Berserk c326

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Next is February 10th, and there’ll also be a 112 page booklet with it that has artwork from the anime, or something.

The first 10 minutes of the Berserk movie are viewable online.

And here’s a preview for the Zetman anime, coming out in April. From the looks of it it’ll go at least ’til volume 10.

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    Finally next dose of Berserk! Many thanks :)

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    Thanks a lot guys!!

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    YEY !! Thx. Just when I thought this day was worst day ever now it’s the bast day of a year (so far).

  7. Joe Says:

    Great chapter, thanks.

    *watches Bazuso fight in clip*

    Well, it looks like the original 3D model artists from Futurama found a new job.

  8. Jashinslayer Says:

    YES! Thanks for quality more Berserk!

    That movie clip was sick, can’t wait to own the full movie on Blu-ray.

    Zetman also looks so badass. Finally anime I can get excited over again.

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    Been a while waiting for the new chap.. Many thanks!

    My eyegasm was reaching it’s peak, till the blur showed up >_>

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    I approve

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    Finally! Good chapter too. Hopefully we’re getting to Elfhell soon.

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    Thanks for the chapter guys.

    I was wondering if you could use another editor. You can contact me at I do have previous experience too (so I’m at least trainable).

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    I really can not wait for it to reach us stateside.

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    Thank you guys!

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    “Guts is…”


    At least there won’t be a break until we find out, hopefully.

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    thaaaaanks, big big many thanks for berserk ! 😀
    also, is there any chance we will get to see that fabulous booklet scanned ? i am really curios and excited, i didn’t expect such a surprise to come with the next chapter. sometimes i regret not living in japan

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    Thank you very much ^^

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    Thanks a lot for the release guys! 😀

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    Thanks for the release!
    (Also, that subtle skyrim reference *wink wink*)

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    that was a good chapter, been -KILLING- me waiting for it. Feb 10th is a great release date, too 😛 I’ve never seen one come so fast. Movie snippet was very epic, and I can’t wait to see the uncensored version of it. Seems like this year’ll be a great one for Berserk, what with all the movies.

  23. Legato Says:

    Great chapter and good timing too, just finished re-reading all of Berserk before this came out!
    At first I didn’t really like this latest arc very much, but when you speed-read it its actually quite good ^^

    And an awful cliffhanger by the way, please hurry on the next release next week!

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    YES YES YES. Thanks!

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    Ahh, may fortune smile on you guys! Thanks again!

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    Anxiety lifted

    bless you EG!!!!!

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    thanks for the a great chapter it was great

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    Berserk? Why does that sound so familiar?

    I’ll have to give this a try

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    huuu finally I’m been waiting super log for this XD
    we need more berserk!!!!! >=P

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    This chapter was released in the perfect time: VALENTINE’S DAY! (to cheer up the poor souls who got friendzoned…)

  31. Jinbei Says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Looks like the additional books to be released are just re-assembled versions of the original manga to more accurately represent the movies, with nothing extra added.

    Also, the 3 movies scheduled for this year are:
    Egg of the Conqueror
    The Capture of Doldrey – June
    Descent (as in, from the Eclipse) – sometime in 2012

    Who knows when they’ll move on to the later stuff??

  32. stargood Says:

    Thanks a lot for the Berserk chapter! Man, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next in Zetman, so I found volume 16 and read it raw. I’ll say only this: the artwork is even more incredible than usual!

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    I love u guys XD

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    Evil Genius rulezzz!

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    Thanks for the release! Not much of a cliffhanger really. Guts is stuck inside the sinking sea god, mermaids will go pull him out, reunite, then on to the next chapter.

  36. darkerthanblackswordsman Says:

    All hail Evil Genius!

  37. Guilherme Says:

    thanks guys

  38. InterRage Says:

    @Stick1000 Don’t forget, shierke doesn’t have the psychic link anymore.

  39. solrebellion Says:

    too 3d way too 3d like CG bullsh..
    it has lost its japanese anime manga beauty
    first they start giving stupid ecchi in all animes, big breast and camera angles under the skirt for no reason, wasting important time in animes, and have no reason for showing, which makes anime a discrace for what anime stood

    back in the past there were pervy caracters but they didnt waste time on showing cartoon panties, people can watch hentai if they want that stuff but leave it out of anime

    AND NOW THIS this is bullshit, the movie doesnt have the feeling berserk is suppose to give
    ill keep to the manga only, and the great anime series, wonder how they are gonna put the tons of important dialog in the movie, or maybe they wont put any of philosophical and psychological dialogues and monologues and showing their feeling and hopes,
    they’ll end up making guts a big dumb guy with a big sword, without all the emotional and inner struggle, i wonder what will happen to the glorious bonfire of dreams

  40. DragonSlayer Says:

    Thanks for the chapter. I really loved it and the artwork was gorgeous as usually. Also the preview of the movie was awesome, I expect to see the full movie but for now I think that studio 4c has done a great work.

  41. revanchist90 Says:

    Did you see the movie if so I am very disappointed I expected more of the film, if not why are you judging on 10 minute demo (at best) with questionable quality and not much of the philosophical and psychological dialogues and monologues we all love. Take a look at this: . Hope you like it

  42. squigly Mc.diddleflipper Says:

    The movie is great (I saw it opening day) … there’s no “panty shots” or anything like that. Actually, even the “less then perfect” CG ends up coming across as being ok thanks to the great art direction. (Lighting and color scheme`s etc.)

    Also (unlike the previews and first ten minutes would have you believe) the movie is MOSTLY 2-D animation. I`d say it`s only about 10% 3d-CG with 90% (maybe more) gorgeous 2d. The pacing is great too. somehow it feels like they barely cut anything at all.

    @jinbei — Actually, most of those shots from the first bunch of previews (griffith in the Millenium falcon armor, black swordsman Guts, the pics of Puck, etc) aren`t in these films at all. (In the movie pamphlet it says that those were all from a pilot film Studio 4.C made a few years back to test what they could do with the Berserk universe.) ……….So …. in fact, these movies might not cut to the future at all.

    Never the less I was shocked at how good the movie was. I was expecting to be disappointed cause I had such high hopes. but no. it`s really good.

  43. soleyfir Says:

    Great work on this chapter, thanks.

  44. Jinbei Says:

    That version looks awesome, pretty fired up about it.

    @squigly Mc.diddleflipper
    Nice :) Makes me wish I was still in Japan. From the titles of the films to be released this year, looks like it will only go as far as the original anime did, up to the Eclipse. But considering the opening credits had all the new gang in them as well, I assume they plan to go that far at some point, even if not in this round.

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  46. Kain Says:

    Wahoo, I nearly forgot Berserk even existed after such a long time… Thanks for this reminder!

    Well not that it was great raw material (all this for that pitiful excuse of a god?), but at least we will very soon be done with the island plot. Elfhell and the great come-back of Casca, here we come!

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  49. annarek Says:

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! so any hints on when we will be able to watch the full movie with subtitles?

  50. Pedro Says:

    thank you!

  51. InterRage Says:

    @annarek I second that, an in-theatre bootleg would be fine with me also. I’ll be buying the film when warner bros releases it overseas.

  52. InterRage Says:

    Hey is there any site, that shows the box office of how the Berserk movie is doing?

  53. Stele007 Says:

    Wow, that clip was really good. The 3D does look a bit awkward (except Guts — wow), but the siege was very well done overall — much better than the original scene in the manga. Considering how detailed Miura is about depicting battles in recent volumes (namely the new Band of the Hawk formations and the naval battles) I bet this is how he would do that scene now. I’m excited to see that they aren’t strictly sticking with what the manga showed and hope that the other battles look equally impressive.

    The omission of volumes 1-3 is probably a good thing too. The quality of those volumes just aren’t up to snuff with the rest of the series. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from a partially 3D Berserk animation, but now I’m really looking forward to it.

  54. annarek Says:

    i am going to buy it as well. same way i did with all the volumes that were released in greece. but until the day its available in greece, it may be 1 more year, if it finally gets its release in dvd in greece :( . and NO greek theatres are not going to show it…

  55. MmM Says:

    I live in Bulgaria (next to Greece)… never bought a thing of Berserk cuz there’s nowhere to be found… Too bad. Damn, I’m super excited about the movie, after I’ve read all those comments.

  56. J Fresh III Says:

    Awesome chapter!

  57. yatamura Says:

    2 questions :
    1. so the film trilogy will cover the story till the events of the eclipse?? (or this part is covered by just the first!?)
    2.when will we be able to see it in US and EU?

  58. Carlos Says:

    Thaaaaanks!! Finally Berserk again!!

  59. MmM Says:

    @yatamura +1

  60. Stele007 Says:

    1. Yes, but there are plans to animate the entire manga (part 1 only covers the first third of the golden arc). However, the format for the rest of the series has yet to be announced, whether it be movie, OVA, or TV.

    2. It just came out… give it time. I think (or hope) Berserk has enough international popularity that someone will try to license it for NA and EU.

  61. yatamura Says:

    thanx Stele007

  62. SquigPie Says:

    I don’t get why everyone hates volume 1-3, I always liked them. They portray Guts as a much darker character yes, but I can’t really see why people dislike them so much.

    On the other hand, I felt that The Golden Age dragged on for too long, still great though.

  63. jeagz Says:

    Just a stupid question : I won’t have patience to wait until some US/UE dvd release :( Does anyone have a torrent link for the movie ? Thanks !

  64. InterRage Says:

    @SquigPie well, I remember I was a bit put off when I started buying the manga, I think it’s fair to say that those volumes aren’t very compelling to first time readers. Only people who’ve seen the anime really know that there was way more to it than that.

  65. Legato Says:

    So whats the extra booklet about?

  66. Legato Says:

    I’ve asked the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival about a Berserk release there, they will let me know later this month… Probably gotta wait till next year tho.

  67. stargood Says:

    The Berserk link you posted at the top is no good anymore but I easily found another YouTube clip of it. The scenes when Guts cuts people up must be really graphic since they masked the parts with him cutting Bazuso. I thought the opening was really great and I’m looking forward to when the whole thing is available subbed in English. I was happy to see most of the current gang in the opening credits so they will obviously be included at some point.

  68. Legato Says:

    SO its the 10th, 11th in Japan, someone should have the Young Animal book by now.

    Please answer this question, IS THERE A DATE FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER??

  69. BlazeX Says:

    327 raw is out, for those who wish spoilers:

  70. Sandwich Says:

    This is the last page of the chapter:

    Pretty sure that’s a “til’ next time!”

    =[ Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  71. Oldman Says:

    Plz give ma berserk now.. is 10th .. i need thsi.. my bones hurt, i waiting 65 years for this… my fingers are hurt too.. i cant press more key..plz gimma berserk

  72. Rapixxx Says:

    Yeah “次回” means next time…. yet I really hope it means “next time” as in the “next issue” of YA! I hope the guys here that are better at japanese than me can be kind enough and clarify it!

    Other than that I like the chapter… I like all the chapters when the little guy appears! XD And hopefully that will be the last battle on their way to Elfheim cuz I’m already dying to know how Elf HELL looks XDDD

  73. InterRage Says:

    @Rapixxx Elf Helm? it’s nothin’ special. Buncha fairies, wizards, bedknobs and broomsticks.

  74. Rapixxx Says:

    yeah Gutts will be “thrilled” with all the annoying insects around! XD

    P.S.:I think Sandwich is right… I checked the last chapter… if the next chapter was to be published in the next issue it wouldve been “continues in the next issue” ;( So yeah… ’til next time!

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  75. Godammit Says:

    “til’ next time!” = wait 1 or 2 years……….

  76. Feff Says:

    I must be the only person on this planet holding back looking at the raws.

  77. Mr.America Says:

    No you ain’t =), Stay strong, I feel you… !

  78. DrPepperPro Says:

    It’s gonna be another slow release, by the way.

  79. Gorebono Says:


    A lot of people are grateful for what you are doing and really enjoy ever release.

    Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work.

  80. residentgrigo Says:

    I can of course wait for a decent scanlation a day or two more but wouldn´t it be better to have a counter on the site when the next chapter commes out in japan so the comments don´t look like this all the time


    and actual commnets on berserk or zetman can be made ?

    Also is there the full 77 second berserk pilot out there somewhere and not the shortened version ?

  81. Guest Says:

    Ah, damn it! Waiting for months for the next part of the story, and then these 20 pages are about the next five minutes of the story. Miura will have to become 120 or so to finish the story in that speed :(((

  82. Tynar Says:

    Do you guys think that someone will fansub the movie?

  83. FlorisDevil Says:

    No one fansub will this movie, the real world is black and white and there is 150 million speedsub an eye on it .. Welcome to internet. Be happy and donate all his money to the bee and ants.

  84. Phireo Says:

    Yeah, no Berserk in the next issue of YA.


  85. smokeesid Says:

    Here by the looks of the opening that is, in the later part what happens after the eclipse arc is shown along woth Guts current teammates.

    So there is a high chance that this anime project will cover all of the manga

    And just now from what i have remembered when the anime was announced, it was declared that it will be a berserk saga project and so it will cover all of berserk and span for 10 years or so

    And thanks for the chapter EG. To be frank, current arc to me is by far the worst arc of berserk. Speed is slow amd the content is not that interesting. Previously, the chapters were slow paced but the content was great. Like volume 34 and 35 that were graphically awesome. But here that is not the case. I wonder why Muira is taking breaks for chapters such as these.

    i was never into anime but from the previews that i have seen I get that the graphic works are good enough to depict things nicely and the direction seems to be great.

  86. stargood Says:

    @Phireo, Do you actually get your own copies of Young Animal when they come out?

  87. Tynar Says:

    Can someone translate FlorisDevil’s response for me?

  88. Ned Says:

    @Tynar, I’m not sure if it should be translated… It’s more cryptic this way.

  89. FEDOR Says:

    next cap is 10th December…. human are immortal so we can wait…. -____- lemme watch justin beiber and poo im my pants
    ….. from PAINNNNN

  90. InterRage Says:

    well, I know I was interested in the box office of the movie:
    “Berserk Ōgon Jidai-Hen I: Haō no Tamago (Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler), the first film in the three-part retelling of the Golden Age arc of Kentaro Miura’s manga debuted at No. 11 on Box Office Mojo’s chart. The film earned US$594,707 on 93 screens, giving it an average of US$6,395 per screen.”

  91. Phireo Says:

    I buy some issues when I am in Japan, but usually just have to wait until the manga comes out and of course, EG to release a clean version of a chapter. I usually check YA’s site of announcements and if there’s something that seems good, I ask a friend to buy it for me.


  92. Stele007 Says:

    I know Japan is less populous than the US, but those numbers sound pretty poor for an opening weekend box office. Do you know what the budget was for the first movie and how other opening movies fared?

    I wouldn’t write off the first three volumes as trash, but they are markedly lower in quality compared to the rest of the series. The art isn’t as good, Guts and almost all the other characters are unlikeable, the storytelling/dialogue seems subpar, and there’s little plot until the count. I always laugh at the end of the last chapter before the golden arc when Guts cries after Theresia says she hates him. If I hadn’t already watched the show, I probably wouldn’t have read past volume 2.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some modified form of it, though.

  93. InterRage Says:

    3 Tower Heist $1,133,320 – screens 215 – $5,271 $1,416,428 1 week
    8 Arakawa Under the Bridge $768,513 – screens 172 – $4,468 $768,513 1 week
    11 Berserk $594,707 – screens 93 – $6,395 $594,707
    1 week

    I don’t know what the budget was for Berserk though. but these three movies were released the same week as comparison. J.Edgar practically had the same box office of Berserk, but is just above berserk. but had been up for 2 weeks already.

  94. InterRage Says:

    or here, check out the listing for yourself

  95. InterRage Says:

    as pointed out on another message board. it’s doing better than those other movies based on money made per screen.

  96. Torrent Says:

    Ahhhh torrent.. i go wait to down the movie in Nyaa tracker … i love my leecher life xD

  97. Stele007 Says:

    I guess that’s good, but the cost of duplicating/distributing film reels must be paltry compared to the production costs… I hope this doesn’t cause them to scale down their budget for the rest of the project.

    Doesn’t look like there’s any info on sales of the movie outside of the opening weekend… At least, not on that website.

  98. Legato Says:

    So when should we expect the new chapter? Are you translating the 127 page booklet too?

  99. Legato Says:

    Haven’t read the raw btw, the wait is killing me… Such a cliffhanger.

  100. Thana Says:

    The movie looks awesome. I hope translations will come out soon.

    Not Phireo

  101. smogass Says:

    If the movie sells well . We may get blackswordsman arc after those 3 movies !!

    Not Phireo

  102. Phireo Says:

    Yeah, but expect that to come out next year or even two years from now.

    Neither Thana nor smogass;

    just Phireo

  103. Dingus Says:

    Japan’s population for those who are curious is approximately 127,000,000. The current population of the US is estimated to be about 311,000,000.

  104. PanPan Says:

    Any word from the AFFF? It would be a really good fit for the festival, but I also worry that it might not make it here till next year.
    On the other hand they did announce the return of anime films this year, so who knows…

  105. Legato Says:

    I agree would be perfect for the festival.
    They responded like this: “time will tell, we’ll be unveiling the program soon”.
    So its neither a confirmation nor a denial.
    Check FB for updates.

  106. Thana Says:

    I just would like to see the movies to be done in all consequence, meaning every arc. So lets hope it sells well at least in Japan. Translations will come for sure in some way.

    Not just Phireo, but all the Thana too

  107. smokeesid Says:

    I think movie with subs will come after its DVD release and I think that may take 4-5 months or more

  108. smokeesid Says:

    And its great to see Berserk is doing well in Japan

  109. Legato Says:

    I already sent 3 of my Japanese friends to the movie theatre, doing all I can to make this work =p

    I’m downloading it and buying later as it becomes available.
    Theatre release is preferred though.

  110. smogass Says:

    Actually according to the box office results movie isn’t doing so well

  111. Legato Says:

    Probably cause a lot of the so called Berserk fans whine too much online without seeing it…

  112. Legato Says:

    But Berserk is one of those series that do better oversees anyway, so as long as they export it, it should be fine…

    Hows the progress on the chapter btw? Its been 8 days, I appreciate the work but you really need a bigger staff =p

  113. DrPepperPro Says:

    We’ll hire more people.

  114. anubus45 Says:

    Is there any particular positions you’re looking for/are short handed with?

  115. Stele007 Says:

    I’m hoping the delay is from translating that booklet. Crossing my fingers…

  116. DrPepperPro Says:

    @anubus45: Cleaning, typesetting, redrawing, translating.

    @Stele007: No scans of the booklet :/

  117. What??? Says:

    wtf?? all this time and no scan for book? just for the cap? crap

  118. Thana Says:

    That’s not what you paid for, right Mr. What???

    Not Phireo, that is

  119. What??? Says:

    ya.. i pay for my pc, my net.. and my energy… nothing in this world is free.. so freedom is a illusion.. i pay for download this… and this are the fate… i just no pay for u.. more i need pay for anothers ppl.. so i give ur guys the better money.. my time life.. and this.. i never go get back.

  120. Legato Says:

    Damn, that’s gotta be one ugly raw…
    Even though it takes a little longer, still appreciate the good work ^^

    Just don’t take too long tho, the suspense is killing me =o

  121. Kshatriya Says:

    You are lazy B*****s, On Spanish 327 chapter released already Week, with PERFECT SCANS

    What’s wrong With you?

  122. Shino Says:

    Really just hire 1 person with a subscription to Young Animal and a really good scanner. It’s not expensive. O_o

  123. PanPan Says:

    What’s wrong is that they’re short handed and not doing this for a living. Remember, these people aren’t getting paid to do this. They’re doing it in their free time for the benefit of the community.
    If you’re really that impatient, why don’t you volunteer to help out and get the chapter out faster instead of acting like a dick?

  124. Evan Says:

    Go release it yourself then asshat.

  125. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    thinking about the fact that the next chapter will be out after a few months, somehow, I’m not impatient about this one… pff sad life :))

  126. korci007 Says:

    Read it in spanish then… Oh, you don’t speak spanish? Learn it. If you can’t then learn Japanese. If you can’t do that either then shut up and wait patiently, cause thats what you _can_ do.

    Why don’t you pay for one then? It would be quid pro quo.

  127. SquigPie Says:

    Oh lawd the mad in this place.

  128. Swag Says:

    Not to be a ass, but if cleaning is what’s holding you back, couldn’t you just take mangatopia’s scans (since they’re better anyways)? Pluck in the English, and if they say anything deny till you die? lol.

  129. InterRage Says:

    sheezus, gotta remind everybody new and old the same shtick every time somebody complains.

  130. InterRage Says:

    just like church, bahaha

  131. Anonymous Says:

    “ya.. i pay for my pc, my net.. and my energy… nothing in this world is free.. so freedom is a illusion.. i pay for download this… and this are the fate… i just no pay for u.. more i need pay for anothers ppl.. so i give ur guys the better money.. my time life.. and this.. i never go get back.”

    No, your parents payed for the PC and the electricity and the internet, don’t kid yourself buddy. With that kind of logic I doubt you even have a job, or do you just work at McDonalds? Its not like the money your parents pay goes towards Evil Genius anyway so they don’t owe you anything you arrogant little shit. How about you translate the chapter for us with your vast knowledge instead, if these guys aren’t worthy enough for your impatience… oh wait.

  132. Zoro Says:

    Well the way I see it there are 2 types of releases, the sudden uncalled for ones, you can take your time on those since no-one knows when a new chapter is gonna arrive after a hiatus. you cant expect a small group like this to just drop everything and release a chapter in 2 days, I understand and appreciate that fact so no hard feelings.

    And there are the announced ones, I like to see these to be done a little quicker since there usually is a heads up about 2 weeks before release. This is one of these chapters.
    There is time to prepare, at this rate my raw is gonna come in faster by mail.


    Just my 2 cents.

  133. Legato Says:

    “Well the way I see it there are 2 types of releases, the sudden uncalled for ones, you can take your time on those since no-one knows when a new chapter is gonna arrive after a hiatus. you cant expect a small group like this to just drop everything and release a chapter in 2 days, I understand and appreciate that fact so no hard feelings.

    And there are the announced ones, I like to see these to be done a little quicker since there usually is a heads up about 2 weeks before release. This is one of these chapters.
    There is time to prepare, at this rate my raw is gonna come in faster by mail.


    Just my 2 cents.”

    Hear hear

  134. Apple Says:

    Well, instead of all, or most, of you people bitching for them to release it faster because of some cliffhanger, (I haven’t read it yet), and getting all over their nuts about it, you could just stop reading it and wait for chapters to be released and read even more than just one chapter every few millenniums, AND, you can still support these guys when they release it or, or – look closely – you could help them out! O.O

    I mean, c’mon, guys. You already know the author enjoys taking his time on this, so what’s the rush? I’ve already accepted the drastically slow releasing chapters and decided to let them build up and read them in one go… It wouldn’t kill ya to stop pressuring these fine, strapping scanlators. As far as I know, they’re probably doing this for free. Let them work at their own pace; Especially on this project since there’s no rush because, as I said before, of the ever-so-slow releases.

  135. SquigPie Says:


    The internet tough guy is strong in this fellow.

  136. MmM Says:

    You do not have the right to blame Evil_Genius’s staff. Have you Paid something in order to demand something… have you Done something in order to demand something from them… no you haven’t. They will do what they want and if you don’t like how they do things, than go somewhere else.

  137. Tynar Says:

    I feel like donating a bunch of money, just to earn the right to complain.
    Is that twisted?

  138. oscurida Says:

    thx for berserk it was great

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