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Angel Heart, FMA, NHK, Zetman releases

  » Posted February 24th, 2006 by Eldo

Just wanted to tell you that Angel Heart chapter 42, Full Metal Alchemist 56, NHK chapter 20 + omake, and Zetman chapter 47 and 48 are released.

Here are the torrents:

Angel Heart chapter 42

Full Metal Alchemist Chapter 56 

NHK chapter 20

Zetman Chapter 47 and Chapter 48

These releases could also been obtained via IRC, the packlist is:

If you’re wondering about FMA, yes, we are continuing it once more. But we can’t do it without your help. If you’re interested in translating FMA to English, please send me (Eldo) a PM on the forums. Your help is very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy these releases.

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Batch o’ releases, including Berserk chapter 269 release

  » Posted February 11th, 2006 by Eldo

Well, just want to tell you all that I decided to stop being sloppy and release the chapters from our other projects. These include: Berserk chapter 269, NHK chapter 19, a HQ volume scans of NHK volume 3, and Zetman chapters 45 and 46. The torrents for these files are as below:

Check out the torrents in the BT website,

Thank you all for being so patient. We at EG hope you enjoy our releases.

This releases are also obtainable from our IRC channel, #[Evil_Genius] @
Just for your information, the Berserk chapter 270 will be released in Young Animal at the 10th of March, so hopefully there should be a release within a couple of days from that date.

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About older posts and torrent links

  » Posted February 7th, 2006 by psi29a

In case anyone is wondering why they get error 404 “File not Found” messages when they click on older torrent links, it has to do with the fact that we group older torrents together to make it easier for folks to seed and download the manga.

If you want up to the minute releases goto our Bit-Torrent Tracker or just look on the right hand side for a list of our torrents that we are currently tracking.
All of our past and present work is there, so do not loose heart if the torrent you found doesn’t work.

Update: Just a heads up to let you know that I’ve update the layout a bit but we now have our torrent listing on the right hand side. This should help keep everyone up to date as all our releases are on the tracker before we make the announcement. Enjoy! 😛

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Berserk Chapter 269 Preview

  » Posted February 6th, 2006 by psi29a

Here is the preview to chapter 269, here is to hoping that we get the raws near the same date as next YA release. Cross your fingers folks!

Berserk Chapter 269 Preview

Quoting Wandering_Mystic: Behold the chapter preview for the next chapter (titled something like “Sword Beast”)

Update1: OK, there hasn’t been a raw out for Berserk and I know I promised that I’ll release some Zetman chapters along with NHK in conjunction with it. Without the raw, we can’t do anything about chapter 269, so keep an eye out for the raws. Updates will be posted as soon as news emerges and we will inform you all about the latest progress. Once we get our oily hands on the raw, you have my guarantee that it will be our first priority amongst all the rest of stuff that we do. Heh. I promise I’ll release the other manga titles as soon as I put some finishing touches; well, all I had to do is make a credit page for them. A month ago.

Update2: Just wanted to let you all know that we do indeed have a set of raws and are now furiously working on them. From what I heard from Eldo this chapter looks hot! — psi29a

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Berserk Chapter 268

  » Posted February 2nd, 2006 by psi29a

The long wait is over, Wandering_Mystic provided a wonderful and insightful translation and Eldo spent a good amount of time perfecting the raws and setting the translation. Remember kiddos, please leave the bit-torrent client open after the download is complete. Spread the Berserk love!


In case you all are curious, no date was given for the next Berserk other than ‘in the next issue’ which we assume to be around Feb 10th so hang tight. We will keep you all updated and here is to hoping we get the raws early! They spoiled us hahaha.

We have more releases to come shortly, Zetman and NHK are in the pipe.

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