Berserk Chapter 270 Preview

  » Posted March 7th, 2006 by psi29a

Alrighty folks, here is the best preview for Berserk I’ve ever seen. *grin* Hope you are salivating as much as we are.

We have two more translators and two more editors that have joined the Evil_Genius team! Because of that, we now have a slew of releases coming out soon as we count down to the Berserk 270 release. So keep an eye out.

Also, if you take a look on the right hand side, you will notice flags under Langauges. Pick your native language and let my code mechanically translate the site for you. It was something I did easily enough, and hopefully you all will get some use out of it. Beware, it can mess with the CSS a bit.

18 Responses to “Berserk Chapter 270 Preview”

  1. PsiLocKe Says:

    oooooh sexy preview!!!! thanks for the updates and cool language thingy 😛

  2. john arroyo Says:

    nice nice nice… looks hot

  3. Djeo Says:

    LOL @ french translation : Alright folks = People of Alright

  4. tars Says:

    great preview and i like the language setting.

  5. Funk Says:

    Put all your translators to work on Zetman, then get all the chapters up to recent!

  6. Porter Says:

    The preview looks wonderful thank you guys for all of your the efforts

  7. altek Says:

    oowww looks very good. cant wait. thanx 4 the hard work

  8. Smokinn Says:

    haha yeah the french translation is hilarious:

    The people of Alrighty, here is the best prediction for hope ever seen of Berserk Ive * grin * that you salivating as much as we are.


  9. PsiLocKe Says:

    ah cmon, you guys know those frenchies talk that way anyways 😉 *JK u know i

  10. Scud's Choice Says:

    I’m salivating as much as you, but the italian traduction, i’m afraid, is terrible…

    It must be “Bene Gente, qui c’è la miglior preview di Berserk che abbia mai visto. *sorriso* Spero che stiate salivando tanto quanto noi”

    but it is “La gente di Alrighty, qui è la previsione migliore per speranza che mai vista di Berserk Ive * grin * salivating tanto come siamo

  11. psi29a Says:

    hah, that is funny. *shrugs* As I said, it is a mechanical translation (as in I use software). I’m just thankfull that it works moderatly well.

    We do our manga translations by hand though *grin*. I swear!

  12. warrior Says:

    Youhou i’m french boy and I love your translation of my lovely berserk;)
    Good job, nice work, I have seen more of berserk with your team!
    (after the terrible first eclipse^^)
    Anarchy battle, blood power and nice history with the quest of the demon Griffith and the swordman Guts!
    Thanks for all!

    I’m ready for the chapter 270 :p

  13. PsiLocKe Says:

    rofl!!!! the bi-lingual people are comin out of the woodwork with the new language buttons!!! dont worry, i like the language things cuz i cant speak anything but english 😛 i really would like an eskimo button though…..

  14. sinister[sparkz] Says:

    great preview

  15. psi29a Says:

    Just a heads up folks, we have the raw and are working on it.

  16. PsiLocKe Says:

    …… this really does point out how i should be reading the forum……
    i shall not fall victim to my own observations! *continues to hide from forum*

  17. psi29a Says:

    Translation is finished, and we are performing some editing.

    I can’t wait to QA this *waits patiently before actually looking beyond the first page*.

  18. Mazeova Says:

    Berserk’s a nice and cool manga thanks for all the hard work

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