Berserk 295 Preview

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第295話 末神

Berserk 295 Preview

EDIT: We have the raw, thanks to Lucifer for bringing to our attention.

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  1. Nydhogg Says:

    “I’ve heard sources say that he is something around 26, 27 years of age?”

    He’s 21 years old, everything concerning Guts age is well described in the manga, especially his early years, u just have to sum up to know his age

  2. Avorrit_A_Casa Says:

    NOTE: If I made a double post, SORRY!

    Just checked the RAWs, and now I think that this seems to confirm what lately I thougth about Berserk cosmology, but I’m not Miura so who knows how real is that:


    As Griffith describes God in Chp 83, he is made of flesh (but Griffith doesn’t have any idea of what is an ideal embodyment, so who knows?). Flesh? Mmmm…

    Ganishka made the first step using God behelit, so probably he is tied and doomed to God decisions (well, that’s pretty evident, cannot imagine Griffith losing now).

    Remeber when Gutts rescued Griffith of *THAT* tower, remeber *THAT* skeletons??????

    The SUPERDIRECT interference of God in the dreams of the men is a HUGE indication of what Ganishka is doing is dangerous to him. Probably if Ganishka absorbed all the life in the city, not only his soldiers, he probably became stronger than Griffith, even than “God”.


    What I deducted is…

    God creates a superknigth that unites all men in a place, then he recharges his “batteries” by making a supersacrifice. When the knight discovers that he was just a tool he can be converted in the Skull Knight. Why all this? I don’t know, probably Power, probably to “help” mankind.

    Skull Knight == Griffith of the past == Gaiseric. No, not Gutts. Gaiseric was the winner in the past, not the trigger to create it.

    The question is clear: WHERE IS THE PLACE OF GUTTS IN ALL THIS? Probably there was no Gutts in the other iteration, probably Gaiseric sacrified its Caska version, or Gutts is SO Gutts that is the first one in surviving.

    Or I’m just WRONG! 🙂


  3. The Eagle Says:

    Guys, spoilers: Guts has a behelit. Next eclipse coming. There is the hawk, the falcon, and then the eagle. Guts becomes the eagle. There’s god’s hand and there’s death’s hand. Fuwhahah!

  4. Johnathan Says:

    Guts is just 21?

    I always thought he was older

  5. alfi Says:

    Guts may be 21 but I think we all agree he would open a can of whoop ass on any college kid. I saw an earlier comment asking for a new credits page… I concur. I don’t mind the current one but Griffith with the old hawks doesn’t seem right. Not after he sold them off to gain all that power (poor bastards). I would like to see some more action going on with the skull knight and his behilit sword.

  6. Nydhogg Says:

    College kid? 😐 with 21 I would say you’re not properly a kid (I’m 21 -_-‘) besides.. guts would whoop ass on anyone despite their age anyway…
    As for the skull knight’s sword I got the impression that he could only use that once

  7. jahid Says:

    well since the behelits are still inside sk, i think he can use it whenever he wants.

  8. vashfanatic Says:

    Bear in mind life expectancy in the Middle Ages was 30 years of age. Now, that includes a lot of infant mortality, but if you look at the dates people dies back that, most people didn’t live past 50 or so. 21 was “older” in the past than it is now. I always have to remind myself that if I’d been living back, then I’d probably have been married for 8 years and have given birth to as many kids (assuming I hadn’t caught all that strep throat as a child, otherwise I’d be loooong dead).

  9. SwordsRCool Says:

    awww damn. the next chapter is in 2 months. well. at least we got a few back to back chapters…

  10. vashfanatic Says:

    “deduced” is more standard than “deducted” in this situation. “Deduct” as a synonym for “deduce/infer” is only its second meaning; its first is “to take away/subtract.”

    Re: your theory is interesting, but I also highly doubt that Griffith is about to go, “oops! I did a booboo!” and become a good guy. History doesn’t /always/ repeat itself.

  11. Avorrit_A_Casa Says:

    Thank you vashfanatic, sorry for slapping Shakespeare’s face again (and probably in this sentence too).

    About Griffith, he’s pretty cold. Why not? He slept with a filthy pedophile just for money. Also, if one wants to be a king firstly should win him, what about God? I’m just DEDUCING ( 😉 )

  12. RedSamurai Says:

    Come ooooooon! Don’t tell we’ll have wait that much for the next chapter 🙁
    If that’s the case, they better end the Griffith – Ganishka fight in this chapter!

  13. Thana Says:

    “Skull Knight == Griffith of the past == Gaiseric.”

    I don’t think so… Well, the Skull Knight may be Gaiseric, but i don’t think he was like Griffith. If he was like him he wouldn’t be the Skull Knight but the fifth finger of God Hand by now.

    “The question is clear: WHERE IS THE PLACE OF GUTTS IN ALL THIS? Probably there was no Gutts in the other iteration, probably Gaiseric sacrified its Caska version, or Gutts is SO Gutts that is the first one in surviving.”

    I think Gaiseric IS the the Gutts of this event in the past. You forgot one decisive point in your theory: Why is the SK after Void of GH? We don’t actually know what happened. We learned about a “fairy tale”, about God sending 4 angels to punish Gaiseric and after that his kingdom vanished. We saw the bodies in the hole, being marked by the brand of sacrifice.
    What else do we know?
    – We got that chapter, that was deleted afterwards… The talk between God and Griffith. In my opinion this God is the evil being behind all.
    – 4 angels would perfectly match the members of the GH. Considering them send by a thing calling itself God they could be called angels.
    – The mark of sacrifice… as far as we have seen it being cast it was mostly and perhaps ever channeled by Void.
    To put it bluntly: I think Void perished the kingdom of Gaiseric and thus he became the SK, lead by his rage and the power of his berserker armor, to retribute Voids evil deeds. The intention of the attack against Gaiseric was maybe to make him the 5th finger, the marks could be a proof. Conclusion may be that SK is a mix of Gutts and Griffith.
    If it’s really repeating of SKs former story then Gutts’ place in it may be to hinder Griffith to become Femto. As matter of fact this all is only speculation because we got only some hints.

    I don’t think it will be like that. SKs past may be interesting and will eventually be revealed, but I doubt an important link to the actual situation. I think it’s more about the relationship between the SK und Void, whose will eventually clash against each other again – sounds a bit like the typical story line of an anime: A big group of good and evil ones are forming the most fitting one-on-one-pairings and fight till only one survives like in a tournament 😀 Admittedly trashy but a possible conclusion for me.
    I’m still sure that the whole plot isn’t only about Gutts and Griffith. There is so much more… We got a lot of little hints and you should not forget that Griffith has been corrupted by something much more powerful as we know so far!

  14. InterRage Says:

    Thana Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 2:26 pm
    “A big group of good and evil ones are forming the most fitting one-on-one-pairings and fight till only one survives like in a tournament 😀 Admittedly trashy but a possible conclusion for me.”

    I think you watch too much pokemon, anime or whatever the hell.

  15. Thana Says:

    “I think you watch too much pokemon, anime or whatever the hell.

    I thought I called it myself anime-style and graded it as trash…

    Naaah… I’m a bit to old for pokemon – I hate those merchandize-wannebe-plots! But anime per se is fine. I wouldn’t consider watching anime as a bad trait. Doing so would be narrow-minded.

    And even if it is a bad trait in a country far, far away: I love to read manga and watch anime – you can blame me for that 😉

  16. InterRage Says:

    what i mean was, it sounded like you were summing up the conclusion of berserk in spirit of something along the lines of, dbz for example, where it’s drawn out so far, that you knew what the ending was and eventually you didn’t care to know the ending even if it was compelling.

  17. InterRage Says:

    not that I’m saying dbz is compelling or anything.

  18. Thana Says:

    Again, that would be to simple for the whole story but it fit for the Skull Knight and Void. The SK wants to kill Void and Void on the other hand seems to be the worst possible opponent for Gutts. The most simple way to finish that sub story line would be a duel between the two.

    As you maybe know I expect a lot of the plot and if my expactations come up the God Hand will somehow become an enemy to set sight on – to send the SK would be most common way to annihilate Void in my opinion. But maybe that’s to simple.
    I’m rather interested how Miura continues the plot after Griffith becoming king of Midland and the Gutts group’s visit at Elfheim.

  19. Darkjmfr Says:

    About Gaiseric, I think you guys are forgetting two fellows he seems deeply connected with: the old witch who may have tied gaiseric’s soul to its bones or skull armor (who reminded FMA here ?) after his body was eaten by the berserk frame. Ok this may be a little bit cliché but what was her role? Caska like ? They call themselves friends but hearing Shierke speak about how she was looking after the berserk armor…
    The other related one is of course Zodd. A warrior he was, that’s for sure, and that at least makes him quite similar to Guts. To me he was part of Gaiseric’s troops (“old friend”, speaking of friends again) but that’s not for sure.

  20. Avorrit_A_Casa Says:

    Mmm… Void. I thought that God was an ancient great human mage with two reicarnations and each “angel” a subordinate except for the fifth that is replaced again and again just to be used. Was Void a normal human, someone close to SK? Or was an ancient apostle hidden in the form of a friend that guided Gaiseric-SK to the previous “battery recharge”?

    The thing that doesn’t fit in all this is that SK-Gaiseric WAS the leader/king of all. This is why I think he is a Griffith-like. Probably in the previous iteration the sacrifice was made by the Gutts-one, this is, Gutts = Void of present. And Caska-of-the-past? Was one? If not, this is GREAT! She is the key! Then the demon-son that was reborn with the same properties as Griffith probably is the first time to appear. Will he be the God Killer, leaded by his parents?

  21. Avorrit_A_Casa Says:

    Ok, my english stinks.

    I forgot: I see in Farneze the dark spirit of Slan.

  22. Ahmed Says:

    Thnx EG. All that long nights waiting are paying off now eh lol

  23. SwordsRCool Says:

    Really? i just see a horny girl who gets off on fire and giant swords.

  24. bee Says:

    I fear the farneze we grew to love and cherish has changed now and has started to see a new path away from the temptations of lust.
    It has been a sad few chapters/volumes seeing this.

  25. Marduk Says:

    Sorry guys, i’m going to desagree a bit here. First i believe you’re stretching the hints a bit much. Personally i do believe that SK is Gaiseric, and he became what he is through the use of the berserk armor. it was stated during the witch of the forest fight. the difference between SK and gutts is that he has people that support him and keep him in check from walking that path till the end.

    Regarding this battery recharge theory, i’m gonna disagree, God is a reflection of the darkness of humanity’s soul, and griffith is the embodiment of this through the laws of causality as used by God, this is pretty clear if you read the removed chapter.

    Going back to the demon spoiled child thar was conceived by Casca and gutts, he was taken into the behelit apostle and used to re-incarnate Griffith into this world, but apparently his spirit was released from that body, i woud bet that the child we met at the beach house is theirs, it was hinted that ” …they almost look like a family”. Casca instinctively protected the child and even gutts felt ok around him, honestly gutts never likes anything his unfamiliar with.

    Regarding Griffiths kingdom, it feels more than like it’s a merging of all the planes, giving all kind of creatures access to the real world. In my opinion at this point Griffith is beyond a simple consideration of wether he is good or evil, he just became the ultimate pragmatist, the morality of his actions is deemed a waste of effort, results are the only important thing. Will he be a fair ruler? well that will deend on your point of view, if you don’t like him and do something about it, then he’ll get rid of you, quick and clean. If you support him, then there will be no problem. He has already cleaned a few apostle’s himself who were not aligning with him.

    One more thing, Gutts does not have a behelit anymore, the SK took it and consumed it, right after asking gutts if that was really the path he wanted to follow.

    Finally regarding Elfhelm, i guess it’s a good opportunity for the character to rest recuperate and upgrade either in equipment or resolution, to be able to go as far as they have to. Being a bit more childish, new arm for gutts, a “cure” for Caska, further comprehension of the world for schierke, etc. Just like the wizard of OZ!!

    Thanks for reading this far, i await your comments

  26. ChronoKnight Says:

    People, we need to focus. There is a giant boob in that city! Do you know what that means!?! Because I sure as hell don’t!

  27. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    The only thing about the 4 angels being the GH which doesnt fit is the timeline

    Seeing as the GH came after him it doesnt fit.

    I see SK as Gatts imo, with the grudge against void and such. Although maybe Zodd ties into this too. Like SK/G ‘was’ Gatts (not literally though) Void was like Griffith or maybe Zodd.

    The clue i got was when Mozgus was blabbering on about it *goes for reference*

    About the sage being locked up, still prayed (maybe summoned the GH)

    I thought there was more than that.. But there isnt.. :p

  28. Thana Says:

    About that timeline… Where are the informations from? Maybe I overread it but I don’t think we know the birthdays of the GH-members.

  29. Nydhogg Says:

    “One more thing, Gutts does not have a behelit anymore, the SK took it and consumed it, right after asking gutts if that was really the path he wanted to follow”

    Could you tell me in which chapter?

  30. Thana Says:

    He is wrong. The SK got his behelith from the wannabe fairy, Gutts still has his. But the last time I remember to see his behelith was when Griffith was reincarnated. Pakk noticed the transformation and screaming of his little hatchling 😉

  31. Nydhogg Says:

    Hum Guts still had it inside Qliphoth. Its face even got organized though it didn’t open the eyes

  32. Avorrit_A_Casa Says:

    Well, the great difference with Marduk is that he sees God as a supernatural entity like the big four elemental spirits where I just see a human that a long long time ago made some kind of strange stuff.

    Shierke stated (or is a mistranslation?) in the Qliphot episodes that there’s a fifth elemental: darkness. Is God this elemental? I doubt it, there’s no elementals (the tiny creatures) for darkness (behelits? I don’t think so). Same for Gutt’s sword, probably now is a “magic” sword related to this darkness element. It is said that due it attacked so many apostles (living beings in two levels of existence, as Gutts and Caska) is now “affected” by that and can cut the beings with corpses in the spiritual an physical world. This explains why Gutts couldn’t kill Slan, she’s also in the ideal world and this makes her invulnerable to this sword. Not the same for the SK sword probably.

    How is possible that Ganishka now is something so similar to God? I can remember how the huge pseudobehelit (during the second reincarantion of Ganishka) remembered me a LOT the apperance of God in the Chp 83. Also, the God direct interference in the humans dreams by two times, first with the prediction of the Hawk, second for the Ganishka suck-suck of life in the capital. Ganishka was doing something directly dangerous to him. Probably the fifth angel not only is or the recharging, but also for stopping the traitor apostle instance (THIS IS STARTING TO SEEM THE MATRIX).

    About Farneze, she’s not a normal human. She used to love pain, like Slan, she’s next to the protagonist, so she is having a freaking life adventure, and she is in love with Gutts, and he’s not, so I see a traitor’s reason in that. In what will end? Who knows, causality is a spiral as the Witch states. Probably God is just a human that knew that eons ago.

    Also, how is possible that ALL the behelits have THE SAME FACE? And curiously, same with the dogs and horses that attacked Gutts escaping from the Holy Army (when I consider that just a normal spirit attack).

    But remeber, probably I’m just wrong. 😀

  33. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    The timeline was done by the (rough) dates and hints Miura has given

    And as we know an eclipse doesnt happen everyday, the GH couldnt (maybe only Void, but not all 4 of them) of been those angels.

    Maybe if Sk/Gaseric is like Gatts, the 4 angels could have been the GH before the GH. And SK killed them or something, and the new GH are stronger, thats why when SK tried to attack Void at the eclipse, he didnt get very far..

    I dunno, i wish Miura would give us another clue :p

  34. Thana Says:

    The link is fine but I would prefer the quotation of Miura giving the birthdates of the GH-members or the chapters mentioning these…

  35. SwordsRCool Says:

    I think Skull Night is like guts, a survivor of an eclipse. But that’s just me. And I think Miura is going to work the God Hand in slowly, I mean he’s been making them show up every now and then, Slan’s troll intestine form, that one that was in plague rat form.

  36. Sheepy-Pie Says:

    Thana – Yeah i understand 🙂 we can’t know for sure or anything, i mean for all we know the god hand could have been born all together in some kind of massacre of bodies in a major eclipse. And SK was a survivor that way or something

    One thing we’ll probably never find out is who the GH were before they became the GH, i’m curious :p

  37. Thana Says:

    Awww, I would like to know that… Was the first GH-member a human anyway? What kind of creature is that “God”? Maybe Miura tells us sometime 😉

  38. Adavanter Says:

    I’m part of the crowd that would be quite happy if Berserk was only half way done. I don’t know if he’s just making this stuff up as he goes along with a general outline or what… but there’s TONS of story left to be told. I like the way he takes his time and dwells on the little details. Skull Knight’s story alone could be a friggen arc. Caska’s memory returning and then coming to grips with everything that happened and is happening is another arc’s worth of story. Not to mention the new interaction between Gutts and Her. I also agree that I’d like a little bit more on the generals surrounding Griffin. Can’t forget Zod‘s duels between like… everyone!

    My opinion of Griffin was he was single minded when he started… but he grew to like the band of the hawk. After he was tortured and left by Gutts with pretty much his perfect world/dream destroyed. I’d say he was on the knifes edge and seduced by the offer. So after that long rant… I find the credits page to be a perfect reminder how far these characters have come. Griffin wasn’t evil… but became evil.

  39. Adavanter Says:

    Ugh and yes I know his names Griffith. I just spazed and wrote Griffin through out 🙁

  40. krazyivan Says:

    I think that that timeline could be outdated. Since mr.Miura has been developing this story for 20 years he could have made some changes- otherwise it would start bore him :PP.

    It would be really lame if mr.Miura would make the story this simple. I think he’s far beyond that level.
    Here are one of my theories concerning the Skull Knight:

    Gaiserick unites midland.
    He witnesses an eclipse in Albion (as mentioned by Mozgus “once a holly man was tortured here by emperor Gaiserick, but he kept his faith and 4 angels came to save him”).Being the apostle’s enemy was not dear to him, so he was not sacrificed (just like the snail baron could not sacrifice Gutts when he was dying). Afterward he obtains a behelit and sacrifices his subjects at the Tower of Rebirth.
    Now focus on the frame where princess Charlotte tells Gutts and co. his story – ok, he has a skull shaped helmet, but the was also a (smaller) lion/big cat on it, furthermore he wasn’t wearing a full plate armor but something more … barbaric. It is also mentioned that he loved figting. When you add it up-> Gaiserick could have became Zodd!

    One of his subjects (a general, next heir to throne or just a loyal soldier) survived the Eclipse and began his quest for revenge.
    He did not become an apostle though. The simplest way to prove that is the fact that he used the berserker armour – an apostle wouldn’t have to use it to hunt down other apostles(like Ganishka did to construct his dayspa). Furthermore he was friend with Flora (Shrieke’s mistress). And as far as I’m concerned a witch who used to go from village to village to help the needy would not become friends with someone who was evil enough to sacrifice people who were dear to him for power.
    As for the armors shape – it could be symbolizing that he was so close to Gaiserick that he took his banner.

    Still there so many variables in this equation that I’m not sure if even a single word I wrote is true.
    p.s. I just realized that this is the first text I wrote in English for quite a long time so I’m probably butchering it, for which I’m very sorry (feel free to point out my errors).

  41. FInglnad Says:

    Come on man, the Skull Knight has to be the Supreme King of Midland and Void was being tortured like it shows him when God came down and helped him. Flora said that the Skull Knight did have the brand and besides, just like Guts got the brand from a god hand, a king would be very close to someone smart enough to become one of the god hand. The Tower where the mock eclipse happened is where Voids eclipse happened and Void’s mock eclipse happened where Griffith was turtored.
    But what sucks the most is that the Skull Knight had to use his Sword Of Resonance, that took him like 1000 years to make and then he had to use it to save Guts, but its worth it. I just want to know who the Skull Knight knows that future and shit, maybe he is already with that Elf King on Elf Helm and thats explains how he knows that Guts is so important.

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