End of February Madness

  » Posted February 22nd, 2007 by psi29a

We have some more goodness for everyone, Biomega, Berserk, and 3 chapters of Angel Heart! So without further delay…


Next Berserk (284) will be out around April 6th, it is a bit of a long time but at least we have a set date, so all is well.

Also, we want to thank Oblivion for the wicked sick header logo at the top of the blog here. We think it looks bad ass, and feel free to let Oblivion know too. πŸ˜€

We are on the lookout for NHK 34 raw, so if anyone could pop on the forums or leave a comment here we and all NHK fans would be eternally greatful!

Server now has new ram installed and is awaiting transportation to it’s new home. YAY! Thank you all again for your kindness.

Have a great weekend!

EDIT by Eldo:

Thanks a lot for the responses regarding the NHK raw, we now have chapter 34 in our possession.

As for NHK chapter 33, it’s still in the editing stage, since, you know, it’s freaking 32 pages and requires some extensive editing. It should be ready in the next release, scheduled in two weeks. That’s to hold off your thirst for more Berserk.

In addition, we need editors for NHK and Zetman. I doubt I could edit them soon, as real life commitments take priority over hobbies and other entertainment needs. Editors will be tested before we let you join, so you better be experienced. Thanks a lot, folks, always a pleasure giving you guys your manga needs.

41 Responses to “End of February Madness”

  1. Selm Says:

    Damn NHK is just picking up too. I’m so glad they are giving Hitomi and Satou some fucked up romance.

  2. Steve Says:

    Sweet, I love coming home from work to find new Berserk. πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the releases guys, you are all the awesomeness. Keep up the hard work and I hope you guys get lots of much deserved donations!

  3. The BlackSwordsman - A Berserk Fansite Says:

    Chapter 283 Released…

    Evil-Genius is totally unstoppable.Β  Here’s the latest release from these guys: Chapter 283.
    I also want to point out some news from them:
    “Next Berserk (284) will be out around April 6th, it is a bit of a long time but at least we have a …

  4. Andre Says:

    Thanks for Berserk and the great Angel Heart. Thanks once again

  5. SAMfh Says:

    You guys are awesome. New Berserk is the best.

  6. nhk fan Says:

    Found this raw for 34: http://isohunt.com/download/15317918/nhk+raw

    I couldn’t find 33 though. I don’t know if you guys have it or not yet, being as it isn’t out. So sorry if you needed that one too.

  7. K LI Says:

    HI,i saw [Evil_Genius]AngelHeart comics yesterday. Because i am very interested, I would like to become a translator. Could you give more information about this job? I hope so much i can become a part of this job. Thank you very much.

  8. Guyver84 Says:

    Thanks for the three Angel Heart chapters. You’ve one a great job πŸ™‚

  9. Bean Says:

    I have had the NHK 34 Raw on my computer for a little over two months now (and the 33 Raw for over three). No, I didn’t scan either one, I just downloaded them at the times when I saw they was available. Anyway, as I don’t have the original link still, and it’s probably disappeared anyway, I uploaded the34 Raw to rapidshare, hopefully without any errors. Here you go:


    I know this question is usually forbidden, but in exchange for providing the 34 Raw, might I inquire as to whether NHK 33 might be released in the near future?

  10. Water Says:

    Thank a lot for Berserk!!!

  11. Pj Says:

    Berserk & Biomega ! Thank youuu πŸ˜‰

  12. psi29a Says:

    @K LI: Stop on by the forums and let us know what languages you work with. EG Staff Applications: Translators and Editors. We’d love to have ya. πŸ˜€

    @ nhk fan & Bean: Thanks for all the links, it is greatly appreciated. We are currently working on 33 and wanted 34 so we can released both in one go. Also, should NHK 35 drop as well, feel free to post us a link to it as well. *bookmarks isohunt*

    Thanks again everyone!

  13. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Once again, thanks a lot for all those great releases, especially Berserk !

  14. Jake Says:

    Could someone explain why it takes a lot of different scanlations come out on a weekly basis but Berserk is monthly?

  15. Sirax Says:

    Wow, the new berserk rox πŸ˜€ , come to think of it Biomega is also friggin’ awsome πŸ˜€

  16. Oblivion Says:

    am i the only one who cant see the new header?

    anyway, thx for new berserk!, if only it would come more frequent as other manga and the story would move faster

  17. psi29a Says:

    Oblivion: its your cache, hold down shift and click on refresh or click on it. It will force the browser to re-download the images. IE is the worst offender but firefox, opera, and safari do the same thing.

  18. boludin Says:

    thanks again for publishing the translation.
    some of you can put the new berserk chapter in direct download, im having problems with my conexion and im not able to download the torrent.
    thanks in advance

  19. psi29a Says:

    Direct downloads can be found in the forum here

    Please do not post them here in the comments section. They will be deleted if found.

  20. Lone Wolf Says:

    Man can’t wait to see Guts in action again.

  21. Kiklo Says:

    Berserk update! Great!

    Sucks we have to wait so long for the next one, but we’ll just have to.

    Thanks EG.

  22. aperfecte Says:

    When is Breaction Chapter 10 coming out???

  23. Steve Says:

    I can see the header just fine and I’d have to agree that it is indeed badass.

  24. psi29a Says:

    @aperfecte: We have 15-18 (18 being the last one) but we cannot locate 10-14. Soon as we locate those, then we can begin work on chapter 10. πŸ˜›

    So we implore anyone with UltraJump to help us out and scan 10-14, or find some lost archive of raw manga and shoot us a copy.

    We want to finish the series as much as you guys want to read it.

  25. Radesk Says:

    xD 3 days before my birthday there will be another chapter of Berserk, I couldn’t wish more ^^ keep the good work (-_-” if I had a job I would help the site with donations sorry)

  26. Meeric Says:

    I can probably help with the editting of NHK, if you want to send me a test page and I’ll show ya what I can do.

  27. Selm Says:

    awesome job bean!

  28. Cower Says:

    Another one Biomega.

  29. crimsonzero Says:

    hello to everyone at eg! πŸ™‚ thanks for berserk =D u guys rule!

  30. psi29a Says:

    We are currently working on NHK, hopefully a release will be right around the corner. πŸ˜€

  31. Miguel Says:

    Has Anyone Seen 300? Would love to Berserk! get the same Movie Treatment. >:0

  32. Oblivion Says:


  33. Minabe Says:

    I can help with the editting of NHK

  34. Joel Says:

    God….i’m so anxious …..where the hell is NHK ni youkoso vol.7chap.33???? i need it…it’s been like 2 weeks since you said you were going to ….. release it….come on i have needs you know…..

  35. psi29a Says:

    @Minabe: Swing on by the forums and post in the “EG Staff Applications: Translators and Editors” thread with some sample work of yours. πŸ˜€

    @Joel: Well, we never said we would release it in two weeks. But rest assured that we are working on NHK. Matter of fact, we are working on: biomega, zetman, AH, in addition to NHK at the moment. We would love to have more help in terms of translators and editors.

    Eldo, our wonder editor is tied up with a hell of a course load at Uni as an example. We are trying to keep this fun for us so we want to continue, not treat it as a 2nd job so please bear with us.

    However, in addressing NHK, we have 33-36 cleaned and ready for being type-set and are awaiting translations which are being worked on right now. We have 33 and 34 scripts with 35 and 36 coming soon. We will release 33-36 at the same time.

    Even I (psi29a) have taken the time to learn a bit of editing to help out with NHK so we can get that ball moving and cought up to current. The raws are pretty crap and it takes me 30 minutes per page to make it look not crappy.

    Sure, some people just scrub the bubbles and fill in a translation, however we like clean them up and actually release non-shit work. At least that is goal. πŸ˜› haha

  36. Bel Says:

    Expect no less from the Evil Geniuses. If only all the raws could already be HQ…

  37. Joel Says:

    i see now… you should post the schedule of chap33-36 but it’s good to know that you’re working on it and like real professionals your goal is always a good and perfect execution of the project.
    keep working on it,and try your best

  38. Oblivion Says:

    now that Joel already did some verbal fellatio, i dont need anymore^^

    *thirts for Berserk.

    which is worse? never knowing of Berserk or waiting months for a new chapter?

  39. Joel Says:

    hey….wasup….dude you really should keep the fans updated it’s been like 1 freakin month since the last general post…c’mon say something

  40. Miguel Says:

    300?? Sorry 300 is a movie thats playing in theaters!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0416449/ I compared to BESERK because they both show a freaky mythological persian army!! All fans of Berserk should see it !!

  41. Oblivion Says:

    hell i just saw 300 and yeah you’re right, the xerxes army could have been the sick army of kushan, and the battle was like the one placing now in front of the city, 300 vs a bazillion non skilled warriors

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