Berserk 323 & Zetman 167

  » Posted July 9th, 2011 by DrPepperPro

Berserk and Zetman are here again my friends.

So the Berserk Clear File is about the anime, though there’s no scans of it. There are some camera pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

And here’s the main news from it.
Release date: January 2012.
Title: Berserk: Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King
Studio: Studio 4°C
Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka
Website: (will have more info on July 15th)

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  1. Lokutor Says:


  2. Legato Says:


  3. DeSpawn Says:

    Once again thank you for the release. So very much looking forward to the new Berserk anime. And once again the chapter is over in a blink of an eye.

    Alas we must wait a little bit, but soon SOON the Arc will be over. But what lies ahead?

  4. krish19oo Says:

    Thank you very much for the zetman release

  5. razornoir Says:

    thank you so much for the realese and i hope you a good week :)

  6. cyberninja Says:


  7. lovewarrior Says:

    that was great man

  8. Ben Says:

    I’m continually shocked every time a new Berserk chapter is released. I just can’t believe Miura didn’t take a 6 month vacation.

  9. Chore Boy Says:

    Thanks for the chapter of Berserk ^^
    The anime also looks good, but I wonder why it took over 20 years after it was created to get it’s own anime…
    Speaking of which, I think I’ll be about 40 when this series ends, seeing as it started when I was born and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the ending. I wish this series would be weekly or bi-weekly!

  10. Predelnik Says:

    It seems like the name of the movie says that it will be continious project, which is very nice.

  11. don Says:

    “it it’s not like i asked Toshiyuki Kubooka to direct just because i like idolmaster or anything!”

    lol tsundere Miura Kentarou

  12. Grim Says:

    Thank you!! I can barley wait for the movie.

  13. Thana Says:

    Finally a new release. Checking the infos first. Thanks as usual.

  14. geroprog Says:

    Thank you, for zetman and berserk

  15. Aldarion Says:

    Thank you for the Zetman release :)

  16. Patoz Says:

    Great!! Thanks for Berserk!! Btw, the name of the kid, is Isidoro, not Isidro! It’s an italian, just like Farnese. :)

  17. Patoz Says:

    *an italian name

  18. Sandwich Says:

    Good Berserk Chapter, good Zetman chapter. Great way to start my day. And how privileged are we to have a another Berserk chapter coming this month? Oh Miura, you spoil us~

    The news about the anime is exciting… Too bad it’s only going to cover the Golden Ages arc… Again… Hopefully the next movie will come out soon after and continue the story after that.

  19. Anonimo Says:

    Thanks for the chapter :)
    Anyway I think that there is an error of translation, the name of the anime will be:
    Berserk: Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the Conqueror
    (King it’s a wrong translation for the surname of the bejelit).

  20. Henrik Says:

    #9: Uh did you miss the first anime? That was out in the 90’s.

    #10: We’ve known that for a while, but now we have a better idea of how…

    #12: Yeah, I can’t wheat!

  21. smokeesid Says:

    Great thanks for Berserk and Zetman. And many thanks for the info about the berserk anime

  22. smokeesid Says:

    And both the chapters were awesome. Especially Zetman as it has gotten darker

  23. smokeesid Says:

    And I am wholeheartedly waiting for the next chapter of zetman

  24. Rashid Says:

    Thanks EVIL_GENIUS for the new chapter of berserk.

    just a random thought but berserk is the one and only series that scares me outta tens others I am reading, it’s not ending any-time soon, and it seems to me I just can’t drop it, which might mean that I’ll be in my thirties and might still be reading manga °°shudder°°

  25. soleyfir Says:

    Great chapters, thank you.

  26. hyam Says:


  27. Soule Says:

    Thanks for a great double release <3!

  28. Box Says:

    Miura acting all moe in his comments, that’s what I needed.

  29. DrPepperPro Says:

    @Patoz: Isidro gets alot more google hits than Isidoro. It’s a greek name apparently. Either one could work, though I think Dark Horse uses Isidro also.

    @Anonimo “Supreme King” or “Great King” might be more accurate, but it’s been translated as Egg of the King for a long time in the manga/anime, with the “the” implying there being only one of such king. So a king better than other kings. Though yeah, it could be a bit more accurate, but it sounds the best in English that way I guess).

  30. Argen Says:

    wow totally forgot it was about time, i’m used to the 6 months break now 😛

    zetman is getting really awesome, can’t wait to see what happen, like berserk is one of those few mangas when you really have no idea of what may happen.

    Berserk, oh berserk, still a little slow but finally getting there i guess

  31. Kain Says:

    We thank you for our daily (we wish) berserk.

    Nice chapter, finaly we feel the story is moving along, the god is going to die, the boat is going to take the sea again, Isma finaly shows that her existence has a point. If Miura goes on like that, we will be in Elf Hell before 2013. Gloria Alleluia !

  32. Tynar Says:

    hehe Kain, I feel the same way. This chapter seems like it got things moving again. And with the next chapter just around the corner, and the movie info starting to flow… it is a good time to be a berserk fan!

    Also, thanks EG for the continued great work. I am curious, are you all caught up on Zetman at this point? I have no idea what it’s release schedule is like.

  33. laber Says:

    wow thanks for the new Berserk chapter!

    I’m started with Berserk only 2 years ago… How is it possible for the really old Fans to be so patient?

  34. DrPepperPro Says:

    The most recent Zetman chapter is 183, or maybe there’s a few more since then, but no raws. So we’re catching up slowly.

  35. Anonimo Says:

    Thanks for your explanation 😉 Anyway I didn’t remember that in the official Italian translation of the manga, the surname of Bejelit is “Egg of the King Conqueror”: so you are right, the idea of a king is surely involved in the surname.

    PS: I think that the current steady pace of the chapters is due to the necessity to release the annual tankobon. So with the next chapter (if also the volume 36 will include 9 chapters as the 35 and not the usual 10) the manga could get and indefinite pause (I hope not).

  36. GhostUnit Says:

    ugh, the new anime Griffith is overly girly now, what the fuck?

  37. miyagiCE Says:

    Breaking news: Griffith was always a fag.

  38. Slumber Says:

    Thanks for both releases

  39. Tynar Says:

    @ miyagiCE HAHAHHAHHAH

  40. Platinum Says:

    It is mentioned many times since the beginning of the story that men and women, whether they be straight or gay, could appreciate his beauty. His noticeably more androgenous facial characteristics is more realistic of how he is perceived by characters in the story.

  41. stargood Says:

    @ Patoz and DrPepperPro, maybe his name is really Isidore, like that great movie star Isidore Demsky?

    @ Evil-Genius guys, thanks again for the double release. Please keep up the great work. :-)

  42. Tynar Says:

    @ stargood et al
    A quick google search revealed to me that isidoro and isidro are both variants on the greek name isidore that stargood suggests. Meaning gift of isis (significant unclear).
    I guess what I am saying is that it seems you are all correct. Etymologically speaking, those three names are equivalent. Therefore EG should probably just stick with what they’ve been using for continuity if nothing else =P

  43. annarek Says:

    so happy for berserk. i dont think i have relived such a continuation in chapters. I remember to have 1-2 chapters before taking a 2-3 months break!
    (greek here) yes isidore, (in modern greek actually is now Isidoros) means gift of Isis (doro means gift, dont suppose you need the same for isis 😛 )

  44. Mangobear Says:

    Great job as always, Evil_Genious. I’ve been reading your releases of Berserk ever since you started, and I feel you’ve always done a very good job. Thank you.

  45. TheDoctor Says:

    Thanks for the releases. Excellent work as always.

    Can’t wait for the anime. First I get news of Diablo 3 being released in Q4, and now a Berserk anime coming out in January. This’ll be a great winter. I just hope the anime will be released at a faster rate than Hellsing Ultimate, though I’d be happy even with that.

    By the way, any news on Wicked Eyes?

  46. AngryDemon Says:

    Its a movie,first of a trilogy, not an OVA series.A join production between Warner Bros and Studio 4°C.I hope they release it internationally.

  47. Thanos Says: in HD

  48. Shinooby Says:

    BTW heres a subbed teaser trailer of the movie:

  49. socrates Says:

    ^^^They better be 4hrs long each then. And if it isn’t i’m going to japan to buy a copy and a japanese person to sit there and translate for me

  50. rebellion Says:

    they made guts look like a big chinese,really screwed the eyes, and grifith like tranvestite drag queen, and caska like cindarela

  51. MmM Says:

    Don’t get all cocky and happy about the anime. We’ve seen the first 25 episodes and I am eager to see the others, not the first 25. So Much Waiting…

  52. Sandwich Says:


    I agree. I’m still looking forward to this movie, but I won’t get really excited until I see something from a story arc other than the Golden Age. I just hope that nothing too good gets cut because of time restraints in a movie. I swear if they fuck this up….

  53. InterRage Says:

    @Sandwich they are going to cut something, bet on that. They’re are most likely going to keep all the story points that matter. Which means, wyald is not going to be in it lol

  54. Phireo Says:

    If they made a movie trilogy… instead of 1 hour movies, the movie might be as long as 2h30min, you know? In which case, they could easily start at the Golden Age arc, ignoring the first 3 mangas and giving just hints of Gatsu’s childhood then end at Gatsu leaving the Hawks, maybe even Griffith being captured and tortured. Then the second movie would start from there, you would see the eclipse and maybe they would continue, giving quick sequences of what Gatsu did in those few years, including meeting Pakku, then Griffiths’ resurection, hopefully the third one would be from the point Gatsu travels with Caska towards Elfheim and meets his new allies, Schierke, Serpico and Farnese (I don’t count Pak’s apprentiece as an ally). Still, hopefully the arc would end by the time the 4th movie could be made… maybe, one a year, what do you think guys?!


  55. MmM Says:

    Phireo, they have to make A Lot of Long movies to capture everything good. Though there might be some movies after a few seasons. Who knows…

  56. Sandwich Says:

    I just want to see the Retribution arc animated already… It’s one of the highlights of Berserk for me (one of the many, many highlights.).

    Has it been confirmed that it’s going to be three movies? If it only ends up as a trilogy, I’m going to be disappointed…

    Also I notice it says “Golden Age Arc 1”, suggesting that there will be more movies set during that arc. If it is a “trilogy”, hopefully it’s the Golden Age arc that will be A trilogy, followed by another set of movies for the next arc, etc…

  57. Phireo Says:

    Yep, seems like it. Seen the trailer now, Trilogy it is, which does not necessarily mean my expectations will be wrong,… especially if the parts last for 1 hour or 46 mins. Hopefully they will be full fledged movies.

  58. Sandwich Says:

    Was that a trilogy of The Golden Age or simply a trilogy of Berserk movies?

  59. Tynar Says:

    @Sandwich: I think we will see a trilogy of golden age arc, given the title as you say.

    That being said, where would you guys expect the first movie of a golden age trilogy to end? Have to consider how you would split the story to make sure that the movie has a sensible beginning, middle, and end. Ideas?

  60. Mystyc Vegeta Says:


  61. Woa Says:

    New chap is out… lets wait for scanlation!

  62. Stele007 Says:

    Does anyone know when the next chapter (325, not 324) is coming out?

  63. Sandwich Says:

    Here’s the last page of 324 raw (There aren’t really any spoilers here):

    If anyone can read Japanese, they can tell us if there’s a date on there or if it just says “Til’ next time!”

  64. Sandwich Says:

    Sorry, apparently I can’t direct link to that page. Here’s the directory.

    Spoiler warning I guess…

  65. js Says:

    ch325 is coming when it’s coming

  66. Anonimo Says:

    It was predictable a break, because the 324 is the last chaper of the volume 36 (I think that as the previous it will have 9 chapters and not 10 as the rest) that now can be printed.

    Anyway I wait impatiently the 324 translated, thanks for your work EG 😉

  67. phillipRT Says:

    thanks Sandwich
    please let nothing happen to her……

  68. Phireo Says:

    Next Issue/Number… To be continued!!

  69. av Says:

    324 raw

    trans…hope soon

  70. Fabio Says:

    LOL at picture 6 to 9, cant understand a thing huahuahuuh

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