Fan Art and Colorings

  » Posted November 14th, 2006 by psi29a

So, while we wait for more berserk, EG is going to show off some of the community’s contributions. Feel free to join us here in the forum. If you like what you see, some words of encouragement will go a long way into seeing more fan art/coloring. 😀

24 Responses to “Fan Art and Colorings”

  1. valkirie Says:

    nice work buddy….real good…
    the last ones are damn good….just keep the work ok!!

  2. fin089 Says:

    mmh not bad!!

    the last is good

  3. SAMfh Says:

    Nice, but not new Berserk. Sigh….

  4. yolan Says:

    Nice pics, wonderful !

  5. Selm Says:


  6. Tydeus Says:

    Great work! Fantastic! Superb even!

  7. ZombieToaster Says:

    They are all nice and stuff. but where is biomega? the raws have been out for a while. (im not pushing, just asking 😛 )

  8. psi29a Says:

    Being QAed (we had a horrible raw to start with) and waiting for biomega 17 raw to fall into our hands as well.

  9. vegeta_zen Says:

    does anybody know how to upload an image ……
    i wanna contribute with the couloring pics…………..
    answer dammit !!!!!!!!

  10. pato Says:

    nice work ogar and ollie, really good

  11. psi29a Says:

    @vegeta_zen: sign-up and post in the forums .

  12. vegeta_zen Says:

    arigatou gosaimasu

  13. Bob Says:


    That coloring of Ganishka works great as a wallpaper if you cut off Guts.

    I know it’ll be a bit stretched but as long as you don’t have a 25″ screen you should be just fine.

  14. Bob Says:

    Also, Vegeta-Zen, is a good site to upload pictures to.
    You just have to register, which is free.

    Good luck coloring.

  15. Akumu Says:

    Vegeta-zen: try pretty good and free, no sign up needed.

    Bob: it does work pretty well, except that now there is a thick black border around the top and sides of the pic and a thin one on the bottom, it will look better with the same width border on all sides.

    And as was said above, great pics, but unfortunetly they are from older berserks…

  16. Fenrisulfr Says:

    Some nice coloring indeed, especially Shierke.

  17. Ladyhawk Says:

    Nice, but the one of the armor in red is still my fav.

  18. Harkan Says:

    The only pic i dont like is the first, Shierke was it. To light in colour for a berserk pic, thou the second one of her was nice, just the other ones

  19. Harkan Says:

    just like the other ones, sorry forgot one word

  20. Cower Says:

    Very nice!!!
    i am really pleased

  21. MicM@c Says:

    nice ones

  22. Matt Says:

    Very Nice, Any idea when next chapter of berzerk will be out?

  23. SteeJans Says:

    DUDE!!! they just said they have no idea when they will be out!!!


    we all want it.. and we all have to wait for it.. so.. just.. … .. wait.. and stop asking when it will be out… Capice?

  24. SteeJans Says:

    oh by the way,. nice work Ogar and ollie.. every nice indeed,..

    the color balances well,. and the mood of the shadeing is spot on..

    Booo yah! indeed

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