Berserk 283 Preview

  » Posted February 16th, 2007 by psi29a

Its nearing that time again, just one more week before Miura lets us savor his epic master piece.

Berserk 283 preview

Thank you all again for your kind generosity, it has certainly helped! The server is here and I’m currently in the process of putting more ram into it and copying the data over. I’m hoping that we will soon have it up and online making the site even faster and more responsive than it is currently.

The server isn’t Evil_Genius‘s but that of Mindwerks who gives us space as non-profit group. Your donations where not just for the server and continued EG hosting on Mindwerks, but a generous donation in helping out groups like Special Love who share the same server as EG.

Special Love is a nonprofit organization that provides cancer families a network of support, made up of other patients and families who know and understand the trials and triumphs of the cancer experience.

Our very own Killfile (from the forums) is a child-hood cancer surviver and helps to maintain SL. Yes, they love the Berserk too. 😀 So again, we thank you all for helping not only EG out, but Mindwerks and everyone else who shares the server.

Thanks — psi29a

11 Responses to “Berserk 283 Preview”

  1. smk~ Says:

    simply awesome~

  2. Fatah Says:

    Glad to help

  3. Kiklo Says:

    Woot- Go Griffith, release your powers!!

  4. Phireo Says:

    But you could have said that from the start, you know. Usually people hate it when their money doesn’t go where they wanted it to…

    Still, good work… Let’s try to save at least as much people as there are deaths in the whole Berserk Manga!!


  5. Mammon Says:

    I can t wait to see someone who kick s Griffith s ass!!!!
    I m sure this kushian s king won t be able to touch Griffith once, but Gatz will do it pretty soon!!!

  6. psi29a Says:

    @Phireo: It went exactly where it was supposed to, to help pay off the the cost of the server.

    Thing is, Mindwerks (my baby) hosts lots of sites for free. Such as SL, Manga Underground, and EG to name a few. I pay out of pocket about $75/month, and have done so for the past 3 years that Mindwerks has hosted EG. A great opportunity arose that allows me to host a server in my own environment and lower the overhead for me and my wife. Now, the server is bought and paid for. The donations are enough to cover 42% of the total cost of the server which is fantastic and we thank everyone for chipping in.

    What this means is that the site will be faster, and more importantly I’ll not have to worry about having to axe a bill (read shutting down mindwerks, evil-genius, sl) to make sure we can make ends meet. Your donations is greatly appreciated by all of us at EG, SL, MU, the forums and more. That was all I was trying to say, to make sure I was clear as possible. We have no ulterior motive, and no one is making a profit. If anything, over the course of the past 3 years I’ve lost $2700 USD just by keeping the place up and humming along, mostly out of respect to the community and for prior leeching of manga and anime. I felt it was my turn to give back to the community as best as I knew how.

  7. Wandering_Mystic Says:

    I just wanted to thank all the donators for their contributions. Psi puts in a lot of work and love (not to mention money out of his own pocket) to keep things running here, and like the man said above, he’s been doing that for at least 3 years now. We are not the kind of group who will ask for money for personal gain (hell, we’re not even breaking even despite all the generous donations).

    That said, we were extremely touched by the all the people who pitched in to help! By pitching in for the new Mindwerks server, you not only helped keep EG running, but all the other sites that are affiliated and hosted by this network as well (and you helped our awesome administrator ease off the stress he feels when trying to manage all this out of his own pocket). None of us at the staff profited a cent from this, but thanks to all the contributions, you’ve helped pretty much everyone else profit from the services we and others on this network provide. 🙂

  8. Harkan Says:

    Nce new site skin …or whats it called

  9. seishi Says:

    really, i prefer the old design : /

  10. Kiklo Says:

    Nahh, I like this one better.

  11. Berserker Says:

    guess i’ll just have to get used to the new skin.

    by the way, does anyone know why Miura takes these huge breaks now and then to release berserk chapters? the wait is so long..:/

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