Berserk Chapter 265

  » Posted November 13th, 2005 by psi29a

It’s a good one! ^_^ Lot’s O- action(tm).

Torrent: Berserk Chapter 265

Editing finished up around 15:00 EST on the 12th, but I personally didn’t get home till 22:00 to be able to seed. I had the folks in to visit the new apartment then we went on a tour of the area, so I was rather late getting home. Many apologies. Good news is that 265 is out and seeded. I will personally read it tomorrow when I have the time. I’ll make sure the rest of the world gets to it before I do, so have fun and enjoy yourselves.

To Miura: On behalf of EG we want to say thank you. You keep making it, and we will keep buying it.

22 Responses to “Berserk Chapter 265”

  1. yayo Says:

    yay gj!!!

  2. David Says:

    yessss thx guys when is the next one comming out?

  3. Oro Says:

    Next Chapter (266): December 22nd.

  4. Michael Says:

    Thanks a lot for this new chapter.
    I’d like to ask something and maybe someone should
    know the answer. Is Miura sensei slowing down in creating
    the episodes (the next one on december 22nd? how come?) or
    are the scanlators slowing down? This thing is bugging me…

  5. Farfarello Says:

    Greetings from Polen! πŸ™‚

  6. Tim McCunn Says:

    Any advice on getting Berserk volumes 1-3 on torrent?

    Thanks, seems they are hard to come by.


  7. Aines Says:

    Thanks again, please keep them coming πŸ™‚

  8. Nonni Says:

    Ohh sweet. Many thanks. Keep up the good work =)

  9. psi29a Says:

    Volumes 1 through 9 can be bought in stores thanks to DarkHorse. We highly encourage anyone who wants the official Miura blessed translation to buy them. We will not provide links or advice as to where you may download them. Sorry, we just feel that if you want the best then go with the corperate version as DH has never let us down in both quality and lack of censorship.

    We are not being mean, we just want to support Miura in every way possible and that includes pushing his official English translations.

  10. vfd Says:

    thank u so much

  11. jq Says:

    Anohter Greetings from Polen! ^^
    GJ guys !!!!!!!!

  12. oro Says:


  13. Brando Says:

    Great chapter….

    We went a week with Zetman. What happened to the Zetman each week thign?

    I realize I’m annoying…


  14. psi29a Says:

    It is coming, last I heard… Mr. WMystic is going to help with translations other than Berserk, so if we can catch up on editing we will knocking not only Zetman but also NHK out of the door asap.

    We will let you all know if we decide a project is too much and that we are slacking off. I also know that there will always be people asking “We have been waiting, where is it at?” or “When will it be out.”

    Our answer will from know on be, “When it is done.” πŸ˜€

    Perhaps a better solution should be a status page or something on the right hand side using the three light method. I might just whip up something for both here and the forums. Red for “waiting for raws”, Yellow for “have raws, editing and translating” and green for “go go go go go!”. πŸ˜›

  15. rengetsu08 Says:


    finally a great group with excellent job well done πŸ˜‰

  16. judeau Says:

    you did a splendid job as always! Thank you!

    Miura just takes breaks from time to time. from what i’ve read so far he works six days a week, every day 18 hours. so i prefer him taking short breaks instead of collapsing from exhaustion and taking a few month to recover.

    anyway… the 22nd of december seems decades away right now.

  17. Eldo Says:

    NHK may be released soon, check up on the site for some updates during this week.

  18. Nonni Says:

    Man, Miura works 18 hours a day six days a week ? That’s just sick. I was working 12 hours 7 days a week and I was dying =/

    Well, I agree what judeau says, rather taking short brakes then litterally dying from something like that.

  19. Session # 9 Says:

    Not to say writing comics isn’t stressing or anything, but he sits in a chair and draws. I work in construction 9 to 12 hrs a day lifting heavy ass shit and as soon as I come home I crash. I’d give up this job in a heartbeat to do something like draw every day. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure its all hard for him, but it’s not so bad when you compare it to some other jobs out there.

  20. psi29a Says:

    I agree, I wouldn’t want Honey Dipper Dan’s job.

  21. Streen Says:

    Thanks a bunch! Keep up the excellent work! You’re all that’s keeping us alive. ^_^

  22. moondo Says:

    thanks for the latest on berserk
    you guys are awesome!

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