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  » Posted June 3rd, 2010 by DrPepperPro

I remember I used to read this one manga… but I forgot its name. Oh well, probably wasn’t THE BEST MANGA EVER or anything, or wait.

But anyways here’s the last Zetman chapter of volume 12. Some volume 13 will be soon-ish.


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  1. Taco Queen Says:

    Yes a new Berserk would be great and again I will eagerly await the next chapter. I just felt like venting my frustrations, apologies if that offended anyone.

    I hope that Miura is just not getting tired of writing Berserk. Whatever the causes may be for long pauses between each chapter, in my heart I just hope that it isn’t because he doesn’t want to continue with it or if perhaps for some reason he is getting bored writing it. That may be shocking to fans who may think “This is an amazing story why would you stop writing it” or whatever but it may be different to Miura as an author. There have been many great comics, shows or whatever that have ran for a while and stopped production for one reason or another or the author just didn’t want to continue it. I just hope that’s not the case in this situation most of all.

    I love Berserk, it truly is an amazing story! If I was bored or thought it was just another comic, I would not waste my time reading it or even trying to keep up with it. Actually Berserk is the only comic/manga I have been reading lately.

  2. Adavanter Says:

    I must say I too am starting to lose my interest in what I easily consider the greatest manga ever. I don’t understand how manga like Zetman and Mushashi has this amazing artwork at a regular pace…

    While Berserk has this really for lack of a better word… unforgivable release rate.

    I didn’t check back here for a few months and found out I’d only missed out on three chapters. By a few months I believe it was 5 or so… I actually don’t think the quality is any less. I actually got reinterested in the magic he can spin. If we just had them released closer together there’d be no problem at all.

    I wish I knew why he didn’t hire a staff or… something. You’d think there would be tons of aid willing to back him. I mean Berserk has to be a huge success at this point?

  3. Guts Says:


    Watch this, new Manga Music Video, might help you guys wait for the next release. Its really good, not my work.

  4. guitarwolf Says:

    It is obviously artwork, yes. However, the vast majority of people posting here and those fans that have suffered through Miura’s bullshit delays don’t appreciate it. This reflects VERY poorly on Miura, that he would do this to his fanbase, which has made Berserk what it is today. Miura should at least have the decency to hand this title over to another author if he is unable to work on it. It is as simple as that, Thana. It doesn’t matter how good the story is, it doesn’t excuse the author for blowing it off and thinking all is jolly good in a few months when he makes the next installment.

    You are taking Miura’s side, but I ask why? He is dragging you through the shit, just as much as any other fan. People have invested lots of time and money on this series. This isn’t just about Miura. He profited off of Berserk’s success, so is it to much to expect him to take this seriously and stop suspending it.

    Stop acting so naive, Thana.

  5. DrPepperPro Says:

    guitarwolf, don’t act as if everyone feels the same as you. I’d wager the majority of Berserk fans are fine with how things are, and are waiting patiently. Most people who are fine with it don’t even want to bother arguing with you defamers.

  6. Taco Queen Says:

    I love the art in Berserk and I would never want to see the quality of the artwork decline because of assistants. I would hope that if he did hire assistants he would judge them individually because of their artistic prowess especially when it comes to being able to replicate his art. As an artist and author I don’t think he would sacrifice that his story with crappy sub par artwork.

    Masamune Shirow is another one of my favorite manga authors and illustrators and his work has been massively produced and yet the overall quality of the reproductions I think are really good specifically when it comes to the animations. I think that may be because he works with the animators and producers. So it’s just an example of an artist being able to control his work and the quality of it.

  7. DrPepperPro Says:

    Just to fill in on some people on some information, Miura does have some assistants, 5 last I checked. They work mainly on the backgrounds and textures. Obviously they’re not doing what alot of people would like them to, which is a large majority of the drawing, but they’re there.

  8. CrackoWitcho Says:

    Could backfire… maybe he has five people wondering when they’re going to get to work next, just like he has many thousands wondering when they’re going to get to read next.

  9. Guts Says:

    Of course DrPepperPro!!!! Majority? You are kidding, right? I don’t think there are so many people that like to fooled around by Miura. The releases pattern reduce clearly with the years, and i bet that Miura don’t give a damn shit about it, if he do, we would have some good (and more) informations about the hiatus that again and again Miura takes. And for what i saw till now Miura don’t give a damn about what we think about the hiatus. You must be one of the the blind OTAKUS that don’t like any kind of complain/criticize/assail to the beauty, perfect and rainbow manga, that in tha case is Berserk.

  10. DrPepperPro Says:

    It seems you’re the one who’s blind. We can see what you guys are arguing perfectly well, we just don’t view the facts the same way. The way you address people being “fooled around by Miura” and the like, it’s as if you don’t even have the capacity to think there are other possibilities. There’s a thing called hope you know. You can’t seem to understand that, and that’s why there’s no point arguing back. Hence you have more badmouthers of Miura/Berserk in the comments than people bothering to argue back at them.

    And yes, there are tons of complaints that can be said about Berserk, most of them trivial, to some, even the waits are as well. Some people truly don’t mind the waits and are patient, is that really that hard to believe. See, for you complainers, you need to make up things — excuses and reasons to justify your claims of hatred toward Miura/Berserk (as well as make up baseless insults to throw around at the people who argue back). For the patient person, all they need to do is wait, silently if they like.

    Now, all that stuff you think up is your opinion, and it’s in your head, but when you write it down and apply it to other people as if it’s fact, you’re being naive in disregarding other people’s opinion, or perhaps you’re disregarding other people’s opinion in order that you can call them naive (for not believing the same thing you do).

  11. guitarwolf Says:

    you direly need a reality check

    10 years from now you say your little bit when we only have 25 chapters.


  12. Henrik Says:

    All I have to say is, we should not lump each other into groups too much either… for instance just because I have voiced some criticisms of Miura or the story doesn’t mean I agree with every other critic here.. their words are not mine just because we may seem to agree on a few points.

    So let’s not make up some idea about us being on opposing teams or whatever… there is a difference between what I have done (speculate) and someone who says the same thing and then adds “that lazy fucker Miura, he should give the series to someone else to finish”… get me?

  13. DrPepperPro Says:

    @guitarwolf: your reality must suck. Actually that’s just your brain.

    I expect this manga to be done in 25 years, obviously not at the current speed it’s at.

    I agree, but in general, we have people that complain about Miura, and those that don’t. But yes, everything is gray.

  14. Guts Says:

    DrPepperPro, i agree with you in some parts, hope is necessary(if things can’t get better, then everything is lost hahaha) especially in Berserk, but what i’m saying is that we can’t just wait quietly, i think we should unite every fan of Berserk, including me, i spend money, time and time rereading that masterpiece that Miura done, he spent a lot more time than uns in Berserk (in my case i’ve been following by 8 years), but that is not reason to just accept the delay, i’m very affraid that Berserk stay like HunterxHunter, what about all of us fans, even with different opinions (that is great for discussion, shows that everyone is thinking about it) unite and send emails to Dark Horse or the closest thing near Miura asking or saying that we would love some explanation about the lateness of releases, that we love his masterpiece and with a cheer up message to Miura.

  15. DrPepperPro Says:

    An explanation would be reasonable thing to ask for, ya. But so many people just talk of demanding more assistants, different authors or whatever. We don’t even know the financial status of Miura Co., they might not be able to afford more assistants (that’s another thing that is fixable by fans, if it is an issue at all). Or perhaps Miura has reached the amount of assistants the he deems acceptable to the quality. Anyways, everything is so speculative right now, and things and opinions getting blown out of proportion, like that “Miura plays dating sim game omg!?!?!?” thing did as well.

    About getting a letter to Miura or his staff, Dark Horse probably wouldn’t be the way to go. SK.net got their letter (real mail, not e-mail) to the assistant editor or something like that of the Young Animal magazine. A similar approach might work for asking an explanation of the long breaks. Of course the one other thing to mention is the possibility of another Berserk anime, which could mean they don’t want to give any reasons for the breaks just yet. Anyways, with the next Berserk chapter soon, this isn’t the time to be sending petitions about the breaks.

  16. Henrik Says:

    I think just being vocal is enough, some degree of respect is key though. We may think that because we are speaking in english nobody in their camp will ever read this, but surely they must consider that scanlation sites exist and are one such place where people talk about his work. So word might leak to him that everyone is wondering what his deal is, would like more interviews, etc. THAT would have been my goal if anything… and even if they didn’t catch wind of us directly, maybe through other sites, maybe someone mentions us elsewhere..

    But now I kind of wonder what he would hear – that people want explanations – or that they’re acting like babies and insulting him. Irresponsible behavior could only make things worse, and also cast negative light on this site.

  17. Jinbei Says:

    Aaaaah, I wasn’t gonna join back in on this, but I guess I’ll throw in a couple more cents 🙂

    “An explanation would be reasonable thing to ask for, ya.”
    This is all I’ve ever wanted. Believe it or not, I don’t think Miura is the Antichrist. However, I do think that it is lazy of him to be publishing at the rate he is. Miura has some level of consciousness about the world, I imagine. Or at least, his editors/agents must. They surely realise that to be taking so many breaks, so frequently, with no reason given, is annoying to those who are waiting. In order to maintain good relations, surely they realise that an explanation is in order. And surely they realise that if no explanation is given, the most natural way to read into that is that there IS no good explanation.

    Now, whether that’s true or not, I can’t say. But it IS the most logical reasoning. In order to quell the natural irritance of the fans, an explanation should be given, if possible. If it is possible to give one, but one is not given, that’s just plain stupid and/or arrogant on the part of the company. That’s what annoys me.

    Now that that’s out of the way, what brought me back to the table was this talk of sending letters/petitions to Miura. Don’t. They don’t care. If the public is going to be putting any pressure on Miura to get moving, it’s gonna be the Japanese public. Leave it to them. But either way, as I said, I’m sure Miura is perfectly aware of how people feel about the situation. It just doesn’t seem to matter enough to him to do anything about it. It’s not that he’s not making enough money, and donations would hurry him up. It’s not that he’s too busy, needs more assistants, but has never thought of the idea (but would suddenly realise and act on it if you advised him on it).

    It’s because of one of two reasons – 1. He doesn’t care, he’s tired. 2. He’s busy doing something secret (e.g. anime, unlikely). Either way, a bunch of foreign leechers whinging in bad Japanese is not going to change anything, and (if it has any effect at all), is only gonna annoy him.

    I’m as annoyed as anyone, but there’s nothing to be done, guys. Just chill out and wait for whatever comes, when it comes. Feel free to vent your frustration at the same time, of course 🙂

    P.S. Thana, don’t bother replying to this, as I’m pretty sure you would have missed the point anyway.

  18. Thana Says:

    *lol* Wall of text, no sense at all 😀

    It’s quite annoying to sum up all the bull you give from you, but it’s obvious you didn’t get anything from what DrPepperPro wrote. Read it! Try to get it! Read it multiple times, if you have to!
    Even Henrik wrote something intelligent this time and counters your “call” to “vent your frustration”. I know it’s the internet, but you should care for your reputation. Your reputation as a non-Japanese reader, that is… Your crap is back firing at anyone of us. And it doesn’t even make sense, as I said earlier.

    You’ll probably go on telling that I “don’t get your oh so right point”, but that’s the problem of the wicked: They don’t get why the average guy doens’t understand their madness either.
    In your next post I want you to pet your cat and tell me that you expect me to die 😉

  19. CrackoWitcho Says:

    “Reputation as a non-Japanese reader” could use some elaboration, I think, as I’m sure implication is there but I can’t ascertain what it may be.

  20. guitarwolf Says:

    bitch whatever you want.


  21. Jinbei Says:



    I mostly agreed with DrPepperPro this time around, just said that writing Miura a letter wasn’t a good idea.

    The rest of your post, isn’t really clear. As CrackoWitcho says, it sounds like you’re trying to say something but I’m not really sure what it is.

    Now, to make you happy, die.
    *pets cat*

  22. Thana Says:

    Muahahaha! <- This is missing! Every evil master mind does that…

    '“Reputation as a non-Japanese reader” could use some elaboration'
    Those non-Japanese readers, that's us. It's about our reputation. You're damaging it. Got it now?

    bitch whatever you want.

    Since you don't get it, guitarwolf: We think it's alright. We're happy with the releases as they are. How can you misread our posts like that?

  23. CrackoWitcho Says:

    I’m bored enough for this now…

    *Ctrl + F: Thana*

    1. “I went optimistic on the new poll and I’m most likely older than most of the kids commenting here”

    Your posts are the least mature by miles.

    2. “You’re complaining there are too much hiatus and you deserve more after leeching several years faithfully…”

    Assuming those of us who take issue with Berserk’s inconsistent rate of chapter release are leechers, implying that those who purchase the manga are or should be content with the release rate.

    3. “It’s sad… Our current generation, that is. Stupidity doesn’t lower the chance of being able to procreate anymore…”

    Insulting an entire generation of people based on a handful of posts in the comments section of a manga chapter release, assuming to know who here is of what generation.

    4. “A page where you can find out the release dates, so you know when to buy 😉 the new volume? Have you ever tried google? It works! I know it’s hard, but you have to type something in and when you search for it google finds something! Terrifying, isn’t it?”

    Smarmy comment in response to a post that had a completely non-provocative tone, again making assumptions about who leeches and who doesn’t.

    5. “Talking about being smart: You avoided one point. What are you doing here on a scanlation site if you’re a self proclaimed consumer?”

    Checking in for the latest chapter scanlated by EG. Same thing you’re doing.

    6. “You don’t anything about his current condition or situation, don’t you? To denounce such an awesome person, of which you still want something, is not the right thing to do.”

    Implies unwillingness to accept that a person you hold in high esteem has character flaws. It’s actually dangerous in some situations to feel this way, but those are extremes.

    7. “Since this was a rather serious post I would like to ease it a bit up:
    Thank you”

    Refer to Thana quote 1

    8. “Miura’s handling of it… that’s like saying he is teasing us intentionally…”

    Except it isn’t at all like anything Henrik said in his comment.

    9. “Art isn’t a good for sale per se. Art is something you like or you don’t. If he likes Miura’s art I don’t get why he complains – art needs time and if you rush an artist he mostly does crap. The artist himself decides when to do art.”

    …This is up for debate, particularly when it comes to illustrators.

    I know a painter who has recently been “discovered,” you might say, in that he’s had some successful shows, made some money, had some interviews and reviews of his work published, and has shows lined up for the next few months. He’s hungry, so when he gets a slot in a show, he paints night and day to get new pieces together.

    Now, an established painter can arrange shows for himself when he has new work to show, and he can work at his leisure. Success does allow for room to breathe in that sense. The same can be said for actors and musicians, and of course anticipation is high when new work is expected in the near future. However, painting, acting, and composing are not serialized like comic books. Illustrators and writers are canned all the time from publishers like Marvel and DC for causing delays and failing to meet deadlines. On the flipside, sometimes shitty work is published just because it -has- to be done.

    Miura is somewhere in-between all of that. I suppose you could look at him as a rockstar in the manga world, prone to secrecy, perfectionism, and stubbornness (and that’s not a slight against Miura; if he simply won’t publish work until it’s immaculate, that -is- stubborn, but not necessarily a bad trait).

    However, Berserk is a serialized work of art, and if Miura has legitimate reasons for constant delays, like illness or arthritis or anything else we might speculate on, I believe he should say so publicly. That is not an “I own him because I buy his product” belief. If he’s putting numbers on those volumes, even if he lives in a subterranean castle in Antarctica and hasn’t spoken or heard from a fan in a decade, he knows that those who bought volume x are wondering what’s taking volume y so long. Answering publicly, even if he were to simply say that the artwork is taking longer than expected, would be a decent sign of respect for his fans.

    Also, before you tear in to me, note that I haven’t slandered Miura on imagined causes for delay. I don’t know why he takes so long, but you don’t have the right to talk shit to anyone who’s guessing because you know exactly as much as we do about what Miura does between chapters: fuck-all.

    And now I’m bored with this, so…

    10. “that most of your claims are unfair towards Miura-sensei.”


    11. “Those non-Japanese readers, that’s us. It’s about our reputation. You’re damaging it. Got it now?”

    Implying that Japanese fans are superior to fans of other ethnicities for unexplained reasons. Your use of the word “sensei” earlier just got a lot funnier.

    -I- could be Japanese, for all you know. I could be the FBI and you could be a fourteen year old girl. Or you could be a Miura-worshipping Japanophile and I could be a bored guy somewhere in North America who likes some Japanese cartoons and comics.

    The Internet is like that.

  24. Thana Says:

    TL;DR 😀

  25. Henrik Says:

    Thana Lost; Didn’t Respond? 😀

  26. guitarwolf Says:

    ok Thana, it is evident that you lose the argument.

    enjoy your 6 month release rate, tard

  27. Jinbei Says:

    @CrackoWitcho: Nicely done, bonus points for use of “smarmy” 🙂

    Also, might as well point out, since that “Non-Japanese” comment was directed at me, I read the Japanese version of Berserk, which kinda backs up what CW said as well.

  28. Thana Says:

    Since I’m not here to work myself through a roman of a low-skilled author – no, I won’t read it, so I’m not able to respond it 😉

    Also, since this thread here should be dead and a release is at hand I’ll end my participation here. Seems you guys don’t want to learn. Till next time you guys start to flip ’cause Miura needs a break. Meanwhile feel free to die in a fire 😉

    Now bash this thread with your non-existent wisdom, ’cause I won’t bother reading here any further. See you next thread 😀

  29. CrackoWitcho Says:

    “Seems you guys don’t want to learn.”

    The only thing you’re qualified to teach is online displays of neurosis and insecurity. Feigning indifference while announcing an unwillingness to participate further due to disinterest is the typical last gesture of a person who feels he’s lost an argument but can’t accept that loss. This thread stopped being about Berserk and became your personal sideshow a long time ago.

    But anyway, if you happen upon a coffee shop while running away from this thread, pick one up for me, K? Black with two sugars, thx.

  30. guitarwolf Says:

    I agree with Crackowitcho.

    Thana you need to stop acting like a child

  31. Samuel Wirta Says:

    I sometimes believe that the World as we know it is not going to be here too much longer.

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