Berserk 327

  » Posted February 20th, 2012 by DrPepperPro

Sorry for the delay. No date for next chapter.


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  1. yyy Says:

    Thaaaanks !

  2. korci007 Says:

    Thanks! :)

  3. Mr.America Says:

    God Bless you. Did SOPA come through? I dont know where to get infos since i’m not American.

  4. Bafflement Says:

    Love your work, EG!

  5. lancebekistan Says:

    Woot! You made my monday morning! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Evil.

  7. geroprog Says:

    Thank you very much!

  8. ssjkakaroto Says:

    Thanks EG!

    It’s been so long since we first saw that kid, where did he come from again?

  9. retconrage Says:

    Are there any australian berserk readers who are planning to attend the comicon in melbourne this june?

  10. odin Says:

    Thank you.

  11. Ed Says:

    I think that’s gutts and caska son, at least that’s what I always thought.

  12. Legato Says:

    @ssjkakaroto: The beach before Griffiths resurrection.
    Just do what I do and read the whole thing again, there seems to be time till the next chapter is out.

    @Evil_Genius: thanks again for this chapter, at least I can rest easily since this chapter isn’t such a cliffhanger like the last one. Lets hope for more chapters soon…

  13. stargood Says:

    Thanks a lot! Bummer about no date for the next chapter though.

  14. Benmag Says:

    You guys kick ass. Thanks!

  15. Thana Says:

    Yay! A new chapter. Thank you very much for your hard work, EG – dispite haters and idiots complaining about slow releases. We appretiate it.

    Still not Phireo

  16. Barock3 Says:

    Thank you!

  17. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    hmm.. very nice chapter, the artwork is also getting better and better. The title of the chapter “Elf Island Sirens” is very interesting as well, but was there no message from Miura this time ?
    ps: thanks EG !

  18. DrPepperPro Says:

    The title of 327 is “Surfacing”. “Sirens” was 326’s title, and the “Chapter of Elf Island” isn’t part of the title, but the smaller overarching story thing. Like “Fantasia Arc” is the main overarching thing. Both of these started at 308 when it switched back to Guts-co.
    THE MORE YOU KNOW ヽ( ゚ヮ゚)ノ.・゚*。・+☆

    There probably was a message, we just didn’t get a scan of it.

  19. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    oh I see… thanks for clarifying it !

  20. Slumber Says:

    Well, this is certainly awesome.
    The lack of a next release date is nothing too surprising for us Berserkers.
    We take what we can get and like it.

  21. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    yeah maybe Miura is trying to create an army of berserkers, charming us with an addicting manga, then releasing it soooo slooowly… after each wait we grow stronger =))

  22. DragonSlayer Says:

    Thanks a lot for your efforts Evil Genius :)

  23. SquigPie Says:

    “’til next time!”

    Those dreaded, hated words.

  24. Jinbei Says:

    Looks like the message from Miura this time was just, 「とりあえず海神はこれで終了」
    Or something like, “At any rate, this is the end for the Sea God”
    … so hopefully moving on after this! Guess he’s aware it wasn’t his most popular story.

  25. Tynar Says:

    Did anyone else notice Isidro falling overboard in the bottom of the page 20-21 spread? Took me a minute. Sick touch =D

  26. Regius Says:

    THANKS!!! too much of a good think is never bad!

  27. RedSamurai Says:

    @Tynar: nice catch! I also liked how Gatsu looked significantly big compared to the mermaids around him :)

    All in all, I think the chapter was average and brought two things:
    *the Good* Elfheim is closer than ever! big plot awaiting, hopefully.
    *the Bad* another TNT (’til next time)!

  28. CUMWIZARD Says:

    Thanks a lot the cliffhanger was killing me :)

  29. Diggingtrash Says:

    Thank you very much.

  30. phillipRT Says:

    oh thank you EG!!!! 😉

    I thought so…..
    I like to see pg 20-21 photoshop if anyone can do it.

    “til next time!… :(

  31. Anon Says:

    I just wanted to say thank for the release, you guys are awesome.

  32. Marion Read Says:

    Thank you so much EG. Amazing quality, as usual.

  33. Kain Says:

    As usual, many many thanks!

    This autor is so slow that I had completely forgotten about the mystery kid, made me read the whole volume 36 again to understand why he was there to save the day ^^”.

  34. Edi Says:

    In page 05:
    Missing text….

  35. DrPepperPro Says:

    Oh, whoops. It’s just a sound effect: Gyopi (ギョピ), some kind of derpy sound affiliated with fish or other sea-creatures, I think.

    Here’s the updated page if anyone wants to re-save it:

  36. Ascheriit Says:

    I think the kid is somehow connected to Griffit, say, the childist, innocent part of him which was seperated from the more “evil”, calculated and ambitious one?

  37. niuserra Says:

    translated from Miurian to our language: “till next time” —>”till next year”

  38. Phireo Says:

    So, next part is Griffith on the throne (like in Berserk Prototype) then Gatsu and Co. arrive at ElfHeim.

    I expect the next chapter late April, early May.


  39. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    god if it switches back to griffith for another x years I’m gonna sacrifice myself

  40. Serpico Says:

    Booklet “till we wait for the next”? Wonderfull work EG 😀

  41. olis Says:


  42. Bob Says:

    So the first Berserk film has already been release 2nd Feb in Japan. Does anyone know when or if the film will be released in europe or US?

  43. Stick1000 Says:

    Really great stuff, thank you EG. I love the scene of the mermaids taking him up, they look like valkyries or angels. Wonderful work.

  44. iGrowPot Says:

    You mean AFTER Griffth’s ressurection

  45. Derp Says:

    44 comments only.. if it would have to complain about… 200
    Thx EG 😀

  46. stargood Says:

    @Ascheriit, The little long haired kid is Guts’ and Casca’s child, somehow saved from evil by the Egg-shaped Apostle. I see that he is connected to Griffith only because Griffith corrupted him in the womb when Femto raped Casca during the Eclipse. Griffith mentioned feeling his influence or a remnant of his thoughts after he was resurrected, so I think that Griffith is more affected by him than he is by Griffith now.

  47. Bruno Says:

    Yeah! the Kid is Guts’ and Casca’s son! Great chapter! Awesome artwork and the history as a whole seems to be reaching its climax. Thank you Evil Genius! Thank you Miura! Berserk is the greatest manga of all time, i dont mind waiting, i just want to see it finished!

  48. Waouh Says:

    Great chapter !!
    Thanks Evil !! Good job !

  49. InterRage Says:

    in a way, griffith is now Guts son. 😛

  50. axemurder Says:

    thx you guys are the best

  51. annarek Says:

    lol in a way you can say that griffith has 2 fathers. guts and himself! omg thats sick 😛

  52. e-dub Says:

    is someone going to post here when a fan translation of the movie is released?

  53. InterRage Says:

    Berserk movie is now online

  54. MmM Says:

    @InterRage no, it’s not… It has been removed from IMDB too. Why is this ?

  55. InterRage Says:

    @MmM yea it is, look see it’s still there?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    ^I had no idea that the Berserk movie was released in 1968, and is also 9696 minutes long.

  57. anotheranonymous Says:

    ^and it’s a horror movie about a circus…

  58. yatamura Says:

    anyone heard how the film go?Did it had success on the screen?What did people say,anyone heard anything?

  59. jed Says:

    i guess berserk’ll never end ‘caz Miura’ll die before he can finished it

  60. smokeesid Says:

    And this marks the end of the most unmuira like arc and the most boring one too

  61. Minabe Says:

    I did like the arc, it’s amazing how Guts killed such a monstrosity.
    The arc is probably meant to be seen in one go, the problem is the time between chapters; this is an important arc bc it proves “gods” can be killed, that the five hand are just the most powerful demons, monsters or whatever.

  62. Phireo Says:

    Oh come on, Miura’s not even 50 yet, he’s been making berserk for 22 years now, he has at least 25 years to go!

  63. Gintoki Says:

    DVD/BD Release Date May 23rd

  64. InterRage Says:

    sweet, just before my brothers birthdays. I’ll just give it to me if they don’t want it.

  65. Ser Hugh Says:

    It should have english subtitles too right? I really want to know why is not being released for occident too.

  66. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    Hey guys, does any of you know where to find the infamous booklet ?

  67. Russian dude Says:

    So soon? sweet, cant wait to see it

  68. Fabio Says:

    I’m trying to download the chapters 325, 326 and 327 and got redirected to an error page, is there any problem with these torrents?

  69. Sendoh Says:

    Actually I agree with Minabe, the arc isnt that bad when you read it in one go, it’s even pretty good. And yes I think it’s here to show that you can kill a “god”.

  70. Shnooby Says:

    Same problem as Fabio. Any idea whats the problem? Can you give us a different link to click on?

  71. Slambaroinga Says:

    Second movie trailer’s out in case anyone’s interested

  72. Gloric Says:

    Well judging from where that movie seems to get to, where Guts leaves, we can be pretty damn sure they’re going to include everything from the manga from that point till the end of the eclipse.
    And entire movie to cover him training, returning to help save Griffith, introduce the Kushan assassins, fight that fat troll guy, Zodd save them, then go through the eclipse.
    Just speculating obviously, but I definately see this working out well.

  73. DameNingen Says:

    Has anybody seen the movie?
    Is it a 100% Adaptation or is stuff missing, are fillers for some dumb reason included, dialogue changed etc?

  74. smokeesid Says:

    I have read many times that Don’t wanna watch movie. Will watch it after a year or two

  75. Eternalruler Says:

    thanks for getting me my killing fix so far but i really wanna know when the blood gods start pouring down a rain of death known as berserk

  76. phillipRT Says:

    any updates on the next release???

  77. Ghengis_John Says:

    Aaaaand just watch next chapter as the pirates are somehow back.


    “Yaaar! Avast ye squabs! We be ghosts o’ the high seas now, set ta haunt ye fer the rest o’ yer natural born days!”

    Guts: “Great. So now they’re ghost pirates?”
    Puck: (“I think they’re actually pirate ghosts…”)

    “Yaar, either way ye’ll never be rid o’ us… Ever.”

  78. LegendaryEpoch Says:

    Ugh, its been so long since I checked up on Berserk and all I get for my patience is two chapters (which I should probably be looking at as a blessing anyway but a guy can dream…)… On the bright, optomistic side at least Guts is one step higher on the infinite staircase to kill/[make out with] Femto/Griffith/(Whatever he’s called these days).

  79. KnewHimHoratio Says:

    Hey, I really appreciate what you guys do, and I read Berserk religiously every time an issue comes out. I’d like to help if you all need it—I’m a graduated English major and a good editor, spell-checker, etc. I’ve noticed that you have had grammar errors, spelling, and other syntax errors in many of the issues. I’m not detracting from the great work you guys do, I’d just like to help make it the best it could be. I’m not sure how to offer my services other than this. Thanks!

  80. Koto-omoi Says:

    batch for v36 guys?

  81. jumping Ja-Ho-Za-Fart Says:

    WOW!!!!!! that trailer was god awful! such crappy CGI!!! geez, couldn’t they get the folks who did that last FF movie??? that looked good. this? looks like sum shiat from 1998, gimme a break. MIURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U FOOKING SLACKER!!! no ONE “really” CARES ANY MORE!!!!!! u shoulda saved face and “saved” half that wasted budget on a continuation of the original anime.

  82. No Berserk for a while Says:

    Since he is busy with making the rest of the berserk movies this year its possible that there will be major delays for berserk manga this whole year. I wouldn’t mind this so much if I was actually able to watch any of those movies! All fans outside of Japan are being starved of Berserk and its wrong!

  83. Core Says:

    I just come backs after months of being gone to see if a new chapter of Berserk is out. Good to see that’s the case.

    … Also my theory is hell will freeze over and through before this mangaka finishes Berserk.

    Also, what’s the point of remakes of Berserk? I mean seriously…

  84. smokeesid Says:

    Its amazing how long we wait for another chapter and whats more amazing that Muira is continuing with this without any trouble in his mind
    When I think of Berserk. Two things come into my mind 1. Fantastic 2. Desire to find when the next chapter is gonna come

    He should provide us a date at the very least to make the waiting easier

  85. Arto Says:

    I think it’s a good idea to remake Berserk anime. The previous one is awesome, but it’s low budget and the drawing quality and animation standards today are far higher. Take a look at Naruto for example, it’s animated a lot lot better. Berserk has awesome actions scenes, apart from the other great stuff, but it was partially lost in the old anime, because of the low budget I suppose, so many action scenes were just drawn as a slideshow, instead of animation. In 2012 it doesn’t look too good, sort of like old computer games. Today with the help of CGI it is easier and cheaper, I suppose, to make Berserk scenes closer to what they’re supposed to be. The budget is also larger probably.

  86. Russian dude Says:

    3 more days ’til the release of the DVD

  87. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    muhaha … release the seeders … arrrrgh !

  88. pantaril Says:

    The movie is out. I don’t think they released version with english subs so there is link for fansub:

  89. MP Says:

    To tell the truht, I think Movie is pretty bad.
    Like the animation.

    I know it´s easier and cheaper, but somehow the “Berserk” kind of feeling doesn´t comes out (and that is what should be important).

    It´s just stupid when everyone in the movie looks like a puppet. I just hate “that” kind of animation.

  90. nobodies Says:

    Well even Naruto Shippuuden dont have that good quality animation either. Most of the episode animation of Naruto Shippuuden is most likely rush to draw and have pale colors.

    For the Animation of the new Berserk I still prefer the old one cos is much more better than the new one, the only problem about the old one is the color saturation

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