Berserk 291 Preview

  » Posted November 3rd, 2007 by psi29a

It’s that time again…

Berserk 291 Preview

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  1. krazyivan Says:

    @Gnat if Someone swears in two languages in one post he may mean it.

    The worst thing that’s killing us is no info on why is the release delayed (Starnum wrote something about it being because of “the man” but i didn’t quite get that) or when can we expect it to arrive – actually learning that it’s due in two weeks time would be keep me from visiting the site every 10 minutes. And please, don’t think that I’m ungrateful or want EG to do their job faster. I worship my noble berserk providers like gods, yet just want to know when can I download another wonder.

  2. Marte Says:

    >>A little patience can be pretty rewarding, I’ll wait
    >>for a good reliable group even if they are slow.

    I agree with you,except for one thing.Most of the times,the translations are done having in mind an english-speaking audience!This would seem normal,but take as an example the translations of the lines of all the pirates.For an english-speaking man, they may be comprehensible,but for me,who know english as a 2nd language,they’re nearly like a complete different language.I can barely understand an half of what they say.

  3. vashfanatic Says:

    where do you guys get the raws? I’d love to see the original Japanese text, if simply because I never have before.

  4. schizo420aoe Says:

    Same thing I was wondering about and another thing any round about when it will be out so I can mark my calendar

  5. From same place as Someone, yet someone else Says:

    @ vashfanatic
    chceck the internets

    @ krazyivan
    seconded, reloading page every ten friggin’ seconds = no fun

  6. Mr.E Says:

    @ Samael Daemon

    sure thing, as long as you remember who gave you your name.

    there’s power in names, and i want it!

  7. Gnat Says:

    What do you do the rest of the time when there is no release to check for? Just assume it won’t be released in the next 10 minutes, the next hour, or the next day, and go enjoy something that you would do if there wasn’t a release.

    If you enjoy reading what people say and their crazy theories… sure check back every hour to see if someone responded to your wacked out post. Otherwise take a holiday and check back tomorrow.

    Do a search for Psi29a on the page and you can prolly find the closest thing to updates. I know these are vague…but it is better than promising a time and then not having it done.

    November 11th, 2007 at 3:03 pm
    >>Mystic is working on the translation as I type this. Real >>life commitments make it difficult sometimes, but it is >>his baby and he has said he will work on it till either he >>or Miura dies.
    November 12th, 2007 at 8:32 pm
    >>@Aetherfukz: ^_^ Makes us happy to know our work is not in >>vain. I can’t give you all an ETA other than we are >>working on it now.

  8. nocturnal Says:

    whens the next release coming out? I think eg admires miura so much that they adopted his habit of a lengthy release date.

  9. titox Says:

    do You think griffih is a bisexual?

  10. nocturnal Says:

    well… he banged that rich noble for money. I would say that makes him a definite canidate.

  11. Reginald Funkenstein Says:

    What do you think Griffith’s, or I should say, Femto’s ultimate goal is here? I’m starting to get the feeling, albeit without concrete evidence, that the goal is to set up a massive eclipse ceremony, or something like it that would completely encompass the world. I’m just feeling that Locus couldn’t quite contain a certain glee at the end of chapter 291. (If that’s his glee, I’d hate to see his anger)

    This is starting to look like Determinism, upon Griffith’s white wings, is carrying the world toward the proverbial “Sea of LCL” (Sorry, Neon Genesis allusion/metaphor)

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