Zetman 145-147

  » Posted June 20th, 2010 by DrPepperPro

3 Zetman chapters. Berserk in a week. Hold your ground! Hold your ground.


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  1. JG100 Says:

    Vinland Saga is great indeed, so is Vagabond and Gantz, Gantz having quite a few flaws and Vagabond lost alot of pace in the later chapters.
    But Vinland Saga is one of the series I truly enjoy both storywise and art-wise.

    Berserk lost alot of its appeal to me lately, ever since they introduced all of the fantasy-elements after the second ecplipse really. Also a bit influenced by the excruciatingly slow pace at which it gets released. The art really aint THAT good.

  2. zelda Says:

    Well, for me Berserk is simply amazing. Consider it took more than 100 chapters for reader to understand the current condition of Gatts, which other mangas usually reveal right at the begining. Nevertheless, these 100+ chapters did not make reader lose their interest. It was the other way, i think.

    At this moment, i also believe that Berserk has quite the right number of character, as well as character development. Some others have too many characters, and then people started wondering where the hell those went. For Berserk, almost characters were given roles, and then when they fulfilled that, we know where they went (most of them were sacrified, right?)

    About what JG100 said, it could be correct from your point of view. But for what Berserk has shown us so far I doubt that would be a let down. Before the storm, there is the calm, maybe you also affected from the long break. Berserk is 20 years old, dude. Give the author some patience.

  3. Henrik Says:

    Vagabond is driving me nuts right now. I got to the section about the deaf kid, expecting it to be maybe a few chapters.. It is 1/3 of the whole f***ing series up to that point. Which in itself I might not mind so much, except that the pacing of it is also terrible.

    I bought the first volume of Blade of The Immortal some years back.. I liked it when I first read it, but something about it made me go “meh” and never read further. Some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy, and the sketch style isn’t so great. It probably improved, but I’m not in much of a hurry to read it. Someone convince me otherwise? πŸ˜‰

    I know it was the same with Vagabond sort of though.. not because of the art or story, but I just forgot what I liked about it after buying that first volume, and something like 5 years passed, til just last month and then I became very addicted, and the art just inspires me, moreso than Berserk even. But this arc has bored me enough to drop it for the past week, though I’ve been a bit busy anyway..

  4. zelda Says:

    I dont think I can convince you about BOTI. In fact I kind of sharring your view. That manga is at Vagabond level, maybe more or less, but around that. A good manga, compare to a great manga Berserk =)).

    It has some good stuffs. But the characters, especially the main character got softer. At the beginning he seemed to be a swordman with decent skill, but most of the part we saw him being overwhelmed, surviving only because of his immortal body. How the hell can he be some kind of famous killer if he hardly can take care of one decent oponent? And I dont see why he need 10 weapons. It’s not like each of them is used in special combat, neither he had mastered any of them.

    However, it’s not the kind of story where the main character and his party is the representative of righteousness and justice, in which good is white and bad is black. That’s the selling point which I like. We can see the characters change, but not as steadily as Berserk, which makes me feel Berserk is more real and interesting.

    Having said that, I beleive you could read BOTI whenever you like :)), it’s not like reading it sooner or later make any regret at all. That’s my opinion.

  5. stargood Says:

    Now it’s been two weeks since the “Berserk in a week” announcement. Screw your real life, we want Berserk NOW.

    Er, just kidding of course. πŸ™‚ Quality is worth waiting for.

  6. coruga Says:

    Berserk is alredy OUT and it is transleted, but I still wait EG to publish their release. Hurry up EG, I can’t wait.

  7. Tynar Says:

    @ Henrik
    I had a go at BOTI at some point too, and found the art style distracting. Also, I don’t know if I had a poor translation, or if the dialogue was just awkward.

    As to Vagabond, the pace is a little slow right now, but I have faith. It’s been a while since musashi fought a truly powerful opponent. Besides, I enjoy the serene artwork. I haven’t seen any other manga with as many breathtaking landscapes scenes, and it’s refreshing. Adds so much to the setting.

    @ Soleyfir
    I was wondering if anyone would bring up Dorohedoro. What an awesome manga! To me, the funniest manga out there. Made me addicted to gyoza. =P

    Plot is interesting, characters are awesome. Unlike BOTI, I don’t find the unconventional artwork distracting. In fact, I quite like it. Pace always seems to be spot on.

    Anyone else out there reading that one? You should.

  8. r89 Says:

    Vagabond is the only series I’ve found that’s at the level of Berserk (personally I think Berserk edges it out though), even considering Blade of the Immortal and most of the series mentioned here. It’s not always pure epicness like Berserk, but on the drama front it might be said to be better than Berserk, though since the human dilemma isn’t so pressing it’s far slower (not really a Kojiro fan myself, but I understand why his storyline has to take up so much space, though my blood boils when some idiot goes, ‘hey, let’s go back to deafboy!’).

  9. Soleyfir Says:

    Yeah Dorohedoro is something really out of the ordinary. Uncommon art, no good nor evil characters, funny/serious storyline.
    It’s the only manga I’ve read where a character tells his tragic past like it’s a funny story with the other characters making some jokes about it at the same time.
    Or where one of the characters is a giant cockroach who keeps on saying “shocking”.
    Or where “evil” characters can be as fun as “good” characters.

    Then again, the problem is the pace…

  10. JG100 Says:

    I was already let down with the whole Kushan emperor-shit going on. So too late for getting let down!

    Thought they were finally going to get to the fairy kings island too, but no, they had to make a stop at some other island so now it’ll be another ten years before the story gets any (imo) meaningful progression that affects the characters I care about. (guts and caska) Serpico can just go die in a fire already.

    Yes, feel the hate! πŸ˜€

  11. Legato Says:

    this is getting boring… NEED BERSERK NOW…

  12. Dass Jennir Says:

    Me too πŸ˜€

  13. Teovald Says:

    @JG100 : +10000 : i also felt that the whole khushan emperor war was ffffffaaaaaarrrrrrrr too long. I don’t give a s*** to that, and anyways, we already knew that griffith would succeed. In my opinion that whole arc is mostly a waste of space (except of course for the new future ennemies introduced and the whole why fantasies are becoming real thing; but if it was the only point of that little arc ,and i believe it was, it could have been made in a lot less chapters)

  14. guitarwolf Says:

    Very clever
    I applaud your efforts to get a rise out of me, but know that I consider you an awkward fool, who is here to keep the chat lively and make sure we don’t have a shortage of idiot comments.

    To answer your questions-
    I consider Berserk’s story average, not bad.

    I find it curious that you bring up the comments regarding gore, since, that was never mentioned. Do you have some alterior motive for posting this instead of berating me, like say you delight in the thrill of talking of such things?

  15. Snoop Says:

    Interesting to read that others feel the same about BOTI. I too bought the first volume some time ago, but it was an English translation/adaptation and I think that was the problem. I immediately noticed the errors because the main character is also missing an eye, but due to mirroring, in some of the panels he’s missing his left eye, while on others the right! That was a complete turn off for me.

    I’ve watched the anime since then, and it’s pretty average. I’ve started re-reading it online just because of the all the rave reviews, and so far the the anime seems to be a perfect copy of the manga (same old story – he loses the fight, but since he’s immortal he catches the enemy unaware and strikes him)… Losing faith on BOTI.

  16. Tynar Says:

    haha, yeah dorohedoro does a great job of keeping it light. even though there’s death abound, every other panel someone’s getting turned into a mushroom or a dumpling.

    I think my favorite is Ebisu, and all her absent minded comments. Also, somehow she reminds me of an ex girlfriend of mine :-S

    I think the pacing, in a content per chapter sense is alright. I don’t know what it’s been like in a release rate sorta sense, as I only recently found a source for the more recent volumes, so I haven’t been waiting for it much.

  17. Thana Says:

    Basically I interpretate comments like yours with a prejudice because you express yourself like a twisted and non-social mind. Since I consider you as a thing not worthy to breath I’ll stop telling you what you actually are.

    At first my comment is all about your defamation concerning opposing thoughts. Ever thought about, that everyone you consider stupid because of other opinions considers you stupid, too? They just have the decency (which I lack) to not tell you πŸ˜‰

    Let’s talk about my prejudice again. Why would I think you’re sick freak? Maybe because you don’t read Berserk because the plot but for some “epic” moments. You prefer Gantz over Vinland Saga – one major difference is the extreme violence. Those are two possibilities I consider true about you. I took account of your prior comments, too.

    Funny fact: I asked 4 questions and you answered the rhetorical one… Your smartness crushed my current view of society πŸ™‚

  18. Henrik Says:

    He’s a “twisted non social mind”?? Hey look everybody, we have a psychologist in the house! Thana you should try diagnosing yourself instead of everyone else around you for a change.

  19. Thana Says:

    While I do that scream “Hey look everybody” again and jump in a fire. Thank you πŸ˜‰

  20. LeOn Says:

    The two greatest manga of all time are (for me): Berserk and Battle Angel Alita. But they are not the best comics of al time (again – for me).
    For those of you that like comics (not only manga) i’d suggest you get acquainted with Schninkiel (or Szninkiel) and Thorgal. The first one is something of a “comic gospel” (only not christian, but…well just read it). The second one is definetly berserk-like and sometimes even more “dark” than Berserk. Both are drawn by the best comic drawer of all time (for me):Grzegorz RosiΕ„ski.

  21. Thomas Says:

    Bah whatever this headaches of non social mind stuff, you don’t seem quite different Thana πŸ™‚

  22. Legato Says:

    Hey it’s out…

    Ow no it isn’t T_______T

  23. guitarwolf Says:

    OH, Thana, you are just angry you lost the argument in the previous discussion about how horrid the release rate is now for this manga

  24. stargood Says:


    Schierke & Becchi fan(?) art from the credits panel of the Fucoalitionscans release.

  25. Thana Says:

    I lost nothing πŸ˜‰ This is the internet, you know… Just because you guys are unwilling to accept arguments and need to steam your prepubescent anger here it doesn’t mean you won anything. You guys have no influence at all. Your actions are only disgraceful. But we already talked about that and you guys want to keep disgracing us all, so it doesn’t really matter… This thread is dead. Berserk is out πŸ˜€

  26. zelda Says:

    @LeOm: isnt Battle Angle Alita: The Last Order having problem by now? I heard that the mangaka, upon being requested by a certain editor to make modification for his reprint volume, announced that after the 100th chapter, BAA will go on hiatus and there even might not be a 101th chapter.

  27. r89 Says:

    Battle Angel Alita is one of the most overrated series out there. Never picked up with me and certainly nowhere close to how great Berserk is.

  28. everton Says:

    a good manga and DANGU, has a style similar to berserk

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