Better late than never

  » Posted March 8th, 2008 by psi29a

Thanks to the efforts of uncempt (who translated this time around), eldo (who skipped work for you bastards to edit it), mystic, Vicissitude, laik, Nomimono, miyagiCE, and more… we present to you Berserk and more! Just in time for more Berserk around the corner. 😉


I hope you all enjoy! We look forward to next week with… antici- pation!

Now for more hbi2k love!

Episode 21: “Now I See Bees I Won”

Episode 22: “The Revenge of Phil”

Episode 23: “Everybody Hurts”

58 Responses to “Better late than never”

  1. Lucifer Says:

  2. johnny Says:

    the new preview for 294 is out at the Japanese web site W00t W00t

  3. Darven Says:

    Yeeeaaaaa! Thank, thank, thanks EG. I’m so fan of Berser my life almost lost meaning when no new chapters come out.

  4. Good Imbecile Says:

    Thanks Evil Genius!

    Sincerley, Your eternal nemesis:

    Good Imbecile

  5. Baka-yaro Says:

    holly crap guys – thank you for Bimoega c25!!!!
    i love ya!!!! 😉

  6. MysteriousStranger Says:

    I can’t seem to download anything from the site anymore.

    Even when I look the torrents up through a torrent search engine they just sit in my client saying “Tracker hasn’t responded yet.”

    I’ve been trying since the releases last week. Am I the only one having this problem?

  7. psi29a Says:

    Make sure that peer guardian is blocking the tracker. That will prevent the tracker from ever contacting you. You can check the site, lots of other people are connecting just fine.

    When your client says: “tracker hasn’t responded yet.” it either means it cannot connect to you or the tracker doesn’t exist. The tracker does exist.

  8. DiscoMouse Says:

    Hah, totally missed this release, even though I’ve been here twice since the 8th. Thanks a lot for Biomega, guys!

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