hbi2k’s Berserk Abridged

  » Posted July 8th, 2007 by psi29a

hbi2k has been floating around the forums for awhile now, a 25 year old from Tucson Arizona, he has been dulling out wit and sarcasm on a typically dark and morbid discussion on Berserk in the forums. After locating the AMV thread, he also began posting his Berserk Abridged editions there. We split it out of there and blessed as a new thread and he has created 12 hilarious reductions thus far with the plans to keep it up in a bi-weekly basis.

Episodes 1-12 can be found inside the forums here: Berserk Abridged Talkback

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

As he releases new ones, we will premier them here on EG. Thank you hbi2k for making us all laugh here at EG and to you all, Enjoy!

12 Responses to “hbi2k’s Berserk Abridged”

  1. theblacksword Says:


  2. crazyankan Says:

    Hahha love that Caska sounds like “Whoa” in “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” =)

  3. sscilli Says:

    Those were surprisingly funny :). Keep the releases coming.

  4. cjj Says:

    oh my god that was funny 😀

  5. berserkfan Says:

    GUTS: do you guys always give the highest honours to the people that screw up the most
    JUDEAU: well it seems to work for the bush administration kazing


  6. Clubbavich Says:

    Uhhh… he’s released up to episode 8 at least…and they are funny as hell

  7. Fatah Says:

    I’ve seen till episode 8 and they are quite good. I hope he does them more…

  8. Rancid Says:

    it sucks, it has to be funny to be a parody

  9. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:


  10. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:

    In episode 3 I lost it when the Monty Python soundclip played!
    Absolute genious!!

  11. hbi2k Says:

    I have to consciously restrain myself from putting too many Holy Grail clips in it; there are just too many good ones, and I don’t want to over-rely on one source for all my references. (-:

  12. HappiestGuyInSpringfield Says:

    Yeah, and the younger Berserk fans would start scratching their collective heads and think that you’re crazy.

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