» Posted September 20th, 2009 by miyagiCE

Yeah, here’s another chapter.
Oh, and eid mubarak to those that care, I guess.


  1. Zatman Says:

    Why, thank you ^_^….what a nice eidiya indeed.

  2. Dr_P Says:

    more zetman!!!
    thank you guys

  3. Thana Says:

    Taqabbalallâhu minnâ wa minkum.

    (I hope this isnt disrespectful)

  4. Miv Says:

    (sorry if I use this “place” to talk of Berserk)…
    Have you already seen these scans?

  5. miyagiCE Says:

    Yes, we have. They’re old news. 😉

  6. tufi Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! thank you soooooso much, this it the best gift i received to eid so far \(^o^)/

  7. Nausicaa Says:

    You guys ROCK!!!!

  8. smokeesid Says:

    Two things at once

    I got one more Zetman and spoiler of berserk

  9. Zetoman Says:


    eid mubarak Evil-Genius!

  10. Sogeking74 Says:

    Thanks for the release :3

  11. Thana Says:

    If that isnt the crowning of a new king… Finally! But what kind of castle is that? Its a bit too “Minas Tirith” for me.

    But after this we will finally get back to the Gutts group.

  12. ultra lucky cat Says:

    Whoa slow down guys or you might just accidentally warp time and space!!

    No seriously, thanks for the hard work.

  13. ZetMan Reader Says:


  14. dreamworld Says:

    YAY!!! Zetamn!
    Thanks agian for your hard work!

  15. DamnedBones Says:

    I bow down to you EG, thanks once again 🙂

  16. garfalk Says:

    i think someone gave these guys crack…otherwise, it would have taken a month for this amount of awesome.

  17. DudeGamer Says:

    More Zetman pleaseeeeeeeeeee 🙁

  18. Batman Says:

    Thanks bros

  19. Igirisu_Jimmu Says:

    Allahu Akbar and all that. Where’s the Berserk at? Miura better not pull a stunt like Usui, if that was intentional.
    I liked Crayon Shin Chan, but I like Berserk more. I won’t have Miura conveniently slipping off of his roof while making home improvements or anything of the sort, even if I have to pull a Tom Cruise ala Minority Report.

    Speaking of which, wish there was some way to go back in time and erase a Tom Cruise movie or two; not all of them necissarily, just “Last Samurai” and a couple others.

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