Berserk 330

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There’s a break, it’ll resume sometime in the fall.

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  1. joe86 Says:

    Thanks guys! 😀

    Elfhelm 2012?! (wishful thinking :D)

  2. patapi Says:

    Thanks a ton for Berserk!!

  3. Ryu Says:

    éh éh trop bon merci beaucoup ! thanks a lot for your job my friends !

  4. Findy Says:

    Thanks for release
    january 2013 will be elfheim just like the poll

  5. pickitcity Says:

    GODDAMNIT! I got impatient and read the other scanlation like two hours ago. There should be some kind of alert that you’re working on it geez @_@ It felt like eternity

  6. Ates Says:

    Half-Life³ before Elfhelm, heard it here first folks!

  7. anonymous Says:

    I still wish he had been able to save her… ; ; I nearly cried from the previous chapter.

  8. Ratatosk Says:

    Huh, course they’re working on it, but yea I did the same. And the end was good, thanks for the chapter.
    For some reason this story gives the impression that Guts ‘don’t touch me’ attitude was based on more than one rape/ attempt, which for some reason never occurred to me at at all, even though he spent his entire childhood at the mercy of fuckheads who were bigger and stronger than him, and in similar worlds like Game of Thrones this would have been part of his JOB as a young pretty kid in a mercenary band.. The elf thing could mean anything so am ignoring her. Nice swordfighting, although strangely more people survived than I’d have predicted.

    Damn Miura ‘the Fall’. Surely at least one more of those films will be out by then, so we should expect more promotional whoring than that..

  9. Z Says:

    Thank you, Evil-Genius team.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  10. Chore Boy Says:

    You should consider uploading your chapters to Batoto. They give you the ad revenue that you scanlataions get from the views. It’s better that the other online readers making money off of what you do. That way you can help pay for your server costs and such instead of paying out of pocket that’ll ultimately make money for some greedy corporation. It’s almost like voluntary slave labor (a contradiction, I know lol). Thanks for the chapter even though I hated it. You can tell the mangaka has writers block since nothing has happened in the past year. I think the mangaka will likely die before this series ends. They need to speed things up instead of drawing out every little detail. Keep up the good work :)

  11. golly Says:

    Thanks :)

  12. Slumber Says:


  13. ALab Says:


  14. Goral Says:

    Yeah, uploading it on Batoto is recommended. Or even to imagebam so that there would be an option to view online if only to allow for people at work to read it and not use “bad” manga aggregators.

  15. stargood Says:

    New chapter == Good

    New Break == Bad

    Evil Genius == Very Good

    Thanks as always guys.

  16. Vath Says:

    Even though this break will be just as long, it doesn’t seem nearly as bad since we actually have an idea of when the next release will be.

  17. Kuro Says:

    This bitch is always on break!
    The best manga always are. Why is that?

    Thanks. Looking forward to thanking you again in a few months (sigh Miura).

  18. forpas Says:

    would not be good to go out so fast, where’s the charm .. just do…

  19. Zwaanmeneer Says:

    Someone said something about speeding things up instead of drawing every little detail? Blasphemy.
    As long as the art does not suffer, I do not mind the wait.

    Thanks for the release.

  20. geroprog Says:

    Thank you! Great work! :)

  21. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Thanks EG!
    If the following ch will be released in fall, at least we know the maximum waiting time is about 4,5 months… we’ve had to deal with worse breaks… standby mode activated.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the release.

  23. thepeaguy Says:

    Awesome finish to a small arc. :)

  24. john Says:

    Very good end to the arc. Wonder how long it will take Guts to heal after his battle with the sea beast.

  25. interRage Says:

    Thanks for chapter you guys. Although usually I compare other peoples translations with yours and see that yours is superior. Not the case this time.

  26. SkulLknight Says:

    nice chapter and thnx EG 4 as he said^^ superior work..if i can go 2 japan i will meet miura and kicked his lazy ass to release the chapters more early…LOL

  27. LordMune Says:

    @22. interRage;
    Any specific complaints? I just checked another scanlation and it was not particularly accurate, but maybe you felt it flowed better?

  28. interRage Says:

    @LordMune Flow would be a good word to use. I found myself in a couple sections, mainly the beginning, rereading and not getting what one of character meant by brain or bain, whatever it was, I still don’t know, and also some other text bubbles that didn’t flow as well as the rest.

  29. LordMune Says:

    @interRage Alright, thanks for the feedback!

    Translating is a balancing act between keeping the original meaning intact, preserving a character’s “voice”, and making it flow well in English. Sometimes not all three factors are equal, though we strive to make them so.

    In this specific case, since Berserk is set in medieval times, we chose to use “brain” (verb ‘to kill by smashing the skull’) rather than “hit on the head”, and “fief” rather than “feudal state”.

  30. DragonSlayer Says:

    Thanks for the episode Evil Genius! I waited your version 😉

  31. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Thanks a lot E-G!

    Man, he couldn’t even save a little flower…
    It’s amazing how there are no happy endings for Guts.

  32. Aizen2468 Says:

    I liked this arc, but I kinda dont think that the update in the Fall is gonna be a continuation of Guts’ story. The story has recently followed a trend. It shows a Guts arc, then a Griffith arc, then back to Guts, then back to Griffith. I think that now they are going to switch to Griffith and his new castle to give Guts time to heal…..So I’m thinking theyre gonna do a whole new arc with Griffith and Guts wont make it to Elfhelm till 2014 :( Feel free to disagree with me though cause I am a newbie to this site, and I kinda want someone to prove me wrong. DONT WANNA WAIT TILL 2014! :'( Please, someone give me proof that I dont know wtf Im talking about!

  33. Afaggot Says:

    Thank you very much!

  34. PIXE Says:

    what he totally did save the flower she made it home to the field with her friends just like he promised. no one ever honestly expected him to replant her did they? either way im gonna think of the whole sequence in a manner that makes more sence to my anime reaering… SPIRIT BOMB!!!

  35. Nomisk Says:

    Schrödinger’s Flower

  36. Aluro Says:

    Thanks a lot Evil Genius, see you next year with next cap hahaha

  37. revanchist90 Says:

    I won’t read the comments anymore the anonymous post spoiled the chapter for me :'(

  38. moozooh Says:

    Another break?! Geez, Miura better not die before the manga is finished; I’d loathe the consider the amount of story progress he could have made in the last four (!) years they’d been sailing to Elfhelm. >_>

  39. Ostiniatoze Says:

    Only until the fall? Sweet

  40. Kain Says:

    Well, after all the 3 chapters, I still don’t see the point of this little interlude. I am seriously wondering if the autor has any idea where his story is going, he keeps filling Berserk with arc plots that don’t bring any character or story development.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation, we will go to Elfhell next time I hope. Unless it’s a 4 episodes arc on Puke’s life in the circus, a 5 one on Serpico living with his crazy mother, a 10 one on the cobbler who made Gut’s boots…

  41. pantaril Says:

    @34 this is the reason i always read the comments after i read the new chapter:)

  42. Loki Says:

    You guys are the best. Thank you!

  43. j Says:

    Great Job EG as always. I love the work you guys do and I appreciate you guys taking the time to do such a great job.
    This was a good arc even though I myself would like to see them get to Elfhelm quickly and figure out a way to deal with Griffith. Here’s hoping this fall we will finally be there.

  44. derp Says:

    looks like “OMG WTF 2013!?!” might be the reality of it

  45. NotHere Says:

    This was probably all a flashback for Guts while he was unconscious. Sort of like dreaming about the past for a few days while he healed up on the boat. Least that’s what I think. Him waking up after like a week of being tended to just to see Elfheim on the horizon the moment he steps out on deck. A man can dream dammit…

  46. DarkWanderer Says:

    Thanks, I hope he starts releasing them rapid fire with no quality loss… the story must progress at binge rate…

  47. Anon Says:

    I started reading berserk a week ago…suffered through the first 200 chapter…so many character’s pissed me off! LoL! after that it started to get better and better…thank you for taking this project you guys are awesome!

  48. IRNINJ4 Says:

    @45(NotHere) I like that dream..I have that dream too…

  49. vee Says:

    come on zetman please.

  50. Luiz Says:

    Thanks a lot for the scans, great work! Greetings from Brazil.

  51. Alex Says:

    Thank for the good scans and translate from Russia!

  52. Sandwich Says:

    And the wait… goes on……. for a long time…..

    Thanks for all the hard work, EG. I’ve been a loyal follower of yours for like four years now and you have provided me with a lot of good reading material. Looking forward to your next release. Hopefully some Zetman soon =]

  53. Box Says:

    I think 2013 is also wishfull thinking

  54. choco Says:

    no group of evil geniuses comes close to evil genius scans. you guys are the true definition of evil 😛

  55. abbe Says:

    Just fyi the tracker seems to be down. Thanks!

  56. Pablo Says:


  57. guest Says:

    Okay, following this for years now – and I hate sounding overly pessimistic, but I’m already confident, that Miura will not finish this story. The arc is just to big, the story will either suddenly end in an rather unsatisfying way, or Miura dies before he gets to he point.

  58. Fiend Says:

    @57 I agree.
    Berserk is just one of those great epics that will never finish.
    Honestly, I’m sure a lot of us can see this coming.
    Berserk is losing its edge.
    Griffith remains on the throne.
    Guts continue to struggle.
    Nothing is resolved.
    Make up an ending in your head because it is all you’re ever going to get.

  59. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    I kind of sympathize with Pablo… a small animated Berserk fix would help a little bit…

  60. Mr.America Says:

    I wonder, does he draw it all by himself? Because if he isn’t, berserk could continue past him… He’d only need to pass down the story =/ How old is he by now anyway?

  61. Phireo Says:

    Born 11 July 1966. He currently doesn’t use assistants for drawing. Since Around volume 20 (Don’t remember the exact chapter and too lazy to recheck).

    This pessimism about him getting old is, well, old, no pun intended. Average life expectancy being nearly 80 years old for men in Japan, I think that he can handle another 24 years of drawing or more.


  62. NoName Says:

    Anyway it’s not gonna go out faster if you cry… And thanks EG for your good work I hope you will survive Miura :p

  63. Mr.America Says:

    By then he will probably have finished the elfheim arc
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  64. Fiend Says:

    It can’t finish in the year of 2013. It will take another 10 years for Berserk to be done. I would guess the year 2022 or the year 2023.
    Remember, Guts still has to get to elfheim, get Casca’s mind back,
    We need to figure out who Skull knight is
    We need to figure out what the relationship between Skull knight and Zodd and Void are
    We need to get Guts and company to Griffith’s kingdom
    We need to Have Guts face off against Griffith
    We need a battle between Griffith and Guts
    And finally, we need to know more about the Idea of Evil and what Guts plans to do about it . . . Which also makes me think that we also need a way for Guts to be able to do battle with the Idea of Evil.
    So . . . There is still so much to be done that this story won’t finish for another decade or so.

  65. Silent Bob Says:

    Berserk might finish in 5 years, BUT not at this pace…

  66. Risumu Says:

    Plus the moonlight child of Casca. A bit more information would help.

  67. TheParagon Says:

    the idea of evil is removed from berserk, so he wont have to explain that. what he needs is a team to help him. berserk is supposed to be biweekly but in reality its bimonthly.

    i think miura himself deems that he has finnished half of the story. that means he needs 250-350 chapters to finnish it off. if he did 10 chapters a year it can be done in his lifetime.

  68. NotHere Says:

    Listen folks, once the bloody movies are done, he’ll kick it back up to bi-weekly. He’s a good guy that’s kept his schedule for the most part and the only thing slowing him down is the movie. Even being bi-weekly it will probably be another 200 chappies in the least before it finishes. I don’t expect anything less from a modern day Epic. Considering he’s been writing for so long, I’ll bet on the fact that he is going to keep everything straight with no sudden bullshit endings. It’ll play out just fine, so how about we all put a little more trust in the man writing this epicly epic epic?

  69. Sandwich Says:


    I’m sorry… WHAT? Miura has “kept his schedule”? No. Why no, he has not kept any sort of schedule. Berserk chapters seem to come out at complete random. There is no pattern to the frequency of releases or breaks. But he definitely seems to take breaks for far longer periods of time than he works.

    That is of course, from the perspective of American fans though. I have a feeling he actually draws chapters or writes them far in advance and releases them when he feels they’re perfect. That’s what I hope anyway…

  70. Ascherit Says:

    those can wait, plz do, those cant, plz shut up and leave ;))

  71. Silent Bob Says:

    Stop talking about the man’s lifetime for gods sake…

  72. RedSamurai Says:

    Just a quick reminder if you haven’t heard it before:
    “Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey” dvd/blueray coming out on December 5th.
    Mark your calenders!

    Also, early reviews are very positive:

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Uh, what? Bi-weekly? Berserk? Since When?

    I’ll have you know when he used to release Berserk bi-monthly on schedule it was very hard on him and he felt a lot of pressure on himself too. Biweekly Berserk chapters are beyond crazy to even think of, unless he rushes the art, and that is something I don’t want him to resort to. I do however think he takes it a little too easy on himself by taking regular 4 month breaks before releasing 2 chapters month by month until he takes a another 4 month break, but whatever keeps him comfortable I guess.

  74. DaKilla Says:

    You are stupid or lazey? Give new berserk chapter, NOW!!!!!!!

  75. anguy Says:

    NotHere is either a troll or an idiot :\ Must’ve started reading Berserk about two years ago.. Hm… wonder how many chapters Miura released in the last 2 years

  76. Phireo Says:

    Berserk’s Second Movie of the first Trilogy, The Battle of Doldrey is going to be released on the 5th of December on DVD and BlueRay. As for, when the movies are done… talk; If these three are successful enough, more will be done and as each one shows roughly 3 volumes,… well, you do the math.


  77. farq Says:

    Looks like next one will be out October 12. :)

  78. Bafflement Says:

    Is that the Japanese DVD release date, or the Western one?

  79. capabomba Says:

    The wait for Berserk will forever be looong. Meanwhile please give us some Zetman at least. As far as I know evil genius is the only group translating it and scans are available since May or so, but our poor non-japanese speaking souls can do nothing but cry in despair. Come on guys! How is it possible there is nobody translating such great manga? :(

  80. Ripper_Opie Says:

    I feel like a heroin addict.

  81. RedSamurai Says:

    @Bafflement: There has yet to be any mention to a non-japanese version… So are looking at the release date of the Japanese Bluray/Dvd for the second movie. Of course you can expect a subbed version to surface within a week or so. If, however, you’re longing for the dubbed version, then you’ll probably have to wait a little more before it comes (that is if it ever does)

    @Phireo: If I remember well, the saga (or “Berserk Project” as they like to call it) will continue, regardless of the success of the 3 movies, in the form of an anime that will cover the rest of the manga post-eclipse.

  82. rahrah Says:
    Seems like the next chapter will be included in the YA release on October 12th

  83. Pablo Says:

    Guys, remember that Miura is making this story for the generations to come. Not for us. “One Piece” though, is made for us hehe. So we cannot rush it, but we could get ourselves frozen in time and awake in 20 years to read it all again from the beginning and die in peace. I’m confident he will finish it, I want to believe…!

  84. RedSamurai Says:

    You say “I want to believe”… I say “the truth is out there” :)

  85. Russian_dude Says:

    I strongly agree with Pablo here.. Miura is a lot like Martin (the Guy who wrote that Game of thrones novels), you get one volume of Berserk per year, that beats waiting 4 years to get a new book from Martin..

  86. Mr.America Says:

    Hey I’m looking for some info, rereading berserk (once again) and stumbled upon something new to me: When Gatts first meets the Skull Knight, he tells him “You were born from a corpse”. How come he knows that? Are there any forum topics regarding his past or something?

  87. annarek Says:

    Skull knight is an apostle. apostles seem to know what fate holds up to a point. think about it like they have access to the internet 😛

  88. Arles Says:

    >Are there any forum topics regarding his past or something?

    I recommend

  89. Phireo Says:

    Next Chapter, 12th of October.

    Though it’s intended, it’s never been confirmed they will actually continue with that intent. Roughly translated as: “…the first out of three movies that we may continue to make until we cover all of the manga” It might also be translated as we will do it, but the pessimist in me doesn’t take it for granted until they announce a date.

  90. TheParagon Says:

    oh, i had given up hope on october :) that news made my day

  91. Fiend Says:

    I took the time to read all of your comments after the last post I made.
    I still don’t change my opinion.
    Who here really thinks that Miura has a divine plan to create “Berserk for the future Generations, not for US” ? Please. Don’t let Berserk fool you. Miura is flesh and blood and he’s a damn fool.
    Berserk was started in 1989. This story is as old as I am.
    All this talk about biweekly berserk releases. HA!
    In other news, I would like to thank Phireo for telling me about the october release. Thank you, Phireo.

  92. connected Says:

    I’ve been checking this site every day for months now :( does anyone have any kind of notion of when the new chapter will be out? I need my fix soon

  93. RedSamurai Says:

    I hear you… I’m waiting for an official date as well, I’m reeeeeally eager for the prospect of a new anime. If they succeed to match the overall quality of FMA : Brotherhood, it’ll have a great chance to become a classic and ease manga followers through the long wait period.
    Also, good to know it’s picking up soon…

  94. Ascherit Says:

    @Fiend but that’s exactly what makes Berserk attractive: unpredictable! You want good story which will finish in 10 years or has already ended? there are ton of them out there!

    Yet Miura has the courage (or craziness) to allow his story to “live”! so I am ok with this pace! who knows how the story could become if Miura increase the realising schedule? the story could still maintain its quality, or not!

    So just stay calm and enjoy your life, and berserk….sometimes

  95. Stephen King Says:

    Berserk is Kentarou Miura’s “Dark Tower”.

  96. Hikarub Says:

    Any news on any new Angel Heart chapters?

  97. stargood Says:

    Any news on _any_ new chapters? Hmm, Zetman maybe?

  98. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Berserk returns in autumn… almost half the autumn is gone…

  99. Phireo Says:

    Actually, Autumn just started.Still October, November and most of December!


  100. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    well autumn is technically sept-nov… dunno how they account in Japan though

  101. Silent Bob Says:

    Autumn in Japan is sept-nov
    a new chapter is due this friday… 12th
    Phireo said it already.

  102. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    oh yeah, missed that line :)) guess roughly one week till berserk

  103. farq Says:

    Preview of 331 at (scroll down). Looks like we might be sticking with Guts and co. for the time being. :)

  104. farq Says:

    Raw is out! Looks amazing! Can’t wait for the translation. 😀

    Also, next one comes out October 26 (i.e. in 2 weeks!). My prediction is we get 3 or 4 before another few months break. Seems to be the pattern the last couple years.

  105. Marax Says:

    thanks for the post Team evil-genius you really are the best Berserk is the most Awesome manga i have ever read so far

  106. Pablo Says:

    October looks nice to me now!

  107. TicO Says:

    For those who know Spanish here is the chapter 331 from Utopia

    Para los que sabemos español aca esta el capitulo 331 de Utopia

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