A Red letter day: Berserk, Biomega, NHK, and Angel Heart

  » Posted January 12th, 2007 by psi29a

After a 4 month long absentee from the world, Miura is back with 280! Let the rejoicing begin. We also have NHK up to 31 and are working on 32 now. We also have Biomega 17 for you all, with 18 about to be edited as well. What a wonderful way to start off the new year.


So, enjoy everyone and remember that there will be a 281 of Berserk on Jan 26th. The two week cycle returns! — psi29a

78 Responses to “A Red letter day: Berserk, Biomega, NHK, and Angel Heart”

  1. ogar555 Says:

    Awesome guys! Keep it up! Love ya!

  2. assed Says:

    thank you very much for this chapter. Miura really really really needs to hire assistants or more of them!

  3. Baro Says:

    No peers found for biomega, anyone have a direct link?

  4. Andre Says:

    Hell yeah. Thanks for Berserk and Angel Heat. Love you guys and thanks again.

  5. psi29a Says:

    @Baro: I’ve already answered this in the forum. We already have seeders, from many geographically different locations using any number of clients on any number of service providers. Tested again by us all over the world. Do you think perhaps you may have a problem, such as Shaw.ca which is known to asshats when it comes to BT use? Try using a different client that supports encryption like Azureus.

    EG will not provide direct links, nor will we allow DDs to be listed here in the blog. The only location for these should be in the Interstice in the forum. Ask for some kind soul to provide one there please.

  6. Derek Says:

    i apreciat your work men thank’s thank’s for Berserk new chapter!continue whit good work!!!

  7. Olmi_McFly Says:

    i have now B.Reaction chapters 9,15,16,17,18 if u still need those contact me

  8. Web Says:


  9. kiNok Says:

    Thanks for new NHK chapters!

  10. psi29a Says:

    It has come to my attention that we (EG) have chapter 9, and 14-18 now. We are currently on the look out for chapters 10-13. 18 is the last chapter of B. Reaction!

    Yell out here if you have 10-13 and would like to contribute it to the cause. ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Ladyhawk Says:

    Am I the only one who can’t open this file? Any idea where I should turn for help? TIA


  12. Macdrum Says:

    Nope, doesn’t work for me either.

    ๐Ÿ™ Waited so long and now we get to wait some more.

  13. Nsight7 Says:

    Hey, you can find Zetman raws here:

    It has all the raws up until the current release. In addition the site has several other series.

    This is in response to talk earlier about a lack of raws.

    Btw, thanks for all the hard work!

  14. servela Says:

    Use winrar or 7-Zip to unpack.
    If you still can’t open it, download it again.

  15. seishi Says:

    ladyhawk, hv microsoft mess?

  16. orangensaft Says:

    http://anip.homeunix.com/manga/ here at this site you can get all the raws you need for example Zetman and much more, so pleease translate hihi

  17. Peter Says:

    Is it just me, or were chapters 28 and 29 of Welcome to the NHK skipped?

  18. Fucius Says:

    sweet! Just wanted to thankyou for the great work. Just a curious about the yellow background though.. is it just me or was this episode scanned on yellow paper?

  19. Peter Says:

    Err…nevermind, I checked the forums and the “missing” chapters were present.

  20. psi29a Says:

    The big issue as I said earlier was BReaction 10-14, we still need those raws. Everything else though, we are good to go on. Matter of fact, we have NHK 32 and 33 being worked on right now.

  21. Mathieu Clavel Says:

    Why does the vol 6 of NHK contains only 3 chapters (28~30) ?
    Is chapter 31 really from vol 8 ?
    Nonetheless, thanks for your job.

  22. Jacob Says:

    there was 5 new mangas this time, but I only have read Berserk and am wondering if I should read the other ones also.. Whats your favorite except Berserk?

  23. servela Says:

    except berserk
    zetman and Biomega ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Daryl Says:

    Firstofall I wanted to thank you guys for releasing Berserk 280! Great job!
    Secondofall I wanted to provide my help with editing and type-setting. I usually scanlate the newest Eyeshield 21 chapters and offer them on mangahelpers.com! But I would be delighted to help you guys out as well since I became a huge fan of the series. Please contact me if you have interest. If you want to see some of my scanlations (as references) please visit mangahelpers.com and look through the Eyeshield 21 section and compare the RAW’s to my scanlations ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Eldo Says:

    The real problem is our lack of translators. The editor spots are filled for now, thanks for your offer though.

    Right now, the editors outnumber the translators.

  26. vincent Says:

    one piece and vagabond

  27. belgnew Says:

    2 week cicle for BERSERK!! WOW!!! GREAT!!!

    i been a fan for years… and still love it!!!
    thanks fo rthe great work.. !!

  28. MTd2 Says:

    In just a few months I will be able to translate from chinese ๐Ÿ™‚

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