Berserk 325 & Zetman 170

  » Posted September 26th, 2011 by DrPepperPro

On one hand, you have your Berserks, and on the other, your Zetmans.


Also, Miura drew an artwork for a manga called Akatsuki no Yona: click here

Furthermore, the thought just occurred to me to promote:
hbi2k’s commentary on his Berserk abridged series.
Previously the episodes themselves where linked to as they were made, but since then he’s made commentary over all of them. The link there is a playlsit with all the abridged episodes, followed by the commentaries.

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  1. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! Says:


  2. Mr. America Says:

    I waited a long time to quote gta 2 =D

  3. CyberNinja Says:


  4. miyagiCE Says:

    lol @ Kita-san

  5. Soule Says:

    Sank Ju! 😀

  6. don Says:

    ohh thnx guys but what about that “til next time”?

  7. Nei Dai Says:

    Thanks for a truckload of material! Appreciate all the hard work ^^

  8. Findy Says:

    they only manga with till next tie at the end of chapter ~_~

  9. stargood Says:

    Wow, thanks guys for the double release. Just awesome.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Holy shit, Berserk chapter while Id@l master is airing?
    It’s a goddamn miracle.

  11. stargood Says:

    Hey, does that artwork remind anybody of Doa and Isaaku from Blade of the Immortal?

  12. Lokutor Says:

    Arigato!!!! Berserk AYE!!!!!1!!!!eleven!!!!1!!!!

  13. IGrowPot Says:

    Well, last chapter ended with a ’till next time’ but still this release didn’t take long…
    Hope 326 is coming fast too

  14. Slumber Says:

    What a great way to end a long day. Thanks!

  15. Thana Says:

    Very good chapter, thank you!

  16. Concerned Says:

    WTF! Is Miura sick?? How did he release Berserk so fast!?

    Thanks a lot EG!

  17. phillipRT Says:

    a touching moment
    and whens next time?

    thanka EG:)

  18. dreamboydream Says:

    can we get some mediafire links up in here, please. torrents? what is this, the 1950s?

  19. cauhein Says:

    | | |
    A A A

  20. Kotetsu Says:

    thx and thx again.
    Til’ next time, again @.@. It’s 2 months already :((

  21. Mister Morphine Says:

    @stargood: Now that you mention it… Big guy + small girl
    Doa’s such a bad-ass, btw.

  22. Tanonymous Says:

    Oh damn, end of volume 14 for Zetman and what a end it was.

  23. smokeesid Says:

    Awesome chapter of Berserk I liked it. But WTF is “till next time”

    and thanks a lot people

  24. miyagiCE Says:

    Nope, we don’t like to rely on third party hosting. All our torrents are seeded by our own server, which is essentially the same as direct downloading, only you get the added benefit of other users pitching in with the bandwith.

  25. dai Says:

    @miyagiCE That’s kind of funny then. I download all my mangas (ddl/xdcc) but because evil-genius only relies on torrent while I can’t use them on my network (I can’t be the only one on a campus network), Berserk is the only series I read on a “third party” online reader.

  26. Legato Says:

    Another birthday present from Evil Genius, no movie announcement this year but a new Berserk chapter is still pretty nice, thanks guys ^^

  27. gm Says:

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

  28. Qasz Says:

    Thanks for the chapter, guys!

  29. lovewarrior Says:

    the world waiting for.

  30. Thana Says:

    Nice one, new chapters! And good ones, too.

  31. jojo Says:

    G.G, thx to all.

  32. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    wow, thanks for the awesome release as always 😀

  33. miyagiCE Says:

    Well, I guess your particular case is a bit of a predicament then. Still, it’s not like it’s too much trouble to search for the filename on Google. People keep mirroring releases in a matter of hours. In fact, the first hit I get for “[Evil_Genius]Berserk_v37c325.rar” is a Mediafire Link.

  34. Kain Says:

    Thanks for this new berserk, as always!

    Not that interesting unfortunately, but at least this stupid island arc is soon to be over and that’s excellent news in itself. I just hope Isma stay with her folks and do not join the group, she is still pretty useless and her background is just thrown to the reader without leaving him any time to even care, that’s disappointing from such a great story teller as Myura.

  35. phillipRT Says:

    we just wait and see if she stays or goes with her mother…

    but I want her to stay….

  36. hgcgatts Says:

    Thanks guys!

  37. Mr. America Says:

    I don’t really think Miura would do that… Jill (Misty Valley remember?) didn’t join either so why should this mermaid who appeared in a handful of chapters join?

  38. Ent Says:

    Ugh… as much as I appreciate the work, no more fish already…

  39. Kain Says:

    @ Mr. America: yeah, but there was no group to add her to. Now there are a lot of people, some completly useless, following Guts around, so what’s one more, yes?

    Talking about Jill, that was one character with a well developped background, why did the storytelling fall so low ? One chapter: I’m here, next one: by the way, legend say I’m half mermaid, next one: Yeah! I now turn into fishy, I meet a mermaid and guess what? She’s my mother! Talk about convenient…

  40. Mister Morphine Says:

    I’m kinda sick of looking at the little girl’s tits. Just sayin. Its been in far TOO MANY panels.

  41. Asmodeus Says:

    It looks for me that the seagod will turn out to be Simon from the X-Factor.
    Also, mermaids are castouts from the show.
    Revenge is sweet:D

  42. Ghengis John Says:

    @smokeesid: Don’t you know how much I also hated to see that “‘Till next time!” tag at the end too. That completely non-committal marker that says “expect a chapter at any time but realistically no less than four months from now”. A little bit of hyperbole maybe but still. Not having a set date’s disappointing. Usually means we’re on for a wait.

  43. RedSamurai Says:

    Not to rant, but I found this chapter to be a bit disappointing: not much content, advances the story by half a iota and features the dreadful “’til next time!” (maybe we should have a code name for it (TNT?) since it happens so often) :)

    However, it reminded me that the OVA is getting closer and closer. January can’t come soon enough…

  44. revealer Says:

    When will Berserk get to the Elfhelm?
    a) December
    b) 1Q 2012
    c) 2Q 2012
    d) Second half of 2012
    e) OMG WTF 2013?!?!

    I vote c)

  45. Shinooby Says:

    @Kain: “Talking about Jill, that was one character with a well developped background, why did the storytelling fall so low ? One chapter: I’m here, next one: by the way, legend say I’m half mermaid, next one: Yeah! I now turn into fishy, I meet a mermaid and guess what? She’s my mother! Talk about convenient…”

    Yea i noticed that too, but i guess Miura doesn’t want to put a lot of effort on anymore side characters until he knows what he is going to do with the main plot.

  46. Sandwich Says:


    None of the above: Q1 2014!

  47. Ninjatsu Says:

    I’m sort of wondering about the design of the sea god heart, its the same as “god” from vol 13 chapters 3+4. Pretty much just a massive heart with alot of eyes. I wonder if it means anything.

    Thanks for the Berserk!! ’til next time!

  48. MmM Says: ZING

  49. agony Says:

    thank you!

  50. Mystyc Vegeta Says:

    new pool to kill the boredom. come on eg, the buttobasu pool has been there forever, I bet 1 buck that 3 weeks after you change the pool, the new berserk ch will be announced :d

  51. revealer Says:

    Heh, pretty cool to see my poll on the homepage, tnx :)

  52. gatsu Says:

    I love u EG

  53. Nobody in particular Says:

    Zetman Anime confirmed:

  54. ultra-kiler Says:

    give berserk chapter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. smokeesid Says:

    May be the anime will be better than the manga as it will cut down all the slow and uninteresting elements

  56. Hikaru_b Says:

    Any news on Angel Heart?

  57. RedSamurai Says:

    @smokeesid: You know, what I’m worried about is if it cuts way too much.
    Let’s just hope that it sticks to the manga as faithfully as possible and offer art and animation at a standard one would expect from a 2012 production.

  58. matgaudio Says:

    man,this whole sea god thing arc is an entire crap, my hype is so down because of this…
    hope we get in the main story again soon.

  59. Arto Says:

    I like the sea god arc. The fight with the sea god is quite epic IMO. The only thing I don’t get is what did Guts expect when he decided to jump into the monster’s mouth? What was the chance that there would be light inside the sea god’s stomach? Because if there wasn’t, what would Guts do then?

  60. Dumber Says:

    Berserk movie : Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler, i wish they had used OLD style for this, but noooo….more damm 3D crap. So damm dissapointed

  61. RedSamurai Says:

    @Dumber: I see your point… This said, you can’t write it off before even watching it.

    Is the art style different? Yes!
    Does is necessarily ruin the whole thing? maybe not!

  62. RoronoaZoro Fanboy Says:

    God, I need my Berserk fix..

  63. _vk_ Says:

    Berserk is my favorite manga but miura abuses with the pauses aka Till next time…

  64. thepeaguy Says:

    There will be likely be an update in December sometime.

  65. RedSamurai Says:

    Good news for everyone: according to YoungAnimal website, Berserk will be coming back in the next issue on January 27th!
    Alongside, the latest info about the movie (due next month) and some other color goodness (B2 poster)

    So there we go… *marking calendar*

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