Berserk 274 and more…

  » Posted May 26th, 2006 by psi29a

We are on the cusp of the last weekend of May, for some it means the end of a semester or perhaps even a graduation. To all of those people we say congradulations. Here is a treat for everyone about to start their Summer, Berserk 274!

Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Berserk_v31c274.rar

Big thanks to Mystic for the brilliant translation and Eldo for cleaning it all up for us to enjoy! 275 is due around June 9th.
Also, for those crazy Nihei (blame!, noise, etc) fans out there, we got our hands on Chapter 11 of Biomega. You saw right, Ultra Jump is back up in action and continuing the story where it left up near the end of 2004. After 2 years of Evil_Genius waiting, we are proud to pick the title back up. Look forward to this and more over the weekend.

For those who want a quick refresher, we scanlated Biomega Chapters 1-10 back in 2004. You can grab it here:

Torrent: [Evil_Genius]Biomega_v01c001-c010

Enjoy, psi29a

Edit: We have more Fan Art for you all, top two are from Ogar_555 and last one from Newbified. For more artwork, join us in the forums.
Guts and Shrieke


25 Responses to “Berserk 274 and more…”

  1. Kojiro_S Says:

    Woohoo… I was getting impatient, even though I had to wait ’till today.

    Many thanks 😀

  2. Fake_Brasilian Says:

    Nice job gentlemen. Keep rockin’ hard.

  3. Kojiro_S Says:

    The next volume will be available at June 9th… the joy 🙂

  4. seishi Says:

    thank u \o/

  5. ogar Says:

    BY THE GODS!!! wait…

  6. Altekterror Says:

    yes. thank you thank you thank you. and a thousand more.

  7. PsiLocKe Says:

    and the sexiness pours down from the heavens!!!

    *hugs EG crew*

  8. jistanidiot Says:

    y’all are great. Thanks!

  9. mungkee Says:

    Hell yeah! Thanks guys! Been looking forward to this volume for quite a while. Cheers!!

  10. philippe1403 Says:

    Great job, as ever !!!
    I’m a great fan.


    Ps – Any clue about the net sphere engineer ?

  11. ylside Says:

    Good work.
    High quality scans. 🙂 (like most of the time by you lol)

  12. FoxWar Says:

    Oh yeah! Thx a million!!!!!

  13. Bloody_Ashes Says:

    You guys are awesome. Thanks.

  14. xtro7 Says:

    Great work pals, thx for give us the chance to follow this great story..

    Greetings from Colombia.

  15. Felipe Says:


  16. john Says:

    Is EG still translating Welcome to the NHK?

  17. psi29a Says:

    Yup, stay tuned… *grin* NHK coming soon.

  18. DataAnalysis Says:

    i thought ive never seen this ^^,…. thx a lot

    also to the fan art nice nice nice, i like the armor, thought its a golden one heh…

  19. Nanashi-san Says:

    In P10 of Berserk 274, “takaga” doesn’t mean “of the hawk”.
    It means “just” or “only”, i think.

  20. Wandering_Mystic Says:

    Thanks for the correction Nanashi-san! I was slightly careless and immediately assumed it was a Taka (Hawk)+ga(particle) combination, but the correct interpretation is indeed “just” (as in “mere” or “merely”). The sentence should actually read more or less as follows: I wouldn’t have thought that just two Kshatriyas would fell my Pishacha-Gana thusly in a clash

  21. Osiris Says:

    Wow Impressed as always, keep it up

  22. vincent Says:

    doumo arigato yo

  23. meh, whocares... Says:

    Hey, it’s june 10th guys, was wondering about what happend to chap 275…? 😀

  24. Kalvin Says:

    Nice work. I was wondering about what happend to chap 277 ??

  25. Ласт Says:

    Прикольно написано. А это все на основе Вашего личного опыта? 🙂

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