock” i suggest doing your own scanlations – should be easy for you right?

    PS: makes me sad to see such long “fights” in the comments so this is the last comment i will make in such a negative topic.

  115. Introgauge Says:

    @dame_ningen actually it wasn’t negative at all. Once you take anything personal, it’s really YOUR issue.

  116. Derpidy Says:


    I take it you never read the Hawks scans then… What EG releases compared to those is mind blowing gold.

  117. Derpidy Says:

    Want next to perfect translations? Buy the Dark Horse volumes when they come out. Otherwise don’t bitch and moan over small errors.

  118. Introgauge Says:

    @Sandwich grammar errors, who said anything about that? Let me remind you, it’s people like you that actually annoy me, not EG. It’s a crock based on your heaping praise you moron. Get it straight.

  119. geroprog Says:

    Than write down the errors you find, and send it in an e-mail to EG…

  120. Faulknen Says:

    @Introgauge – Yeah, you’re quite right I’m afraid. How can I be of sound mind when I try to reason with someone who defends himself by calling commenters morons and faggots. Silly me.

    And please, do give an example or two from the last couple of volumes. AND do explain how you came to the conclusion that I, as you put it, blindly assume the translation is sloppy, because the part of my comment from which I assume you concluded it is not about EG, I was speaking generally. If I had to get apologetic or assume it sloppy, I’d be supporting your comment instead of criticizing it.

    So I repeat, you go ahead and show me how you’d do it. Because if you had any idea about the japanese language, you’d know how hard it is not to translate (that comes with understanding the vocabular and the Kanji), but to have the translation make sense in european languages. And should you speak japanese, well, then you’re just an unappreciative…let’s say person, I’m not lowering myself to such a level. Cheers

  121. stargood Says:

    To all regular Evil-Genius fans,

    Introgauge is clearly a Troll. Please do not feed him.

    We like Evil-Genius’ work and we like to tell them so. That bugs him. So who cares what he thinks. When the troll gets hungry he will go elsewhere to find other blogs to feed on. Again, do not feed Introgauge the Troll. It’s pointless.

  122. Starnum Says:

    In regards to post #40, we put the text in the same bubbles as it appears in the raw.

  123. Sandwich Says:

    I’m very sorry for offending you by thanking EG for being the only group to consistently release the Berserk scans, which I eagerly look forward to. I mentioned the minor grammar errors because those are the only “problems” I’ve ever noticed with their scans. I don’t understand what you could possibly be bitching about. What makes EG low quality? What makes it “a crock”? What is WRONG with them? They scan and translate the manga out of a magazine. They don’t butcher the pages or distort the artwork in any way that’s ever been apparent to me. You wanna complain that people like me THANK EG for doing this shit for my own enjoyment — especially when I’ve never donated a cent to them in my life? I think you’re just an asshole.

  124. Introgauge Says:

    @Stargood nah, not a troll, I just have a problem with people who use their feelings as a bargaining chip to get their way. Hardly a means for logical discussion.

  125. Bleachigo Says:

    EG im used on waiting, but i would be happy if u could to release soon last ch of Berserk…Pls 😀 Thank You For Your Works!!!

  126. yj Says:

    If EG was affected by Hurricane Sandy I hope EG and their families are safe.

  127. xeR Says:

    I hope everyone at EG is all right and managed to avoid the storm, y’all are quite literally my favorite people on the Internet, and I really do appreciate what you guys do and I have only the utmost respect for your plight.
    And @The_Beard_of_Enlightenment: never have truer words been spoken, glad to see there’s still people like you out there. Great name too.
    Thanks for everything EG!

  128. Elhaym Says:

    Just to chime in here, I’ve been a long-time fan of EG and appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in through the years. That said, their slowness and quality lately has been a bit disappointing. If you’re going to wait weeks to release something, at least make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

  129. Introgauge Says:

    @Elhaym or at least understandable, I had to reread certain sections because the word balloon and the feeling expressed didn’t go together at all, and I had to figure out myself what was meant to be expressed there. I’d hate to say this but, I could do a better job. Of course I’m only saying that to try an piss off these mindless fans here. :)

  130. pantaril Says:

    Is there any non-EG english scanlation of chapter 332 which i’m not aware of?

  131. DarkWanderer Says:

    Yes, where is this non-EG english scanlation….
    and @Astenan, there are hints that he may transform using the behelit or he will find a way to leverage the OD but by collecting the behelits I think he will be tainting his sword with them in order to cut through dimensions to where the god hand reside or giving them all to skull knight so he can complete his and become powerful enough to rend his equivalent god hand foe perhaps after which they will claim and use their red behelits as keys to the source… I think there is still one more god hand to come before any sign of conclusion starts to play out. that will take character building and then degradation.

  132. Silent Bob Says:

    What’s up EG? Usually it doesn’t take this long to release a second chapter… Don’t tell me Sandy was responsible for the delay?

  133. Hsarus Says:

    Yeah it’s kind of taking really long eg team normally you guys are doign it really faster =O it’s been a while now that the new chapter has been release.

  134. Hsarus Says:

    Yeah it’s kind of taking really long eg team normally you guys are doign it really faster =O it’s been a while now the new chapter is release. Come on

  135. Nothere Says:


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