No word of Berserk Chapter 268 {Final Update}

  » Posted January 27th, 2006 by psi29a

Not sure what happened, but it would seem that no one has the raw for 268, including ourselves. All we have to go on right now is a appetizer from Young Animal here:

Berserk Chapter 268 Preview

We will keep you all up to date with the latest news and we are chomping on the bit to get our grubby little hands all over it. We got your back.

By the way, just a heads up folks:

According to a currently running ad for Vol. 1-29 of the Berserk tankoubon, publisher, Hakusensha mentions Kentaro Miura’s horror/fantasy manga epic has exceeded 21 million copies sold. The print spot can be found at the tail end of the latest Berserk serial (#267) which runs in Young Animal magazine.

Edit & Update 2006.01.29 @ 10:06 EST: We are currently awaiting someone we trust to purchase a copy of YA, however this could take a while and thus we are still going to look out for the raws should they appear as well. The worry we have is that Berserk was not published in YA even though the dates on the raw say otherwise. However, this is not fact and we will confirm it one way or the other. — psi29a

Edit & Update 2006.01.30 @ 18:46 EST: Good news, Berserk is indeed in YA we are just awaiting the raws to arrive personally to us in care of good ‘ol electronic mail. We are shooting for wednesday at the MOST optimistic time frame, but I must stress that people have real lives, works, and families so they always come first. We are just as eager to read and see what Guts and crew are going to kill next! Hopefully more Daka! πŸ˜€ Take care out there. — psi29a

Edit & Update 2006.02.01 @ 08:43 EST: Thanks to your patience we are able to go one step further. We have the raws now, and not just the raws that are currently floating around the Internet, but 300dpi of pure joy straight from YA to EG from our own source. We are now translating thanks to the efforts of Wandering_Mystic and Eldo. Look for a release hopefully later in the day, we can’t wait! πŸ˜€

28 Responses to “No word of Berserk Chapter 268 {Final Update}”

  1. john arroyo Says:

    thanks for the update

  2. Lyla Says:

    tee hee, no worries Patience is virtue right? Keep up the work guys, I love your translations, no rush on the raw. I’m sure you’ll come across one.

    keep it up

    Luv lots Lyla

  3. PsiLocKe Says:

    so cruel!!!
    thanks for keeping us up to date instead of just leaving us out to dry πŸ˜€

  4. GiLgAmEsH Says:

    No worries, just keep up the good work in YOUR pace and not in anyone else’s because you’re doing this for free πŸ˜›

    I give my thanks to you for your work so far.

  5. kostas Says:

    Hi!This is from Greece cause I am a maniac comic reader and Berserk
    ia the best manga ever I want to translate it in my countries language!!
    I have put and a message to translation topic but there was no answer..

  6. MΓ€xchen Says:

    Thanks for the info, hope we all are son able to read the chapter

    keep up the great work

  7. Sinister[SparkZ] Says:

    no problem man, just keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰

  8. vince Says:

    well thx for the translation, which are great. Still it’ s hard to wait =)

  9. psi29a Says:

    Good to know we have great (read as to be awesome and patient) fans. πŸ˜›

    Keep your eyes and ears open, if you spot the raw, feel free to let us know here with a URL.

  10. NonniR Says:

    Wow exceeded 21.million. That’s awesome.

    But yeah, thanks alot for the update. I’m not worried about EGs release, couple of days doesn’t matter πŸ˜€

    Keep up the good work =)

  11. Deletion Says:

    :S i hate waiting…. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

  12. leonard Says:

    you’re great……. Continue the work..

  13. Eldo Says:

    The editing and translation should be within a day the raw is released, but the problem is obtaining the raw. When we actually recieve the raw from our source in Japan, we will begin work on it as soon as possible. We’re hungry for the chapter as well, and we want it as much as you guys do. Hopefully, Wednesday might be the day for the release, in which I also plan to release the Zetman chapters that has laid dormant on my computer.

    Note that Wednesday is not the certain time for the release. Our source in Japan is a very busy man, and he may not find the time to scan. We may have to wait for a raw to emerge elsewhere until it circulates around the internet if complications should arise. If anyone has access to YA and could scan Berserk, or notice when the raw is avaliable on the internet, please notify us. We will post latest updates on the website or on the forums on this matter. Thank you all for being so patient.

  14. CladInShadows Says:

    Ah that explains it! Oh well, thanks for everything else though! I spent 4 months without new berserk chapters so I can live with this xD…. so yeah, thanks for the great translations though!!! very appreciated ^_^

  15. vince Says:

    you guys are the best!!

  16. Eldo Says:

    I have just been notified that our Japanese source has indeed purchased YA, and would scan it when he has the spare time. The Wednesday release seems hopeful and optimistic at the moment. That’s right, it’ll probably be released on Wednesday (for ye American dogs, Thursday afternoon for me) and this piece of news has given me so much delight that I should hire someone to giggle like an excited schoolgirl in my stead.

  17. yay Says:

    good ish guys. and take your time. do it right the first time. now where is the NHK stuff we were supposed to look out for, im cravin some NHK πŸ˜‰
    have a good one EG

  18. Gozza Says:

    Great Job Guys! Love your releases, keep it up! Don’t rush it and enjoy!

  19. psi29a Says:

    Thanks to your patience we are able to go one step further. We have the raws now, and not just the raws that are currently floating around the Internet, but 300dpi of pure joy straight from YA to EG from our own source. We are now translating thanks to the efforts of Wandering_Mystic and Eldo. Look for a release hopefully later in the day, we can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  20. Levortas Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I call good news. Many thanks for your work guys.
    Last thing now is for me to endure the remaining hours πŸ˜€

  21. PsiLocKe Says:

    still trying to figure out why you guys are so…. nice with your updates. are you trying to avoid unnecessary flames? or are you just good guys πŸ˜› either way, i’m rather impressed with your whole attitude *not to mention the exceptional job you guys do on your projects* so i hope you guys can stay cool and hopefully the stress doesnt get to you. i’d hate to see you guys flip out like some scanlaters have. ANYWAYS better stop rambling, hope everyone has a good day!!

  22. Cippirippi Says:

    Thanks guys, good job!
    Berserk is always appreciated!

  23. psi29a Says:

    Actually, I thank all of you for helping out. Over in the forums @ the crew that has chipped in with donations. Those donations goto helping keep the site up, but also for emergancies like this past week. It cost us 10$ USD to get some wicked awesome HQ scans of Berserk from YA, which are a great improvement over the scans found on the Internet. We love Berserk, it is pretty much ‘the’ reason why EG exists.

    I know I get frustrated with the lack of news about what is going on, so I feel that you all feel the same way and thanks to the blog here I can at least give you all a heads up.

    If you all want to chat with us more about Berserk or other stuff, come on over to the forums. We don’t bite. πŸ˜›

  24. TwistedFaith Says:

    Wow, Im surprised, usually popular series like these have alot fan comming and complaining about stuff(usually release time) but I havent seen a single one(also this isnt a complaint just in case you were wondering), so are there ppl that complain and they have there comments deleted or is it that no one does?

    Because I just cant believe theres no one that complains, sine all anime sites gets a troll.

  25. psi29a Says:

    Believe it or not, we never once got a complaint in ‘this’ particular post. I’ve only moderated two posts and that was because one was spam and the other of no real value (posted a link to a LQ raw with no text explaining anything).

    If you want to read some complaints, goto the forums and read the Interstice. That is where we put all of our flame fests that develops. We really are jovial and think of ourselves as fans, however sometimes when people demand something “where is berserk chapter “, we get kinda pissy right back because hey, check it out, we don’t get paid for this. We donate our time and money to do something we enjoy. No amount of miss-placed fan loyality will get rid of that. I have no problem with laying down the ban-hammer. πŸ˜€

    Thankfully that has only happened rarely and it makes us laugh.

  26. Scud's Choice Says:

    You’re making a real good job.

    For yours exellent transations we can suffer a little delay…

    Don’t give up!

  27. azzy Says:


    I NEED MY FIX!!!!! MAN!!!!!! I NEED MY FIX!!!!!!!!!

    sorry im having withdrawal symptoms…

    anyway thanks for your efforts you guys ^^

  28. white devil Says:

    hey u guys r great. Thanks a lot for doin the job of translating berserk. Ya know iΒ΄ve followin kentarous work for about 5 years, and its just fantastic wat u guys r doing with berserk. Keep uo the work

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